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White denim jeans have always been on my to-do list, but since I’m so accident prone I typically shy away from them. Now that I’ve accepted my clusmy nature, I finally got the guts to start wearing them more. I wanted to buy some jeans on saw on Fashion Nova, but I hate seeing my cellulite popping out of bright colored pants—last time someone asked me if my jeans had a ribbed effect–no lady, it’s my braille! So here’s to Spring flowers and the white denim jeans that I’m rocking all Spring and Summer! And of course, JD Williams FTW!!

Plus Size Blogger wearing JD Williams

Aren’t they cute? And I did not smooth out the cellulite either–they are naturally great quality pants!

Plus Size Blogger wearing JD Williams

Also, my floral top from JD Williams is going to be a closet staple too. So far, I’ve styled it 4 ways and I believe there’s potential to do more! It a hybrid faux off-the-shoulder dress…therefore you can wear it with a bra!

Plus Size Blogger wearing JD Williams

And my purse though??? Wherever there are tassels, there’s Chardline! I am going to break this out in the Fall because I see a potential camel colored jacket ensemble in the near future.


Plus Size Blogger wearing JD Williams

My Cape Robbin shoes from Amazon are almost out of commission! I legit live in them–along with my headwrap from Amazon! There’s something about pink attributes and Spring time that makes me feel nostalgic of my summers in Montreal!

Plus Size Blogger wearing JD Williams

So how do you feel about it? Are you feeling my Spring / Summer Vibes?? Let me know!!

Want the look??

Shirt: JD Williams // Pants: JD Williams // Purse: JD Williams // Shoes: Amazon Fashion // Head Wrap: Amazon Fashion

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Plus Size blogger wearing JD Williams

This post is sponsored by JD Williams. All opinions are mine

5 Reasons Why I Am Martine Chanel’s Daughter

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There’s only one person that can get me post on Sundays: My Momma! My mother is my hero & it took me all of 27 years to realize it. My mom and I spent so much time screaming at each other, that we never really took the time to understand each other. I always assumed she was crazy (still do) but now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I realize that we act this way because we are the same.

So, in honor of my mom that I love 365 days a year, I wanted to write this open letter to her with five reasons why we are the same person:

Dear Mommy,
First off, thanks for all the sacrifices that you made to give me a BOMB life. You sent us to the best schools and always made sure we didn’t go to school looking crusty! Thank you for not allowing us to go to the sleepovers my classmates had because…well I would be going on child number 5 while smoking two packs a day! You are the real MVP for that! I know we spend a lot of time bickering, but I’ve come to realize we are the same people…always thinking the same–even if we want to deny it. Half of the quarrels are a result of us trying to prove a point just to play devil’s advocate. I always resented the thought of growing up to be like you, but now I’m sort of glad that I am relishing in your path. I know exactly who to consult for schooling, work problems, and even fashion. In many ways, you know me better than I know me–even if I pretend like you don’t.
Thanks for being the mirror that I need when I am power tripping or self-loathing. Thanks for always reinforcing God in my life because, with HIM, I would be totally lost!

Lastly, thank you for respecting how I chose to worship God…I know it was hard watching your daughter go from Baptism-Confirmation, just to end up where she is today. Thanks for letting me be my OWN person but still having a firm hand in my development. You are probably thinking, WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM? Well, to confuse you even more, I listed five reasons why we are the same…who knows, you might actually agree with me (for once).

We love Eloquii– To date, this is the only brand where we both look forward to shopping on Fridays. We surprise each other with what we found and then think of places we could wear them. I don’t even share this type of obsession with my friends.

We don’t take smack from guys– You are the reason why I have a backbone when it comes to dealing with guys. Watching you tell off guys that were disrespectful was a sight to see. Even if a guy called you “honey,” you corrected them because it wasn’t your name. Today, it’s damn near impossible for me to stick around a disrespectful guy because my MOMMA DIDN’T TAKE NO SHIT!

God is first ’nuff said!

We throw down– 9 times out of 10, we would rather cook for our food than paying for others to do it. Let’s face it; we cook way better!

We love hard in our very Chanel way– We don’t know how to explain it, but we love each other like enemies and friends at the same time. We go hard for each other and respect each other’s space.


All in all, I got lucky with this lady!
Love you mom!

Thanks to Eloquii for providing our looks for my mom’s special day! We are Eloquii loyalists!!

Pleated Maxi Dress: Here

Cold Should Mock Neck Dress: Here

Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21


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*Warning: NSFW – This is a positive experience of what my life has been looking like…with 7-10 f-bombs*

I know what all of you might be thinking: She hasn’t posted since April 25th, and now she’s going to walk up in here and start posting like nothing happened? Well…yea! Now that school is out for the summer, it’s time to unwind and have some real fun. These past few months have been especially trying. I was sick 60% of the time, I lost 17 lbs then gained 26lbs, I think I consumed an accumulative 1 gallon of water, I picked up a bad hookah habit, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, my weave is already fucked up, I was leaving my school library at 12 am most days, I probably cleaned my room two times,  etc.

Yea, life was crazy. However, I learned to count my blessings and keep it moving! If there’s anything I learned from this semester, it’s that God got me and that I should do a better job taking care of my well-being. I mean…A MUCH BETTER JOB! So next semester, I’m gonna do things a little differently. Three weeks before school, I’m going to form habits around healthy and positive living. This includes: sleeping at 11 pm, drinking a gallon of water a day, making sure I commit to physical activity twice a week, nix the hookah, and engage in healthy communication with my loved ones. Even if I start there, slowly but surely I know I will get my shit in order…maybe.

To that end, I had to post these photos because I legit forgot who the fuck I was. My hair has been a mess, my clothing choice –> abysmal, and I stopped taking sexy pictures of myself because I haven’t felt sexy! To me, it’s important to feel yourself from time to time because if you don’t, you’re leaving it to some fuck boy to feel it for you. So here’s to remembering who the fuck I am and why I started blogging, to begin with.

Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21 Plus Size Blogger wearing Forever 21

Bodysuit: Here / /  Duster: Sold out, similar here / /  Pants: Here (I am a size 22, I am wearing a 3x. They have amazing stretch!)  / / Shoes: Sold out, similar here // Bag: Here

Until next slay,


Plus Size Bloggers Shopping at Savers

Sustainable Fashion is In #RethinkReuse

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With six days left in Earth Month, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a post on my latest passion: Sustainable Living. Early this year, I decided to not only get my Masters in City Planning, but I’ve also decided to pursue a graduate certificate in Applied Sustainability. Prior to taking my course in Actionable Sustainability, I thought this field would be all about hugging trees and possibly learn how to grow a plant or two. With two weeks left, I am learning that I contribute the growing problem of climate change in the world. By the year 2030, things won’t be the same…I think the temperate weather is already schooling us.

With my business as usual behaviors, i.e., Multiple hair salon visits, constant shopping for brand new clothing and destroying them, taking uber to go everywhere, etc., I am responsible for leaving a huge carbon footprint in the ozone layer.  When Savers reached out to me about the possibility of doing sharing the great news on sustainable fashion, it felt like one of those ominous signs from God that screamed DO IT! And of course, I had to get the squad in on this too! Now I admit, I shop a lot. Whether it’s online or in store, I go HARD! But after reading these facts as it relates to Boston, it made me look at things differently:

1. Despite the state-wide initiative launched last year to reduce a number of textiles going to landfills, 63 percent of Boston area respondents admitted that they still threw their used clothing in the trash, 9 percent higher than the national average.

2. Most of these people (66 percent) did so because they didn’t think any donation center would take it.

3. The good news is that 76 percent agreed that “If I better understood how my actions hurt or helped the planet, I would be more likely to make environmentally conscious decisions vs. I understand how my actions hurt or helped the planet, but I am not willing to change my lifestyle.”

4. As for donation motivations, 49 percent of Bostonians donated used clothing and household goods to help their local community, while 12 percent do so to help the environment.

So instead of trashing my clothes, I am going to start donating at my local Savers! Also, instead of shopping online all the time, I’m gonna start biking or walking to my local Savers as well. If there’s anything I can do to help the Earth, I am all for it.

With that said, the ladies and I decided to challenge each other in creating the most self-expressive outfits while shopping at Savers.

After we were done, VOILA!

Plus Size Bloggers Shopping at Savers

With the exception of my jeans, my entire look was from Savers. From my vintage duster to fur purse, I scored my entire look for 20.00 dollars and helped the environment in the process. I loved that we were able to express ourselves all in one store. From vintage to rugged, we all have an aesthetic that we were able to recreate at Savers.

So are you convinced? Make sure you donate your unwanted clothing/household goods at Savers! I’m committing to giving three bags every season! How about you?

Make sure you check out the squad’s posts as well! Genevieve, Stavana, Bianca, and Veronica.

How to Shop Amazon Fashion

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As an Amazon Prime member, I gets BUSY! I mean, I am shopping for almost everything you can think of. From lady products to school books, Amazon is the REAL MVP. So while thinking of content to add to the blog, I thought to myself, “Can you make a post that is Amazon HEAD TO TOE?”

At first, I thought it was highly unlikely, but after researching some thangs, I put the perfect look together…and LITERALLY, it’s head to toe. Here’s my “Dressed in All Black the Omen,” look!

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Head: Guess who transitioned from crochets and wigs to WEAVES?!!? YUP!  I got these bundles from Amazon. To be honest, it’s pretty soft and isn’t shedding. It’s only been two weeks, but for the price, I am thoroughly impressed. Since I already had a closure, I bought three bundles and went to work! What do you guys think?

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Shirt: I’ve seen this “Brains, Beauty, and Booty” shirt EVERYWHERE…in a size S-L. I was actually getting pretty mad that I couldn’t find it. But of course, all I did a search for Brains, Beauty, and Booty shirt, and the first option went up to a size 3x!

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Skirt: Who doesn’t love some faux leather? Since I am trying to flaunt these curves more, I tried looking for a leather skirt. My issue with ordering on Amazon is not knowing if it’s a real 2x/3x or a schmedium 2x/3x. What do you know, this leather pencil skirt was a real 3x/size 22. My hips are a 55 inch for reference.

Fishnet Ankle Socks:  I am trying to get jiggy with this trend…still deciding if I like it or not. But, I wear a size 11 if it helps with sizing.

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Heels: These heels are the business. At first, they were very uncomfortable, but I broke them after cleaning dishes in them. I probably won’t wear them out much unless I have a numbing agent or wearing lingerie for my man.  They up to size 15, so ladies (and gents), get them while you can!!

Get the look!

Til next time,