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Spring Time feat. Kohl’s

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Can you believe it? Spring is almost here! Even though New England didn’t receive the memo yet, that’s not stopping me from seizing the sporadic days of great weather. Recapping over the spring and summer trends of 2016, I noticed there were lots of denim pieces, shades of blue and bold prints. Since I had already tried out Kohl’s fitness selection earlier this year, I wanted to see what their style options were all about. I teamed up with Kohl’s to bring you two looks that combine a few of the 2016 spring trends.
The first look I wanted to highlight was a denim look.  As I was looking throughout the store, I noticed a few pictures of Jennifer Lopez wearing a pair of white pants. I fell in love with them, so I was praying that I could find them in a size 20. Literally three seconds later, I found them! The Jennifer Lopez Cuffed Jean Capri!
Denim tops are  timeless so when I found this one by SONOMA Good Life, I knew it would be easy to pair. To keep up with the shades of blue trend, my blouse from Apt. 9 Essentials truly gave the outfit a nice finish. While I was looking for a bold print, I came across this bag by Apt. 9 and immediately I knew it would work with the my outfit.  Who knew I would be able to combine denim, shades of blue and bold prints all in one outfit? This outfit really looks nice for a casual day Friday at work or a nice date look.
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohl's.
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohl's.
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohl's.
Since I loved the pants so much, I was determined to find another way to style them.  I found this beautiful top from the Jennifer Lopez Collection. I didn’t need to accessorize much because the top pretty much made the outfit. This top can be worn with long linen pants, a pencil skirt, or whatever your heart desires. It’s pretty versatile.
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohl's.
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohls
Chardline from Plus Size Beausion wearing Kohls
So what do you think? What styles would you put together? If you shop now through April 3rd, use the code PLUSTYLE  to get  $10 off your women’s plus-size apparel purchase of $30 or more!  The discount is available for in-store purchases as well. Head to Kohls to print out a coupon!
Hope you enjoyed the post and I can’t wait to see what outfits you put together.
Til next time,
*This post is a sponsored by Kohl’s, all opinions are my own.*
Picture Creds: Brittanny Taylor

Swimsuit Round-Up

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Happy Hump Day All!

With the frigid temps plummeting and Ugg boots becoming a permanent part of everyday apparel, there’s no better feeling than to look towards the summer. Last Summer, I spent more time in bathing suits than I did in an other outfit. From LA to FL and everywhere in between, I wore my bathing suits proudly. The summer before, it was a little harder for me to wear them because of the ridicule I faced on a popular website “OH YOU FANCY”. But today, you can put me on TMZ, and I don’t have a care in the world. Either you give flying saucer about what others think or you work on being the best version of yourself…and that includes wearing whatever you want UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

If you are ever in a rut in which loving yourself is hard or being able to fathom yourself in a two piece is scary, please take a look at Rachel Estapa’s More to Love curriculum. No matter what the shape or size, we all have fallen victim to feeling insecure in one way or another. Rachel created More to Love (MTL) as an opportunity for you to learn and apply body acceptance, no matter your size. Check it out!

Now for the juicy: Swimsuits!  Here is part one of my top 5 brands for bathing suits! These brands are all brands that I’ve worn in the past so I can attest to the quality of their pieces. All of these pieces range from $$$$ – $$.

Monif C- Of course Monif C has to be my number one choice. The first bathing suit that I ever wore was from Monif C. To me, she is the fairy godmother of bikinis for plus size women! Monif C didn’t waste any time either! In January, I was already receiving notifications of her upcoming line! One thing I can say about her pieces is that they have great compression and coverage. I hate bathing suits that cut into my rolls or allow sections of my body to slip out. Check out my picks below! And if you want to see more, visit Monif C.


M3      M4

Lane Bryant– With LB’s new ad in Swimsuit Illustrated, why not highlight a brand that is consistently working hard to listen to the concerns of plus size women. You may be familiar with their campaigns such as, #IamNoAngel or #PlusIsEqual but Lane Bryant works hard. Their work goes beyond their hashtags. But they put millions of dollars to initiate campaigns to help plus size women become part of mainstream society…not just in fashion! Last summer, I got my most complimented bathing suit from Lane Bryant. They are one of the best brands to have FULL SUPPORT when it comes to their bras and briefs! Here are my top picks:

lb 1 lb 4 lb3lb 2

Target- Target is a department store that I am coming to love! With options that array from tankinis to bikinis, they have a vast assortment of bathing suits. I’m not even kidding, I scrolled through 6 pages of options! They are also on they affordable side of the spectrum, therefore looking great on a budget doesn’t seem like such a task. While in Vegas, I wore one of their Ava and Viv bathing suits and two straight-sized women demanded that I find it for them in their size. LOL, SORRY…IT DOESN’T COME IN YOUR SIZE sounded like a foreign language to her. Here are my top picks from Target:

T1 T2 T3 T4

Swimsuits For All – Swimsuits For All has some real jaw dropping bathing suits. I legit want to take all of them. I bought an emergency swimsuit from them two years ago and have rocked with them ever since. Although their swim models photograph on the smaller side, when they launch campaigns they use models that are fuller. But seeing that their sizes range from 8+, I think they are a great! Their swimsuits range from conservative to classy, with a little room to play in between. Here are my top picks from Swimsuits for All:

s1 s2 s3 s4

Modcloth- Modcloth as always been one of my favorites! They offer basic and  retro style swimsuits that are made of SUPERB quality. Superb may be and understatement but I really do love their swimsuits. Ranging from a size 00-30, Modcloth carries some of the most unique bathing suits! Here are my top picks for Modcloth:

mm1 mm2 mm3 mm4


There you have it, here are my top 5 brands for swimsuits! Now this is only PART ONE! Part two will feature some of the brands who typically release their collections in the Spring. But to make things more spicy, you’ll be able to see 5 bathing suits on YOURS TRULY! I know how hard it is to shop for a bathing suit when you don’t know how it’s going to look on a woman with visible rolls, cellulite etc! So hopefully you’ll get an idea!

Until next time,




More to Love

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Happy Hump Day!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s so much love in the air. Restaurant reservations are sky rocketing, pink and red seem to be paired more than usual, and chocolate is no longer a sin eat. But how you loving yourself this day? Did plan out time to thank your body for functioning? Did you plan out time to show your body, mind, and soul some love? Well if you’re like me and it’s too late to add it to your schedule for 2/14, here’s a great suggestion: MORE TO LOVE YOGA!

Yoga Class with (4)

On February 28th, I am taking Rachel Estapa’s More to Love Yoga! I figured this would be a great way to show myself some love and have a deeper inner and outer appreciation for my body. To register for a class continue below or visit the scheduling portal.  MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER FOR SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2016 AT 11:00am. Want to read more about it? Read this article featured in the local paper here!

More to Love Yoga Class is devoted to helping you enjoy yoga, no matter your size. Attention is given to offering practical pose variations to help you feel supported while enhancing body-acceptance. Each class weaves together holistic yoga practices alongside MTL’s core message of body respect and empowerment, and always ends with a body-loving relaxation.

One of the reasons why I love Rachel’s class is because it’s a chance to be in setting with women who look like me. Too many times we’ve seen yoga gurus as slim goddesses. And when we do see plus size women as yoga gurus, there’s so much fanfare around them as if they are a rare breed! Well, here’s your chance to be among a community of yogis who look and come from all different walks of life and experience levels!

Don’t believe me? Here are some pictures from different classes:

11111111 MTLYogaClass2

I’m super excited to go to this class and I would really love it if you could come!

All those attend and use the code “beausion” will be entered to into a raffle to receive a free two-hour photography session with Makeup included (men, makeup is optional if you’d like to enter as well). Again, To register for a class continue below or visit the scheduling portal.  MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER FOR SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2016 AT 11:00am.

Rachel Estapa


Rachel Estapa, founder of More To Love, is a certified life coach, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher (200 hour), writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur who focuses on creating an accepting community for plus size individuals to explore health and wellness. Through writing, private coaching, online group-coaching programs and on-site workshops, she educates plus size people on how to redefine what positive body image and health can be, enabling them to lead happier, healthier and more empowered lives.

Rachel’s refreshing perspectives and work on body image and wellness is quickly becoming recognized as a trusted and valued voice in the rising body-positive movement.

Rather than focus on a weight-loss centered approach to well being, Rachel’s approach to body positive behaviors is grounded in principals of self-acceptance and Health At Every Size®. Through her dedicated programs, she helps people learn how to apply body-accepting practices to their daily lives.

Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, XOJane, The Boston Globe, Identity Magazine, YourTango, Daily Mail UK, Boston Innovation, Boston Magazine and many more.  Rachel was listed among the Best Of The New 2015 by Boston Globe Sunday Magazine for her work on body acceptance. In 2014, she was named one of the Top Healthy Weight Bloggers by Green Mountain at Fox Run. She also presents workshops in the greater Boston area and is partnered with Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women.

Rachel is a certified life coach, fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation and obtained her on-site training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2011. She is also a trained and certified yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition, obtaining her 200 hour credits in June 2015. She served as co-director of the New Leaders Council of Boston from 2009 – 2012, overseeing the growth and leadership of the chapter. Currently, Rachel works at Harvard University in the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. She lives in Somerville, MA with her husband.

Rachel’s social profiles:

Valentine’s Day in the City

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Happy Monday!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I found some time to take a few flicks of myself before dinner. I’ve always hated the idea of Valentine’s Day, but I am not one to turn down a free meal either. I’m not one of those cynics who claims to hate all holidays but the truth is, I haven’t had someone to celebrate this day with in a while. It’s always been a  Singles Awareness Day  for me. I’m okay with that too. Only holiday I really like to celebrate is Haitian Independence Day!


We really got stuff poppin’ in 1803-1805!

I digress, me and my girls had a very early celebration of love amongst each other (mostly because they already had plans with their significant others and I plan to go NY to seem my favorite Haitian band). Like other holidays, I feel that Valentine’s is one of those days you can overly dress up…just because. Like Halloween, I like to over do it with my apparel…so for dinner, I felt like being the curvy lady (you clearly all don’t remember) from Titanic!

Photo 6

Rarely will you catch me not smiling in my pictures. If you do, it’s because I am feeling myself!

Photo 2

I know the cape thing has been done to death, but I couldn’t resist wearing this cape from Fashion to Figure! It was the perfect read to g with my all black look.

Also, I bought this sheer dress from Rebdolls back in November, but I am happy I actually got around to wearing it. It provides just the right amount of SEXY!  The REBDOLLS “SMOOTH OPERATOR” SLEEVELESS MESH MIDI DRESS is now on sale! Get them while you can!


The fascinator  provided the final touch to my Titanic-like outfit. There are plenty online for 20+ dollars, but try your local thrift shops to see if there’s anything you can find. You may be surprised!

Blazer: c/o Fashion to Figure Dress: Rebdolls Shoes: Just Fab Accessories: Assorted Confidence: ON FLEEK

Blazer: c/o Fashion to Figure ~Dress: Rebdolls  ~Shoes: Just Fab  ~Accessories: Assorted
                                                            Confidence: ON FLEEK

Happy Valentine’s Day too all! Love yourself…those around you…and hug your nearestPhoto 4 Haitian.


Just a touch of Kav!

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Happy Friday!

Today, I am very excited to introduce the first part of my vision board for 2016: Partnership. Over the past year, I’ve been mulling over whether I would want to bring on a male contributor. I’ve received many inquiries from men who are looking for clothing but I could only refer them to a few male bloggers who didn’t always fit their criteria.

One day, I reached out to my friend Kavah and asked him, “How would you feel about being a contributor for Plus Size Beausion?” After much deliberation, he was on board.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s a male contributor doing on your blog?” It’s quite simple, MY BLOG…MY RULES! No, but really; I believe that partnership should be encourage amongst all people. There’s a delicate balance in life that I would like to keep working on and leveling the playing field is a great first step.

Not only will Kavah give his personal style and fashion tips to the blog, but he will be the ring leader in my newest segment: Fitness Fridays! I will talk more about this later, but without further adieu, KAVAH KING.



Hailing from Brooklyn, NY,  Kavah is an artist in all sense of the word. He officially launched his style and fitness blog; The Gentlemen’s Curb , in December 2015 and is consistently building his name is the world of fashion.

His blog  promotes physical wellness, on the inside and out. If you feel great on the inside, it will surely show on the outside.  As a bigger male,  he was routinely excluded from
the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant.  Also, when he’s not dabbling in the world of art, he constantly trying to build a healthier self.


Instead of writing more about Kavah, I will let all of my readers see Kavah’s talents for themselves!

But for now, if you’d like to see more of his work, check him out at his social channels:

[email protected]
@gentlemenscurb Twitter/Instagram

Toodles :).