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Yellow Mellow feat. Universal Standard

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Nothing brings me more joy than finding clothes that work in the boardroom and transition well for a night on the town. When I first started my job in the Mayor’s Office, I had no idea how I could look professional and be stylish. My outfits were pretty bland, and most days I looked like a bag lady. Fast forward to 2017; some brands are bridging that gap, and I no longer feel like I have to sacrifice my style for the sake of looking “professional.” Also, the times are finally changing. No one is expecting women to dress like militant drones…my colleagues appreciate my pops of color here and there!


Universal Standard is one of the standout brands that cater to the fashion-forward minimalist! With clothing from sizes 10-28, Universal Standard provides high-quality clothing for mid-range prices. For instance, the Geneva Dress comes in five colors and can easily be turned from a cute work dress to a night on the town dress. Depending on the color, you can pair with a blazer, long cardigan, belt, booties, etc.

Universal Standard Plus Size Blogger

I styled the Geneva Dress to show the versatility it provides. When belted with Universal Standard’s Obi Belt, it enhances my shape gives it a little sex appeal. This is perfect for a night on the town. When paired with summer brights, it gives my look a low-key look that is appropriate to wear to work. You may even find a new work bae or two—when no one is looking of course!

Universal Standard Plus Size Blogger

Universal Standard Plus Size Blogger

Universal Standard Plus Size Blogger

Universal Standard Plus Size Blogger

So how would you style the Geneva Dress? I would love to see some ideas!!

Outfit Details

DressUniversal Standard
BeltUniversal Standard

Striped Shoes: Sold out, Similar on Amazon Fashion

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

Suede Green ShoesSold out; Similar on Amazon Fashion

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

So how would you style the Geneva Dress? I would love to see some ideas!!

A huge thank you to my photographer Jessica of JMP Image!!

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Ebony Gala 2.0- GOWNS

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Happy Hump Day!

As I’ve been tossing back and forth with deciding whether I would be attending the Ebony Gala this year, I thought about how much fun I had last year!

Playing dress up with the girls, 3 rooms of music, and all best and brightest of Boston under roof—> I GUESS THAT’S A WIN WIN!

If you can recall last year’s outfit, I really went against the status quo! I wore my MONIF C Sequin Jumpsuit! It was an eye turner and definitely unique!


Today, I wanted to highlight some places I will be checking out. GIVE AWAY TIME!!! The first person to guess which dress I am getting, will win one item from that specific brand!  


So let’s start with where I went last year, MONIF C. Here are three dresses that I’ve mulled over for the past month. I think it’s about that time to stop mulling and start shopping!

M3 m2 m1

Eloquii– Believe it or not, Eloquii legit has an outfit for EVERY occasion!! Whether you’re looking to go to a GALA or stay at home for some R&R, they’ve got you covered.

1220948_001_1 1240935_023_1 1321991_050_1.d

Z by Zevarra– With such regal pieces, Z by Zevarra is definitely on my list of MUST HAVES for the holiday season!

3  222  111

ASOS– It’s been a while since I’ve been on ASOS, but I have to say they are truly a one stop for plus size fashion. From the latest tights to elegant gowns, you can always find what you need. (BRACE YOURSELVES, I COULDN’T PICK ONE)

2 4 5 6 8 9 11 33 444

Youtheary Khmer– In the beginning, I kept saying to myself,  ” I don’t want to wear a conventional gown. I want to stick out like last year.”  So the first thing that came to my was YK!

IMG_2350.1_grande IMG_2679.1_grande IMG_2759.1_grande

Navabi– Navabi is a luxury brand that I’ve recently became acquainted with and I wish I knew about them sooner! (Caution, another overload)

333 2222 9998 42342 111111 1111112321 jkjyk

So which dress do you think is the one I will choose? You get to pick up to three choices!

Send an email to [email protected] with you selections!

Size Sexy

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Over the past month or so, I’ve found a growing amount of brands that are offering lingerie to plus size consumers. And why not, we all deserve to feel beautiful in our skin. Whether we’re  bundled up in a burka or stripped down to our bra…everyone has a comfort level of sexy. Here are my top 4 retailers who are taking my type of sexy to the next level!


Lane Bryant– This past weekend while I was in NY, I went to Lane Bryant and binged on a few sexy items!



Rebdolls– With their sizing going as high as a size 24, I definitely took advantage of a Baroque styled piece or two.



Ashley Stewart– Only one way to describe them: HOT!!!  I love their models and their pieces!

a4 a3 a2 a1


Always For Me – I recently discovered Always for Me and one thing I really love about their collections is their diversity in offerings. Whether you want to be covered up from head to toe or a string worth of coverage, they have it!

aa1 aa2 aa3 aa4

What do you think?

YONA New York

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Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day to turn 27! This year, I am focused on understanding myself better. Not just as a 27 year old living in Boston, but Chardline as the individual. Today, I want to introduce a brand that encourages the same of its customers.

Yona Love has created a line of plus size fashion–Yona New York–for the full figured women who wants color, pattern, style and sophistication. Who wants to be able to express who she is through her clothing. Maybe for the very first time. Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence. She wants women to feel liberated in her clothing. To enjoy what they are wearing so much it makes them smile to think about it. And to be able to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Because that is truly beautiful.

I am a firm believer in clothing expressing your desires on the side and out. Not everyone has the same outlook, but I know when Chardline wants to make a statement, she expresses it inside and out (I know, I just spoke in 3rd person lol).  With that, I have partnered up with YONA New York on an outfit post that truly reflects Chardline the consumer and Chardline the “I want to look good for work and play” woman.

File 1 YONA

When YONA sent me their textured wrap shawl, I couldn’t think of another way to style it. I always love a challenge but this one was a little harder to style. So I stared at it for a while and then I said, “accessorize!” Once I put it all together, I WAS HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME! Like my good friend always says,  Belt it! Shawls/Large Cardigans have come back into style and I really wanted to show some versatility to for the work place and at for drinks out!

File 2 YONA

To give it some of that Fall Action I love so much, I added my favorite fall hat!

File 3 YONA

And there you have it, work and play all wrapped up in one! Hope you enjoyed the post!




In Body Positive

Happy Monday!

Sorry for the brief hiatus but my pinched nerve in my neck started kicking in :(. BUT GUESS WHAT TODAY IS? MY BIRTHDAY!

No big shoots or fancy outfit updates, but I did want to talk about a project that I recently fell in love with : #TooSelf.

For as long as I can remember, the concept of beauty has always been defined by society. Society’s standard of beauty was always set by the “It Girl” or the Sexiest Men Alive lists that come out every year.  With these “idols” setting the standard of the what “true beauty” looks like, everyone else is either told they are “TOO” this or “TOO” that.  With those concepts in mind, Devin Jeter created the Too Self Project.


Devin Jeter is a 25-year-old Bostonian, who just located to NYC. Her personal life mission to spread positive energy and help those find their light from within stems from her everyday awareness of the world. Devin says, “It bothers me to see others not love themselves, because I know how it feels.” Her brand, DevaFest, is dedicated to bringing awareness to how important self-love is and how we can bring this awareness in our everyday lives.

Through her #TOOSELF project, she captures pictures of those who have been often told, you are TOO SKINNY or TOO FAT or TOO SHY, or my favorite TOO OUTSPOKEN. The images portray women in who are learning to bask in their insecurities and question their purpose. Is your purpose to live at the standards of other people or to define your own? DevaFest challenges of person to build on their insecurities and make them securities!


We are given choices in life. Pressured to be the same. Look the same. Feel the same. Our body is our temple in which we always remember to prioritize decorating. But a lot of people lack the connection with their own soul, while trying to catch the approval of others. We forget to live for ourselves. It is easy for us to get “lost in the sauce” with keeping up with demands of others.


Although they may mute your voice, energy can be the loudest form of speech before words leave your lips.

Society gives us a picture and we have the choice to believe it or not. Write down the pros and cons of your choices. Is it a permanent choice for a temporary emotion?+2

DevaFest challenges you to take the leap and not only love yourself but stay true to yourself.

Call to Action: So we want you guys to take a picture of yourself hiding whatever it is that makes you feel the most secure. Embrace your insecurity(s)! Make sure you post it on Instagram #TTS #Devafest with a simple caption to explain your picture. Let the picture do most of the talking! The competition will be a week long, starting DECEMBER 1st-7th. The person with the most compelling story will be given a prize! Now remember, no person’s story is more delicate than another person’s story. But DevaFest is looking for someone who’s fought against the odds or even loved themselves when society has told them not too!

Make sure you visit DEVAFEST’s Instagram for more details!