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Men´s Fashion Gift Ideas

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It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted some of the best big and tall options for men and since Kavah of the Gentlemen’s Curb is off in the world doing BIG things, I thought I’d bring share a few words on the topic!

As you all know, I love fashion. I appreciate that the way you dress makes a huge difference to how you think of yourself and how the world sees you, so it is an important subject which is one reason I like to write about it.

However, I realized the other day I rarely write about men´s fashion. Given the fact that most of my readers are women, this is not surprising. But, it also struck me that some of you ladies out there have men in your life who you would like to buy clothes for. So, there really is no reason I should not sprinkle in a few men´s fashion posts, as well. After all, clothing makes a great gift for any man.

Men´s shirts

Shirts are a great example of this. They are a versatile item of clothing, which always gets a lot of use. This retailer sells some fantastic men´s shirts. They are stylish and fashionable, and this retailer provides their clothing in a wide range of sizes. This retailer´s shirts are available in chest sizes of between 36 and 66 inches.

You can easily grab a shirt out of your man´s wardrobe and measure it so that you order the right size. Remember, if you are buying a formal shirt to make a note of the neck measurement before you go shopping.


T-shirts also make great gifts. The level of choice is amazing. Plus, of course, if you cannot find something suitable you can always get one custom made. All you need to do is to provide the t-shirt printing firm with the image you want to be used.

Sports clothing

That brings me nicely to another men´s gift idea, sports clothing. Most men love sports. They either take part or follow a team, often both.

If the man you are buying for is a just a fan, anything with their favorite team´s logo on it could potentially make a great gift. For those who play sports, items of kit can make great presents.

However, you do need to be careful when buying this type of gift. Trying to train in a pair of gym shorts that are not the right cut, or size, would be very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is wise to keep the receipt and make it clear that you will not be offended if he chooses to exchange your gift for something else.

Consider buying men´s clothes for yourself

While researching this article, about men´s clothing, I noticed that they were considerably cheaper than women´s. When I went online to find out more, I was stunned to find out that it was not my imagination. Men´s clothes really were a lot cheaper than women´s, considerably cheaper. In some cases, you can save yourself 40% by shopping in the men´s aisle. You can find out more about the price difference, here. When I go thrift shopping, I often find myself gravitating towards male clothing because there’s so much versatility– it gives me Aaliyah vibes!

Was this helpful? Father’s Day in America is around the corner so there’s not perfect time like the present! What are other unique ideas that you have? I would love to hear them!

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Style Saturday’s: 10 Bloggers That Give Us #Winter/FallGoals

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It’s below 40 degrees outside, and you have a social gathering attend to. Instinctively, you grab your warmest of sweaters and puffy scarves to try and muster up the perfect look. As you take a look in the mirror, you realize that you look like a snowman because you are drowning in many layers while all of your friends sent pictures of their sexy/trendy outfits that are also winter ready!

YUP- This is the story of my life!

Luckily, we have 10 style bloggers who serve as style inpso experts! Not only are they beautiful, but they don’t let the freezing temps effect the sexy/trendy sizzle they bring to the winter!

Stylish Curves

Glitter and Lazers

Everything Curvy and Chic

That Hayet Rida

oh we back Weekend vibes in @lanebryant Shop this look (link in bio) – @theoxproject

A photo posted by H A Y E T R I D A (@hayet.rida) on

Kelly Augustine

Sometimes Glam

My Curls and Curves

Curvy Girl Chic


Ready to Stare

So what did you think of this week’s round up? Find any inspo? Make sure you check them out when you get a chance!!!

Happy Friday!



7 Jackets that Did Not Come to Play this Season!

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The jacket gawds finally heard our cry! Plus size women everywhere are gonna be snatched when it comes to the jacket department. I know it’s been a while since I’ve since I’ve done a round-up of any sort but when you see these jackets, you’ll understand why I came our of hiding. Finding jackets online was always my problem-child. When your arms are about 19 inches in circumference, attractive options start to dwindle. So, I gathered up ten jackets that possess the ultimate “it factor.” In December, I am going to feature TWO of these jackets on the blog so you can have a point of reference. Maybe three if they are on sale ;).

Here are the top 7 who made the cut!


It’s not every day you get to live out your Oliva Pope dreams but this jacket it makes it seem like such a reality!

Studio Neck Tie Fit and Flare Coat from Eloquii

Who said you couldn’t wear bright colors in the winter? This jacket also goes up to size 28! A big win for me because I don’t like feeling stuffed in my jacket!

Plus Size Jacket from Eloquii


If you are looking for ultimate warmth, this jacket should suffice!

Plus Size Jacket from Ashley Stewart

Joanna Hope Boucle Cape by JD Williams

When I saw this on Meaghan of Little Lime Dress’s Instagram, I knew I had to get ASAP!

Plus Size Jacket from JD Williams

Excelled® Belted Boucle Wrap Jacket – Plus from JC Penney

I love this jacket because it would go perfectly with my work outfits. This will be an everyday morning to night type of jacket.

Plus Size Jacket from JC Penney


I had to bring it back to the puffer coat because living in New England, sometimes these wool jackets aren’t enough. Plus, the fur trimming keeps my ears warm lol!

Plus Size Jacket from Avenue

Outlander Tartan Coat from Torrid

Tartan jackets are always winning in my book. Now that I am in grad school, I am getting nostalgic about my Catholic high school years! I love the pattern and colors!

Plus Size Jacket from Torrid

So what do you think? Did you find a jacket the peaks your interest? I tried to find jackets that went up to size 32! So hopefully if you take a look at the stores, you will find the perfect one!

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Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney’s Boutique+

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Happy Friday Family!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and all the fashion industry’s best and brightest are putting their best foot forward. One designer that is making all headlines this year is Ashley Nell Tipton. If you watched Project Runway Season 14, Ashley Nell Tipton slayed every design challenge and that ultimately led her to being the winner of season 14. As a plus size woman, I cheered Ashley on throughout the entire season. Not because she was a plus size woman, but because she understood how to make clothing that looked amazing on plus size women and straight size women. She really put us on the map!

Last Tuesday, I had the honor of attending Ashley’s début capsule collection with JCPenney’s Boutique+ line! JCPenney’s Boutique+ is a plus-size lifestyle collection created for the fashion conscious millennial shopper. The brand was conceived by a dedicated team of design, trend and product experts whose focus is to ensure the looks of Boutique+™ complement a curvier shape. Boutique+’s line ranges from sizes 0x-4x and 16W-30W and are available in stores and online. Ashley’s capsule collection was a perfect addition to JCPenney’s selection of clothing dedicated to us! With 50’s inspired looks, mesh inserts, and lots of hip hugging action, you can tell this collection was not only made for us but it’s on trend with straight size options. Talk about a WINNING!

The best part of the fashion show was seeing so many of my favorite body positive advocates on the runway! Familiar faces such as Tess Munster, Essie Golden, Frankie Tavares, and Sabrina Servance, showed us the versatility in Ashley’s capsule collection with JCPenney.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the runway:

Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Fashion Show on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for JCPenney/AP Images)

Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ JCPenney


But my favorite look of all was the Wildflower Short Sleeve Scuba Dress. Tinder Badhesha rocked this dress!

Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Fashion Show on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for JCPenney/AP Images)

Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Fashion Show on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for JCPenney/AP Images)

Guess who rocked it well too? YOURS TRULY!

I am more of apple/pear shape, therefore I shy away from dresses that bring attention to my midsection. But this is the first body con that I’ve felt comfortable wearing–as you can tell I don’t have many bodycons on my blog. I am wearing a size 3x and I’m a size 22 in dresses– this collection is definitely true to size.

Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ byalexjoachim-2589 Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney Boutique+


What do you think? Did I slay?!?! For more hip hugging action, you can size down. This dress is only $ 39.99 in-store and online now! If you get something from Ashley’s capsule collection with JCPenney and decide to post them online, use hashtag #HereIAm! This collection truly emphasizes why our size shouldn’t define us. Instead it highlights why we are just as beautiful…no matter what we wear. Thanks Ashley!To get your hands on these amazing looks, head to JCPenney today!


Until next time,


Although this post is in collaboration with JCPenney, all opinion’s are my own.

Images by Alex Joachim

5 Reasons Why Curves Rock Weekend ROCKED

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Last weekend, I had to privilege to attend the 5th Annual Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. From an empowerment brunch to meeting some of the “Who is Who” in the plus size fashion industry, Curves Rock Weekend was a celebration of empowerment, femininity and CURVES! This year was Curves Rock’s 5th Anniversary, and instead of doing the same ole recap, I want to highlight 5 reasons why Curves Rocks Weekend was the place to be!

1. Size Diversity

This is the first time I’ve been to a fashion show where complete body diversity was clear. From size 8 to size 28, every single body shape was represented. Another interesting aspect the Curves Rock committee members covered was various heights on the models! There were women who were 5 feet tall and there were women who were as tall as 6’3. Seeing this amount of diversity was jaw dropping. For the most part, you see a lot of women who range from 5’7-6’1. The casting was amazing! A huge shout out to Samantha Lebbie for really making sure there was a lot of diversity in the runway show this year!

Plus Size Models at Curves Rock Weekend

Photography by, Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography

2. You Got to Meet All of Your Online Fashionista Friends

It really warmed my heart to see some of the ladies that in interact with regularly via social media.  Seeing Yazzie receive her Humanitarian Award was one of the greatest highlights of my trip!

Yazzie Receiving Humanitarian Award at Curves Rocks Weekend

Photography by, Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography

Seeing Elena rip the runway and pursuing her dreams of being a model.


Or my favorite; seeing Laura Lee so poised and killing the runway with every look. In the age of social media, it’s always a blessing when you actually get human interaction!


3. Baltimore Gets Turnt!

With such a diverse age of women, Curves Rocks Weekend doesn’t sleep. Although I was busy blogging in the hotel room, I saw so much footage of people cuttin’ up! It looks like everyone was having a ball! There’s something about being able to turn up in a judgement free zone. Heels on or off it was a great time Even at the Cuff-links Mixer, the turn up was real!

4. You Got to Hear About Health from Women Who Looked Like You

Time and time again, I end up learning about healthy living and proper workouts from women who do not look like me. This can be very discouraging. It sends out a message that I do not fit the standard of health associated with image. But when you see a woman who has curves and speak about their journey to health from a similar narrative to your own, it truly helps you explore the possibilities of creating your own journey. Anowa Adjah truly challenged us to take our fitness to a new level in a safe space! Plus, losing the gut and not the butt is my life motto.

Anowa Adjah teaching at Curves Rock Weekend Anowa Adjah teaching at Curves Rock Weekend


5. If you follow Chanell Jones and Tykesha Reed, You Finally Get to See All of Their Hard Work

Putting together a full week of events that challenge stereotypes of curvy women, elevate curvy women, and celebrate curvy women is hard work. I’ve had the honor of attending Curves Rock Weekend for two years and it’s always a sight to you see. Thank you ladies for all the work you continue to contribute towards the plus size industry.

Tykesha and Chanell of Curves Rock Weekend

Make sure you head to the Curves Rock Weekend’s  website to see what’s in store for next year. You already know I will be there!

Til next time,