5 Reasons Why I’m Not Going Back to Mexico

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…unless it’s with Parlour Magazine at UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya

It has been exactly a week since I left Mexico and I SO REGRET GOING! When Ty of Gorgeous in Grey posted the #TravelFlySolo17 trip, my interests were SLIGHTLY piqued! For some reason, all I could think about was a group trip in an uber-touristy place. UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya made sure to disappoint my assumptions.

Despite the title of this article being a little misleading, my five days in paradise was AMAZING! Every time someone asks me about how it was, I cannot help but smile. The premise of Parlour Magazine’s #TravelFlySol017 was to allow yourself to experience revolutionary rest! The #TravelFly Solo Weekend is for the luxe-loving woman (that I know you are) who wants to try solo travel or enjoys, but appreciates being around familiar faces (for safety) and having company for dinners, outing, etc. Just like Ty said, this trip was a completely self-designed weekend—NO itinerary, NO group think, NO feeling like you are in a machine. There was a digital guide that assisted in planning our weekend.

Dress from Rebdolls

Essentially, it is the “non-group trip” for the woman who hates the typical “group trip.”

At first, I went in thinking, “I cannot wait to hang out with all my blogger boos and get wasted” However, by day three, I found myself resting and thinking under the beautiful sunset in the Riviera Maya. I suggest that every person takes at least one trip of revolutionary rest, a phrase coined by Shannon Washington–co-founder of Parlour Magazine. I slept by the beach and let the salt water restore my wounds. I went on a small ATV tour and sped like I was a biker! I ate until I could not eat anymore! I was BLESSED! This is by far was the BEST VACATION that I have been on. So to that end, I wanted to list the five reasons why vacationing with Parlour Magazine at UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya was the best experience.

Location! Location! Location!

The RESORT was BREATHTAKING!! I am talking about an ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT with dirt cheap inclusions. Where can you get a full body exfoliation for $30.00? I mean they got in between every crevice and gave me a brand new layer of skin! Also, a huge shout out to Gavyn because I learned that my tan would look better if I got a full body exfoliation beforehand.

Unico also comes with an app that is very intuitive and user-friendly. With customized turn down service, scheduled resort activities for the day, and real-time food service, I do not think I could stay anywhere else!

Also, I know you saw my posts in my outdoor jacuzzi! Well, each room has an outdoor jacuzzi or a hammock/swim-up room! Like, COME ON! Lastly, this isn’t  Cabo; this was the Riviera Maya. Meaning, no rowdy people passing out drunk everywhere. It was full of Mayan ruins, rustic art; iguanas staring you down, swimming in the Cenotes cave, dining, and sailing, etc. If you are looking to relax, this is the place! Whether you I was at the Yucatan jungle or gazing at pyramids, it was amazing.

Swim set from Rebdolls


I cannot begin to tell you how good the food was. With four major restaurants on site, I was in a new country every night. The first night was Italian, then Japanese, then Mexico, etc. It was HEAVENLY! Paired with a buffet that opened from 7 am to 5 pm, it was impossible to starve. Also, room service was FREE! So when I wanted churros at 3 am, I got my churros at 3 am!

Great Wifi

That pretty much says it all! There was wifi throughout the entire resort–even on the beach! Also, free calls to the US! As a blogger, I had to keep you  updated on my travels, so Unico’s wifi made it possible!

Mesh Top from Fashion to Figure

 Revolutionary Rest

I am a woman who wears MANY HATS! I work a full-time job, I blog, and I am in school part time. Living by the motto, “Sleep when you die” has always been my excuse to keep working harder. The idea of taking time off to RELAX felt like a luxury. But #TravelFlySolo17 helped me destroy that myth of having to work all the time.

Getting full 10 hours of sleep, AMAZING!
Waking up at UNICO for a private yoga session, AMAZING!
Spending the morning exploring the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, AMAZING!
Afternoon zip lining through the jungle, AMAZING!
Finishing with a beachside dinner back at UNICO was like a dream come true.

Ladies, rest is your friend!

My Girl Gang GREW

Although I knew about 6 to 8 ladies who were part of our travel group, I met six new friends who were just as awesome! Jenny from Brooklyn has to be my fav! She understands me. We tried to crash a Too Short concert by hopping on a random bus and trying to blend in with the crowd! Although we did not get in, this was one for the books! GUCCI! Ebony is an up and coming blogger who has so much soul and gets me!! Moreover, lastly, spending time with my blogger boo Katie was the icing on the cake! I love my new sisters!

GUCCI! Ebony is an up and coming blogger who has so much soul and gets me!! Moreover, lastly, spending time with my blogger boo Katie was the icing on the cake! I love my new sisters!

Ebony is an up and coming blogger who has so much soul and gets me!! Moreover, lastly, spending time with my blogger boo Katie was the icing on the cake! I love my new sisters!

When preparing to look for clothes for the tropical weather, your safest bets are always going to be Fashion to Figure and Rebdolls! From clubbing at Cannibal Beach to Cruising in my ATV, I had the perfect outtfit for every occasion! I shared most of the links to my outfits during my trip, but here they are in case you missed them:


Swim Suit 

Maxi Dress

Fashion To Figure

Tankini Bathing Suit

Yellow Maxi Dress

Mesh Shirt

Beach Tote

Ruffle Dress

Mesh Top from Fashion to Figure


Sunglass Up:

Mirrored Glasses

Round Glasses

Amazon Fashion:

Cape Robbin Pom Pom Heels

So are you ready to Travel Fly SOLO? Make sure you follow Parlour Magazine for their next trip! I know I will be there!! Also, a special shout-out to Travel By Design for hooking us up with such a sweet deal!! I am using them from here on out!

Until next trip.


Where in the World Was PSB? #PSBTravels

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Happy Thursday! (Told y’all I would be back)

For the past few months, I’ve been super MIA. I had great intentions to post at least once a week but if I told you the type of summer I had, it would take an extra season for me to explain it. But, I did want to shed light on my top 20 LOOKS from this past summer! Even if the items are sold out, please check out some of the items they have now! These items may even be on sale!! (HMMMMM SOUNDS LIKE A POSSIBLE CLOSET SALE IS COMING IN THE NEAR FUTURE)

Anyways, check out my top looks from the summer. Just a FYI, these aren’t the best quality pictures because I took them while I was on the go but STILL, hope you enjoy them!


April 2015  in Houston, Texas

Top: Forever 21 Bra: Victoria Secrets Pants: Fashion to Figure Shoes: Ross

Top: Forever 21     Bra: Victoria Secrets     Pants: Fashion to Figure    Shoes: Ross


Necklace: Fashion to Figure Dress: Fashion to Figure Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Fashion to Figure      Dress: Fashion to Figure        Sandals: Charlotte Russe








June 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada 


Dress: Fashion to Figure     Purse: Novelty Shop


Crop Top: Rebdolls     Skirt: Pink Clubwear      Accessories: Ashley Stewart       Flatforms: Rainbows Kayla’s Dress: Rebdolls



Entire Outfit : Fly Girl Couture       Sandals: Just Fab         Necklace: Rainbows




Top: Lane Bryant       Skirt: Dia and Co     Necklace: Rainbows


Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant        Headpiece: Ready to Stare

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture, Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant, and Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture      Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant                 Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Boston Curvy Fashion Week, Boston MA July 

Top: Chubby Cartwheels, Skirt: Lane Bryant,

Top: Chubby Cartwheels           Skirt: Ashley Stewart 

Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Rainbows, and fringe purse: Just Fab

Dress: Forever 21        Belt: Rainbows           Purse: Just Fab

Top: Heathen Kouture, Jeans: Fashion to Figure, and Plaid: Fashion to Figure

Top: Heathen Kouture       Jeans: Fashion to Figure          Plaid: Fashion to Figure

August 2015 Los Angeles, California

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more, Purse: Just Fab

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more            Purse: Just Fab

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C, Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant, and Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C        Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant            Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa


Kimono: Charlotte Russe          Jeans: Fashion to Figure             and Bralette: Rebdolls

Hope you liked them and visit all these stores!