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*Warning: NSFW – This is a positive experience of what my life has been looking like…with 7-10 f-bombs*

I know what all of you might be thinking: She hasn’t posted since April 25th, and now she’s going to walk up in here and start posting like nothing happened? Well…yea! Now that school is out for the summer, it’s time to unwind and have some real fun. These past few months have been especially trying. I was sick 60% of the time, I lost 17 lbs then gained 26lbs, I think I consumed an accumulative 1 gallon of water, I picked up a bad hookah habit, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, my weave is already fucked up, I was leaving my school library at 12 am most days, I probably cleaned my room two times,  etc.

Yea, life was crazy. However, I learned to count my blessings and keep it moving! If there’s anything I learned from this semester, it’s that God got me and that I should do a better job taking care of my well-being. I mean…A MUCH BETTER JOB! So next semester, I’m gonna do things a little differently. Three weeks before school, I’m going to form habits around healthy and positive living. This includes: sleeping at 11 pm, drinking a gallon of water a day, making sure I commit to physical activity twice a week, nix the hookah, and engage in healthy communication with my loved ones. Even if I start there, slowly but surely I know I will get my shit in order…maybe.

To that end, I had to post these photos because I legit forgot who the fuck I was. My hair has been a mess, my clothing choice –> abysmal, and I stopped taking sexy pictures of myself because I haven’t felt sexy! To me, it’s important to feel yourself from time to time because if you don’t, you’re leaving it to some fuck boy to feel it for you. So here’s to remembering who the fuck I am and why I started blogging, to begin with.

Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21

Bodysuit: Here / /  Duster: Sold out, similar here / /  Pants: Here (I am a size 22, I am wearing a 3x. They have amazing stretch!)  / / Shoes: Sold out, similar here // Bag: Here

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That 70’s Show- Bell Bottoms and Vests

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Happy Friday! Can you believe it? My long weekend starts now and I’m still trying to get my post done right before me and my best friend leave. But I knew I couldn’t leave without posting something for y’all! So as of late I’ve been really getting into this “look”. I am not sure what you would call it but here are some looks that I loved! I guess we can say it’s a 2016 rendition of the 70’s.

Untitled design (14)

So in my search to curate this look, I knew the perfect place to find each of these items. Forever 21  never fails to have every piece of the puzzle.

Forever 21

From the vest, to the sweater, I found this whole look with ease. Forever 21 is often called the one stop shop of fast fashion because you can find almost anything you need.

Forever 21 3

Paired with my favorite pair of booties from Rainbows, my hat from Aerie, and bag from H&M, it was done deal! If you couldn’t tell from my past posts, I love to frequent fast fashion places. Not because I’m broke but because they are, at time, the most breathable pieces.

Vest, Sweater, and Pants: Forever 21 Shoes: Rainbows Hat: Aerie Purse: H&M

Vest, Sweater, and Pants: Forever 21  Shoes: Rainbows  Hat: Aerie  Purse: H&M


What do you think of the look? Haven’t seen it on much curvy girls! Please tag me if you recreate them! Until,


Forever 21 5


Plus Size Over the Knee Boots

Started wearing less and goin’ out more

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Happy Fatties Love Tuesday!

Drake really set the tone for me this year. In his hit single, “Hotline Bling” he says a statement that seemed to resonate with me:

Cause ever since I left the city,
you started wearing less and goin’ out more
Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor
Hangin’ with some girls I’ve never seen before

This is pretty much how I want my 2016 to look like. Not so much as LESS IS MORE but just DOING MORE. So this look is completely inspired by Drake’s Hotline Bling. In the past, most of my looks featured pants, midi body cons, pumps, over sized…blah blah blah. This time around, I took a stroll around Boston and..well “Started wearing less and goin’ out more! This is actually the next theme on my vision board: GO BOLD OR GO HOME.

Post 2

This look was has to be one of the more daring looks I’ve done. Typically I push the limit with colors. But, this time, I am pushing my envelope with cuts!

...and apparently this year I thought I could get bold with new poses lol (FAIL)

…and apparently this year I thought I could get bold with new poses lol (FAIL)

When I was trying to think of ways that I could be bold but still maintain some of my “classic Chardline-isms“, Forever 21 was the first place that popped into my mind. Forever 21 is known for having all types of styles. I even catch my mom trying on their blouses from time to time.

Post 3

I’m really fond of this vest! Although it’s currently sold out, they still have it available in black! I love the black one because you can wear it with almost anything!

And like I’ve said in past posts, this year I will be focusing on wearing more accessories. One of my favorite places to get accessories is Fly Girl Couture! I know they are also known for making the best tutus,  but their accessories are also one of a kind! AND!! AND!! AND!!! What do you know!?!? I found a place that fits all 21 inches of love around my calves! Lane Bryant had these boots on sale! Got them for $50.00!! They are now the most comfortable pair of heels that I own!

Top, Vest, and Skirt: c/o Forever 21 Boots: Lane Bryant Accessories: Fly Girl Couture

Top, Vest, and Skirt: c/o Forever 21  Boots: Lane Bryant  Accessories: Fly Girl Couture

So make sure you come back next time as I feature another look! I hope this look is more daring than the last (probably won’t be though lol). Plus I can’t let Drake down, after all, he loves his women BBW!



Just a touch of Kav!

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Happy Friday!

Today, I am very excited to introduce the first part of my vision board for 2016: Partnership. Over the past year, I’ve been mulling over whether I would want to bring on a male contributor. I’ve received many inquiries from men who are looking for clothing but I could only refer them to a few male bloggers who didn’t always fit their criteria.

One day, I reached out to my friend Kavah and asked him, “How would you feel about being a contributor for Plus Size Beausion?” After much deliberation, he was on board.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s a male contributor doing on your blog?” It’s quite simple, MY BLOG…MY RULES! No, but really; I believe that partnership should be encourage amongst all people. There’s a delicate balance in life that I would like to keep working on and leveling the playing field is a great first step.

Not only will Kavah give his personal style and fashion tips to the blog, but he will be the ring leader in my newest segment: Fitness Fridays! I will talk more about this later, but without further adieu, KAVAH KING.



Hailing from Brooklyn, NY,  Kavah is an artist in all sense of the word. He officially launched his style and fitness blog; The Gentlemen’s Curb , in December 2015 and is consistently building his name is the world of fashion.

His blog  promotes physical wellness, on the inside and out. If you feel great on the inside, it will surely show on the outside.  As a bigger male,  he was routinely excluded from
the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant.  Also, when he’s not dabbling in the world of art, he constantly trying to build a healthier self.


Instead of writing more about Kavah, I will let all of my readers see Kavah’s talents for themselves!

But for now, if you’d like to see more of his work, check him out at his social channels:

[email protected]
@gentlemenscurb Twitter/Instagram

Toodles :).


YONA New York

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Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day to turn 27! This year, I am focused on understanding myself better. Not just as a 27 year old living in Boston, but Chardline as the individual. Today, I want to introduce a brand that encourages the same of its customers.

Yona Love has created a line of plus size fashion–Yona New York–for the full figured women who wants color, pattern, style and sophistication. Who wants to be able to express who she is through her clothing. Maybe for the very first time. Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence. She wants women to feel liberated in her clothing. To enjoy what they are wearing so much it makes them smile to think about it. And to be able to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Because that is truly beautiful.

I am a firm believer in clothing expressing your desires on the side and out. Not everyone has the same outlook, but I know when Chardline wants to make a statement, she expresses it inside and out (I know, I just spoke in 3rd person lol).  With that, I have partnered up with YONA New York on an outfit post that truly reflects Chardline the consumer and Chardline the “I want to look good for work and play” woman.

File 1 YONA

When YONA sent me their textured wrap shawl, I couldn’t think of another way to style it. I always love a challenge but this one was a little harder to style. So I stared at it for a while and then I said, “accessorize!” Once I put it all together, I WAS HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME! Like my good friend always says,  Belt it! Shawls/Large Cardigans have come back into style and I really wanted to show some versatility to for the work place and at for drinks out!

File 2 YONA

To give it some of that Fall Action I love so much, I added my favorite fall hat!

File 3 YONA

And there you have it, work and play all wrapped up in one! Hope you enjoyed the post!