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That Christian O’meshun Love

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Tomorrow is the holiday that I’ve grown to have a love/hate relationship with. While taking a stroll down memory lane, I could only remember ONE VALENTINE’S DAY worth recanting…and that was in 2011. Today’s post is all about my Galentine’s Day with my squad. We are taking plus size fashion to a new level ha!

plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun

I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration with my homegirls. A chance for us to look pretty and take pictures doesn’t come often. But when it does, we can only slay featuring the best! Enter: Christian O’meshun. Christian Omeshun was created for the sophisticated curvy woman who values modern fashion! If there is ever a brand that speaks to empowering women through entrepreneurship and style, they still don’t compare to Christian O’meshun.

Founded by fashion designer A’Shontay Hubbard, Christian O’meshun designs custom clothing for sizes 12-32! When I introduced this brand to my squad, they asked me, “What makes this brand so unique?” Aside from the perfect fit and the breathable fabric, the designer, A’shontay, embodies all things L-O-V-E.

Her drive for her brand is a love of passion. Her dedication to making clothing that goes up to a size 32 (especially with most brands catering to a size 22) is well founded with each customer photo she reposts. And time and time again, we are always asking for body diversity! Well if you go to her website, the models range from size 14-22+. Also, there is a type of clothing for everyone on her website. I am a modern day career woman. I love slacks and button ups, but occasionally, I like to test the waters with a little something form-fitting in the board room. The love that I have for my curves and the love that I have for my job are all summed up in this one look.

When talking to my girls about which pieces they were getting, I saw that there was a moment of empowerment happening. We each started to point out our strong points, For instance, Stavana  loves form-fitting clothing, and we knew she could kill any bodycon.We all told her she would look amazing in the Cold Shoulder Set.  Or that Bianca has a perfect chest…no for real; she can fill in any dress– so we knew she could kill the Iris Set.

With each affirmation, we saw how we empowered each other to look and feel our sexiest! Without doing too much, our Galentine’s Day was a success! We don’t need someone to call ‘bae’ for us to realize that we are loved–many times it’s just being around your friends that get us there. So a huge shout out to my squad! We roll deeper, curvy, and great!

plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun plus size bloggers wearing christian o'meshun

My Outfit Details

Outfit: Christian O’meshun’s Christian Wide Leg Set

Fur Stole: Amazon 

Choker: Tricevault 

Shoes: Eloquii

Plus Size Fashion

A huge thank you to Christian O’meshun for gifting us these fabulous outfits for this post! Sizes 14-24 are represented in these photos. Make sure you visit Bianca, Veronica, and Stavana’s website’s to see their looks!

Also, another huge thank you to Tricevault for curated the jewelry for outfits! After all, a girl can’t have too many chokers!

Lastly, thank you to Brad Bahner for standing out in the cold and making sure we got our shots!

For all our readers, Christian O’meshun is offering 20% off of your purchase if you use code SQUADGOALS at checkout!

And of course, please check out my Squad’s posts as well: Stavana, Bianca, and Veronica!

Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day everyone!


plus size women working out

This is How Fat Girls Look Like When…

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“Smile, you are taking a picture.” No. Last time I checked I was working out.

plus size women working out

There was a period in my life where I did not want to workout in front of people. For some reason, when I look at fit gurus, I can never see myself in them. I always see a person who is thin and has epic facial features. But when I looked at myself, I saw a woman with lots of love handles and a double chin that wouldn’t cease movement even after I stopped moving. In the past, when I was asked to promote workout clothes but I always kept it pretty! Maybe 50% of the poses I did were meant to flatter my figure and give the illusion of working out like a boss! Why did I do that?

-insert Mr. Rogers storytime music here-

When I first started taking Zumba classes in 2010, I usually came too late to get a spot in the front of the mirror. Then one day, I got one! I was so excited to see myself go hard in all of my the glory. As we started to move, I found myself so disgusted with what I saw. I was well coordinated and even had all the moves down pack, but when I started to compare myself to the woman next to me, I couldn’t look at myself.

I saw that all three of my rolls were apparent in every waist move I did. I saw that my fupa would occasionally slip out of my leggings and assumed others saw it as well. I was so shocked that I never went back to the mirror and always danced to the furthest left of the class.

Then one day, the Zumba teacher asked if we wouldn’t mind being recorded . Absent-mind I said, “Sure, I love this song.” After she uploaded it on Youtube, my fears INSTANTLY went away. I WAS KILLING IT! I WAS KILLING IT HARDER THAN SOME OF THE SMALLER WOMEN TOO! At that moment, I saw that not only was I killing it, but I also wasn’t afraid to see my rolls and fupa fall out. Since then, all the workouts I do have been for myself–not caring for a single person watching or comparing myself to the person next to me.

So what does a fat girl look like when she’s working out? FUCKING FABOULOUS…just as anyone else who exercises their right to get their workout on!

plus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working outplus size women working out
plus size women working outplus size women working out

Outfit details
Top: Target 

Bottom: Target

Shoes: Target 

Hat: Amazon 

Water Bottle: Amazon

Yoga Mat: Amazon

Huge thank you to Brad Bahner for the flicks! You can find his work here:

Til next time,

Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Valentine’s Day #VdayWithPSBU

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Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly popular to make sure we self-pamper during Valentine’s Day. The guilt-free feeling when purchasing your favorite item or heading to a spa is unmatched.  This year, I wanted to share five ways that I pamper myself during Valentine’s Day.

So for me, Valentine’s Day is all about being in a constant state of love and euphoria.  During the weekend of Valentine’s Day, I try to accomplish the following:

*Caution, I prepare for this day ONE YEAR in advance, so some of this may seem costly–but of course, I provide alternatives*


Paying Off a School Loan


Way to start off on the unconventional route huh? A few of my stressors come from $40,000 worth of school loans I have to pay for over the next 10 years. Although I finance them like no tomorrow, nothing feels better than paying off a loan. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder and like my credit score went up. Well barely, but it certainly puts me closer to buying my first home. There are two ways I’ve done this:

a. Saving a portion of my check every month.
b. File my taxes and apply 75% of my returns to the loan.

Buy a great quality item


In 2015, I told myself that I would invest in things that produce longevity. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a deal or even a cheaper manufactured item because these pockets are not deep, but Valentine’s Day is all about treating yourself. Since my last name is Chanel, I thought I would get something under $2,000.00 . Good luck right? Well actually, ever since I was 18 years old, I wanted to get Chanel Number 5. So this year, not only am I get one bottle, but I am getting Chanel N 5 New and the classic. I love scents more than I should.

If this seems like too much commitment, but you really want to try new scents, you should check out Scentbird! I received some of the BEST perfumes from this service, and it’s only 14.95 a month. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and then travel size amounts are delivered to you! I love love LOVE IT!




This has to be the least expensive thing you can do, but it provides the most return. I always take the time to journal about why I love myself. Analyzing everything apart from what guys have said about me or what family members appreciate about me. I write down things that I want to keep working on and ways in which I can learn to love myself more and more. The way you love yourself sets the standard for the way you give love to others.

For example, if I don’t love myself—this can be a catalyst for me not to love another person, over-obsess over someone because I want that feeling, or love someone because you notice how much they love themselves. Always look for at least one thing to appreciate about yourself. It makes all the difference. And you don’t have to do this only do it on Valentine’s Day! In fact, you can do it at any time. But on the days you are feeling down, refer back to that entry–it will provide some comfort!

Full Body Massage


Yup, cliche but after a year of paying bills and taking care of others, all you want to do is relax and escape. On Groupon, I found a nice deal for a full body massage and you can couple it with a Mani/Pedi and facial for 100.00. The best time to look for deals is during Valentine’s Day because the “Good for Gifting” option is usually the best section on Groupon.

Buy Something for Someone

I know this post is supposed to be all about you, but nothing makes me happier (aside from paying off student loans) than seeing someone smile! Just a little gift that says “thinking of you” or “your beard looked a little whack so here’s something!” One product that is flying off the online shelves is Harry’s.  Harry’s is a New York-based company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment via mail order. I gave this to my brother once, and now he religiously buys their products.

So don’t fret if you aren’t celebrating this holiday with a special someone…because the most specialist(lol) person out there is YOU!

And if you are celebrating it with someone, don’t forget to share whatever candy you get–my mailbox is waiting.

Happy V-Day,

#FitnessFridays with @Chard.Gets.Fit

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Over the past few months, I’ve shared my experiences about my health and fitness challenges on On The Plus Side. From speaking about the priveledges of “looking fit”, to naming a few fitness and health inspirations in my life, I am starting to hone in on this part of my life more. After all, can’t flaunt what my mama gave me if it only looks pretty on the outside. Enter: Fitness Fridays!

Starting in the New Year, I want to take y’all on an interactive journey to the healthiest version of myself. Before you start huffing and puffing by saying things like, “Oh great, another blogger on a weight loss journey” or my favorite ” This post strikes me as an attempt to inject yet another call for weight loss into a movement that is founded on allowing people to accept the imperfections of their bodies”, CUT IT! That’s not my attempt at all. I am taking you on a personal journey that highlights how I am growing to love myself inside and out. I am at a point of where I want to take really take care of myself before it’s too late. This journey is very personal to me because back in 2012, I did this all wrong. In the end, it was a downward spiral that ended in lots of self-hate, spending 100’s on diet pills, and waist trainers. Since then, I’ve made sporadic attempts to get back on track but I was never intentional about it.

Fast forward to 2016, I already had a consultation with a nutritionist (can’t wait to share the details), my cystic condition is slowly getting better (again, I can’t wait to share the details), and I have energy! After my 80 + pound weight gain, I started to notice things about myself that scared me. The lack of energy, the constant staying in bed, my body odor started to change, sex life was completely different, and I developed a cystic condition. Will losing weight change everything? NO…not really, but keeping a healthy relationship with my body will.

Also, I am going to document my daily conquests on my IG page: @Chard.Gets.Fit ! Every two Fridays, I will introduce workout tips, doctor’s visits, workout clothes, natural supplements, self-care tips, and everything in between on all my social media channels and this blog! I encourage everyone to use this as a safe place. As I am learning about myself, please feel free to ask me about anything. I love being a sounding board!

Check out my latest posts on my IG now!

Fun fact, @goldencity_ kickstarted my first go round in the gym. 5 years later, we are back at it ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

Strengthening that back!

A video posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

In between time

A video posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

Lastly, I know many don’t feel that fashion and fitness should be considered in the same realm. In this case, I am not. I would never advocate for someone to lose weight for the sake of fashion or style. But, I won’t be unapologetic and raw with my posts. I won’t hold anything back as it pertains to myself! No comparisons or anything. Just raw reflections as they pertain to me being a better me.

In these last few IG posts, my workout clothes are from Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant was actually the first brand I worked with when it came to workout clothes. With workout clothes that up to size 28, it’s hard not shop there!

Plus Size Fitness

So until next Friday where I tell you about my assesment!