Ok, my Eloquii obsession is at an all-time high. When does one find a brand that has clothes for all seasons? Some brands peak during the summer and others during the holidays. But a brand that is consistent all the way through is HARD to come by. This week, I took on the caped crusader look wearing Eloquii head to toe. Yup, shoes included! What is plus size fashion without Eloquii?

The caped blazer trend made a big splash in the plus size fashion world this year. The blazer I fell in love with, at first, was the Long Cape Jacket. Unfortunately, it sold out before I had a chance. So I tried the second best option, The Studio Brocade Capelet Jacket. And to be honest, I think it more!  The gold foil doesn’t look or feel cheap, and it’s def a great look for the holidays!

Another item I have to rave about is the VIOLA FIT for Eloquii. The Viola Fit was designed exclusively for a shape that has a smaller bust, smaller waist, and hip bigger hips! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW APPRECIATIVE I AM FOR THIS! My work pants now fit me. I had to order five pairs because, on any given day, you could see my pant looking extra baggy at the top, tight around hips and thighs, and then loose on the bottom. If you are pear shaped, please give Viola fit a try! I HONESTLY COULD CRY AT HOW GOOD THEY FIT! They also have dresses with this fit as well! I am wearing a size 20V, but at most places, I am looking at a size 22/24, and unfortunately some places don’t carry that size. So Eloquii, A massive THANK YOU FOR THE VIOLA FIT and your constant responsiveness to plus size women! The Kady Fit Double-Weave Pant did the trick to compliment my Studio Brocade Capelet Jacket. As you can see, it fits in all the right places, and there’s no slack!!

Since the outfit was making feel like Janelle Monae, I had to top it off with the Elle Heeled Loafer! These are so adorable and are SUPER COMFORTABLE! LIKE ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE!!!

Style Notes: The Blazer is a size 22. My Viola Fit pants are a size 20v. The Elle Heeled Loafer is a size 11w-

Plus Size Fashion from EloquiiPlus Size Fashion from EloquiiPlus Size Fashion from EloquiiPlus Size Fashion from EloquiiPlus Size Fashion from Eloquii

To purchase the blazer, click this link here.

To purchase the pants, click this link here.

To purchase the turtle neck, click this link here.

To purchase this shoes, click this link here.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s fashion find! Until next time,