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Traveling While Fat #PSBTravels

Posted in Travel
on March 6, 2017
Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

The title sounds straight to the point huh? And YES/NO this may or may not be one of those “complainey” posts but oh well.

4 months ago, me and the ladies planned a trip to Jamaica for Anita’s birthday. We were given a list of excursions to choose from and even opted for a couple of spa treatments. We were convinced that we were going be in paradise! Now aside from the fact that all of us were sick, we were physically in paradise. The sun was shining, the water beautiful and the food was divine. No one could take away our initial feelings when we arrived in Jamaica.

Then day two came around and we were scheduling out the excursions. Originally we booked Horseback riding, ATV, Dolphin Swim, Jungle River Tubing and Sunset Tour. When we arrived, the representative took one look at me and said, “By the way, there’s a weight limit for some of these excursions.” Now, I know it’s her job to enforce the rules, so I didn’t take any offense to it. The weight limits were as follows:

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica
Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in JamaicaPlus Size Traveling in Jamaica
















It was this moment where I realized that being 320llbs was more than a hindrance for clothing choice. Today, I saw that 4 of the activities we booked were not made for people my size. Of course, upon receiving the information, I kept the poker face. I said, oh well— let’s just see what we can do. My friends, well under 250 lbs, all made the cut. But, they still stood by me in not booking the excursions. We continued with the trip as scheduled and ended an almost perfect vacation.

From this trip, I realized that I loved to travel. I loved exploring a new culture and I loved the sun. I loved doing outdoorsy things and even walking far distances. But as I was researching other places to go, I noticed that I am too big to participate in resort activities. Skydiving, zip lining, sky lift, Bamboo River Rafting, and more. Now that I’ve contracted the wanderlust bug, does that mean I am forced to only stick to things within my weight range? Do I have to do extensive research on places that don’t have weight restrictions? I remember polling my friends on Facebook to ask if I would be turned away. An overwhelming majority said I wouldn’t. Boy were they wrong.

So I’ve decided to take some time and mull over this experience. I really want to do and see more. For my birthday, I was planning a trip to the Maldives until I realized that jetskis were involved…, weight wins again!

Go figures! So I think I am 99% sure about what my next steps are gonna be. Tune in next week as I share them. Til then, enjoy my flicks from the trip :).

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica
Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica
Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Plus Size Traveling in Jamaica

Yea, clearly you can tell I was on the struggle bus

Plus Size Traveling in JamaicaGlasses: Amazon

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Sandals (super comfortable for travel) : Amazon

Chardline Gets Ready for Grad School

Grad School Acceptance to Boston University

-inserts cliché- There comes a time in every person’s life where opportunities arise and there is nothing you can do but accept it. On August 5th, I got my opportunity in the form of one phrase: “On behalf of Boston University Metropolitan College’s Admissions Committee, I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into the Master of Urban Affairs Program at Boston University. “


Boston University Grad School

I’ve been putting off this feat for the past few years.  As soon as I graduated, I continued to work in public service. I must admit, from time to time I would get overwhelmed because of work life and blog life. But now that I have a handle on everything, I feel confident enough to take the plunge.

Before committing to school, I researched a few ways to make sure that I have productive two years. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t sacrifice my blog, my job, my health, or my grades.  With some great advice from Nicole of Curves on a Budget , meeting with a time management specialist, and some insight from alumni, I learned 8 effective practices that are going to aide me with my journey to diploma #2. And guess what?  I am going to take you ALL on my journey. With each practice, I will include some links and resources as to how I’m getting through this rat race called graduate school. But most importantly, I will make sure each post includes some style attributes. Don’t worry; I am still going be the best dressed lady in the library.

So here’s a preview of some of the practices and tips that will help me get through these next two grueling years!

  1. Staycation: Taking time to reflect, plan and execute is going to be crucial to getting out of this unscathed. A staycation needs to happen somewhere that is free of distraction and an area that screams Feng Shui. You know the saying, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”
  2. Rest: Developing regular sleeping patterns is crucial to survival. I am going to have my first mattress review on the blog. This mattress will not only ease my way into snoozeville, but I will highlight the attributes it has for heavier women.
  3. Nutrition: Food is fuel! The wrong set of meals and all the sudden you’ll have a bad case of the itis. It’s important to make sure you are eating well and finding resources that help with planning out your meals for the week.
  4. Physical Activity: It’s very important to make sure your machine is well oiled. You have to make sure that all those school books feel as light as a feather and that you’re in great shape throughout the way.
  5. Organization: I am going to take a trip into everyone’s favorite one-stop shop to get supplies that will help organization and effectiveness. Whether it’s a new laptop or a drawing board, you have to be organized. From developing a shooting schedule with my photographer or answering emails in a timely manner, I will show you the ins and outs of getting through a successful week of work, school, and blogging.
  6. Time Management: My brain often goes off into la la land but luckily my time management specialist has showed me some way to beat this. Whoever knew that a watch can take your time management skills over the top?
  7. Vacation: Nothing says, “Good Job Chard” like a well-deserved vacation. When my semester is done, I will be vacationing on a resort in Haiti. When my parents left Haiti for the United States, their main goal was to raise a beautiful family that will go a lot further than they could afford to. I can’t wait to reflect on my parent’s homeland while bringing their vision to life.

But enough with the sappy story! Can’t wait to be so open and vulnerable throughout this entire journey. From long nights to delusional behaviors, you all are going to be on a bumpy ride!!

First stop, staycation!


Chardline celebrating her acceptance into grad school


5 Reasons Why Curves Rock Weekend ROCKED

Posted in Plus Size Fashion, Travel
on August 2, 2016

Last weekend, I had to privilege to attend the 5th Annual Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. From an empowerment brunch to meeting some of the “Who is Who” in the plus size fashion industry, Curves Rock Weekend was a celebration of empowerment, femininity and CURVES! This year was Curves Rock’s 5th Anniversary, and instead of doing the same ole recap, I want to highlight 5 reasons why Curves Rocks Weekend was the place to be!

1. Size Diversity

This is the first time I’ve been to a fashion show where complete body diversity was clear. From size 8 to size 28, every single body shape was represented. Another interesting aspect the Curves Rock committee members covered was various heights on the models! There were women who were 5 feet tall and there were women who were as tall as 6’3. Seeing this amount of diversity was jaw dropping. For the most part, you see a lot of women who range from 5’7-6’1. The casting was amazing! A huge shout out to Samantha Lebbie for really making sure there was a lot of diversity in the runway show this year!

Plus Size Models at Curves Rock Weekend

Photography by, Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography

2. You Got to Meet All of Your Online Fashionista Friends

It really warmed my heart to see some of the ladies that in interact with regularly via social media.  Seeing Yazzie receive her Humanitarian Award was one of the greatest highlights of my trip!

Yazzie Receiving Humanitarian Award at Curves Rocks Weekend

Photography by, Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography

Seeing Elena rip the runway and pursuing her dreams of being a model.


Or my favorite; seeing Laura Lee so poised and killing the runway with every look. In the age of social media, it’s always a blessing when you actually get human interaction!


3. Baltimore Gets Turnt!

With such a diverse age of women, Curves Rocks Weekend doesn’t sleep. Although I was busy blogging in the hotel room, I saw so much footage of people cuttin’ up! It looks like everyone was having a ball! There’s something about being able to turn up in a judgement free zone. Heels on or off it was a great time Even at the Cuff-links Mixer, the turn up was real!

4. You Got to Hear About Health from Women Who Looked Like You

Time and time again, I end up learning about healthy living and proper workouts from women who do not look like me. This can be very discouraging. It sends out a message that I do not fit the standard of health associated with image. But when you see a woman who has curves and speak about their journey to health from a similar narrative to your own, it truly helps you explore the possibilities of creating your own journey. Anowa Adjah truly challenged us to take our fitness to a new level in a safe space! Plus, losing the gut and not the butt is my life motto.

Anowa Adjah teaching at Curves Rock Weekend Anowa Adjah teaching at Curves Rock Weekend


5. If you follow Chanell Jones and Tykesha Reed, You Finally Get to See All of Their Hard Work

Putting together a full week of events that challenge stereotypes of curvy women, elevate curvy women, and celebrate curvy women is hard work. I’ve had the honor of attending Curves Rock Weekend for two years and it’s always a sight to you see. Thank you ladies for all the work you continue to contribute towards the plus size industry.

Tykesha and Chanell of Curves Rock Weekend

Make sure you head to the Curves Rock Weekend’s  website to see what’s in store for next year. You already know I will be there!

Til next time,