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Like every year, I am doing my Christmas shopping super late. I mean, this year has to be the worst because Christmas is less than five days away. While I can run all around Boston looking for gifts in our gargantuan sized malls, I just realized that I am an Amazon Prime member! That means free two-day shipping that will be delivered just in time for the holidays! One thing that I love about Amazon is that they have GREAT quality! I would hate to give someone a gift and it looks fake or flat poor quality. With Amazon, you generally never have to worry about the item you’re receiving. If you remember my Amazon Prime Day Post , I added some tips for first time Amazon Shoppers, so make sure you check it out.

With that said, I have 5 more days to get my shopping done and Amazon Prime is going to be the savior of the year! So I compiled a list of a few items that you can get just in time for Christmas if you use Amazon Prime! If you don’t know who to sign up, refer back to my Amazon Prime Day Post. 






Happy Shopping!


Christmas in the City Lookbook

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This post is done in collaboration with Macy’s. As always, these opinions are 1000% my own.

The first brand that comes to my mind when I think about the holidays is Macy’s. If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving Day isn’t complete without watching the Macy’s Parade. As soon as Santa makes his way down the road, I officially cue the Christmas songs and start planning for holiday shopping. This year, I wanted to take a more “Christmas in the City” type of approach. While I’m completely enamored by the bright reds and soothing emerald greens, I am an edgy fashionista at heart. I love a little drama when it comes to the holidays…and I know I am not the only one.

My idea of the perfect holiday looks includes pops of red, a little bit of plaid, a sleek black number for the office holiday party, and edgy little number that I can wear to the mall all day long!  So what does my Christmas in the City look like?


The Every Day Look

Christmas in the City often involves commuting to work during the holidays and when your job is in the middle of downtown Boston, the sidewalk becomes your runway. One item that is a must-have during the holidays is plaid, and these plaid pants by Tommy Hilfiger hug the curves just right. Paired with Tommy Hilfiger’s Terzo Flats and a blazer, you’re 9-5 look is complete! This look is also optimal if you’re looking to go out for holiday drinks with your co-workers.

Plus Size Plaid Pants from Tommy Hilfiger for Macys

Plus Size Plaid Pants from Tommy Hilfiger for Macys


The Halls of Mall

During the holidays, I am at my fiercest. This outfit from City Chic gives me all the “fierce feels.” While most people are out in their sweats pants while shopping, the mall feels like an absolute runway for me, especially during the holidays. City Chic’s Skylar Corset Coated Skinny Jean accentuates every living curve of my body! And unlike most faux leather material pants I’ve worn, these babies have to be the best quality! Paired with their Layered-Look Shirt, how can you lose? Happy Shopping!

Plus Size Leather Pants for City Chic for Macy's

Plus Size Leather Pants for City Chic for Macy's

Plus Size Leather Pants for City Chic for Macy's


The Night Look

While I am someone who usually avoids jumpsuits at all costs, it was hard to avoid this one by NY Collection. The Cold-Shoulder Wide-Leg Jumpsuit is perfect for the Christmas party or family get together. With the option to widen the chest area, this jumpsuit can be worn on Christmas day or straight into New Years!


Plus Size Jumpsuit by NY Collection for Macy's

Plus Size Jumpsuit by NY Collection for Macy's





So which type of Christmas fashionista are you? 


The Every Day Look?

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger


The Halls of Mall?

City Chic for Macy's

Top: City Chic, Pants: City Chic


The Night Look?

Plus Size Jumpsuit by NY Collection for Macy's


Jumpsuit: NY Collection


Check out The Edit on to see help find the perfect holiday look for you!


Photo Creds: Distorted FX

Plus Size Shapewear

Top 5 Plus Size Fashion Requests

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First off, I would like to thank you all for still rocking with me! Remember when I told y’all how happy I was to start grad school? Well, 7 classes in and I feel so much more empowered but SUPER TIRED!! But Chardline Chanel is still pushing! With that, over the past two months, I’ve asked everyone what Fall/Winter items they would like me to feature. Even though I initially wanted to do five separate posts, I thought it would be best to keep them all in one place. So here are the top 5 plus size fashion requests that I’ve received…all inspired by YOU:

  • Wide calf boots
  • Shapewear
  • Leather jackets
  • Tights
  • Fur Coats

Wide Calf Boots

We all know the battle with these bad boys, but here are some brands that I’ve personally tried, and my calves are 18 inches in circumference. Also, keep in mind that the bigger foot, the wider your calf size is for most brands. For example, if you are a size 8, the base size for the calf on a boot maybe 15 inches. If you are a size 11 like me, the base size for the calf on a boot may widen by three inches…so the largest part of the boot will be 18 inches or so. But if you are really stuck, check out this guide for more details. 


Plus Size Leather Jackets

I’ve had the same leather jacket for three years because nothing beats a classic jacket that can be worn from Fall-Spring. With that, here are my top places to get leather jackets this year:

Plus Size Shapewear

I am back to wearing shapewear these days. As much as I want the freedom to let it all hang, I like being tucked in and smooth. Here are my number one contesters! I’ve worn them all! If you’d like me to do a specific post showing the various levels of hold, let me know!!


I love tights, but as someone who is a size 22 and is 5’8, it’s hard to find tights that go up all the way. While some of my friends can get away with purchasing tight from Rainbow’s I am stuck hoping that anywhere fits. These places, on the other hand, fit all 57 inches of my hips and thighs! Side note, Avenue fits me the best because they go all the way up past my waist.


While fur coats are finally a hot ticket item that most brands are carrying for us, it’s super hard when you have arms that are very wide in circumference. But never fear, here are some furs that pass the arm test!


Find anything you like? Again, make sure you let me know if you want to see something specific!! Until next time,



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Initially, I wanted to entitle this post: 29 things I learned last year. But to be honest, it wasn’t in my heart. This past weekend, I had the privilege of spending my birthday with my closest friends and family. I don’t think ANYONE knows me better than this bunch of people. Well, except my mom.

My brother and sister know me the best. For the most part, they see me through and through. They peep my evolution from time to time, but at my core, they know what I am thinking.

Nyviana is like my sister…she’s is my sister. I met her through my friend Tremana, and I don’t regret it not one bit. We travel together, cry together, and everything in between. When I say something “CRAZY,” she gets me more than anyone…she actually laughs and gives me an HI 5. There’s something so comforting about those hi-5’s. We come from two different walks of life, but when our paths crossed, it was like we knew each other forever.

Durand I’ve known the longest in this crew. We met each other during our freshman year of college. At first, he was timid, but I knew there was more to Durand to that. He is VERY observant, tactical, and practical. He makes the best predictions about. In fact, CHARDLINE.COM wouldn’t exist without him. Durand saw something in me, purchased the domain and website, and I ran with it. I honor our friendship like it’s my baby. I think I should listen to him more; he seems to know what’s up!

Tasha, I met less than four years ago. She’s a rock. She super fierce, confident, always down for the cause, her smile is infectious, and she’s HELLA smart!! Like MAAAAD SMART! She’s one of the most driven women I know and doesn’t take no for an answer! I love her to death because she isn’t one of those friends who require all the attention in the world…she just needs a person to be present at the moment! This weekend was a weekend of firsts for her!!

Lastly, OJ. If you follow my Instagram Stories of Snapchat, OJ is my best friend. I’ve known him since 2012, and he started off as my trainer. Over the years, we’ve bonded…mostly over food…I think we eat more than we speak. And recently, we’ve started traveling together. So far we’ve been to Philly, NY, LA, Toronto, and ATL together. I always feel like there’s more to us than food, but food is always a good start when it comes to OJ. Fun fact, he’s the only man that has said “I LOVE YOU” to me and I actually believe it. It only took 29 years, huh?

During this trip, I don’t know if they noticed, but I did ask a few questions to them. I posed the questions at random times so it wouldn’t sound too interrogatory. I am not sure if they actually read my blog, but if you ever do, I want to say thank you because you revealed some things about myself that I’m always afraid to explore. Character traits that I often ignore.

The first question I asked, “What was your fondest childhood memory?” While my friends said things like staying at my grandmother’s house or riding a bike, I remember not having many childhood memories. I remember my sister drowning in the pool at Canobie Lake; I remember having a cousin that didn’t act like a cousin…sorta creepy….I remember being called a whale while I was sleeping…and then variations of “fat” thereon. My positive memories seemed to have diminished and I all I could remember were times where I was hurt or scared.  But my friend’s memories taught me that it wasn’t too late to make new and fun ones now. The past already happened and I can’t control that. But this past weekend, I made some great memories. I only want to keep making them from here on out.

The second question I asked…OJ in particular because he knows me the best: what do you think my ego is? My brother just finished explaining what his definition of ego was. He said that an ego is what you project out to the world, but it’s not necessarily the reality you’re living. At first, OJ was reticent to answering the question…he was trying to vibe out. But after that, he said, “You portray an aura of being confident when in reality you are your harshest critic.” God must have blessed his tongue because this is something I realized about myself, I just didn’t know that someone else could see it, too. So what happens now? I live unapologetically. I have to figure out why I critique myself the way I do. Am I fair to myself? Am I practicing what I preach? Am I doing this for the show? Something to consider.

This post is almost 1000 words long, so I won’t bore you but just know part two is coming lol. It always does! But I won’t leave without sharing some good news! Before the new year takes off, I want to introduce three new parts coming to the blog:

  • #BostonProper – This is when I will dish on all things Boston. Boston influencer events, eats, events, brunches, staycations, gyms, spa, hair, YOU NAME IT! This is my city! I work, live, eat, breathe and sleep all things Boston (and Haiti). I can’t wait for you to experience Boston through my lens! After my feature on Chronicle 5, I’ve been invited to so many Boston based storefronts, events, spas etc! I have to share my city with you!
  • Dear Diary: While I speak my thoughts on my posts all the time, I think it’s time I keep those feelings in one space for you all to take a look at. Before blogging, I was a writer. I could write about anything and anyone. I’m hoping that this diary section of the blog will help you see me in a light that is more TRUE to my nature. I am working on Chardline the Blogger and Chardline, the Woman, being one. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on me…being me :).
  • Monthly Lookbook– Once a month, I am hoping to collaborate with one brand to show you themed looks for the month. Before the end of this month, you will see a lookbook from Debs Shops! Today’s look was gifted by Debs Shops so make sure you get it while it’s still here.

A huge thank you to Debs Shop for the look, and an even huger thank you to Distorted Concepts for the shots! He’s EFFIN AMAZING!


Plus Size Longline Jacket

Casual Ivory w/ the Denim to Match

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Plus Size Longline Jacket

With my birthday coming up, I am trying to find different ways to celebrate the last year of my 20’s. Aside from the birthday gatherings and shindigs, I want to do something different with my life altogether! Maybe a blonde weave or perhaps featuring lookbooks on the blog every month. Either way, I really want to soak up the last year of my twenties before everyone starts looking at me like I owe them a child and an engagement ring. With that, I thought I could try something different: wearing brighter colors.

As a plus size woman, it’s hard for me to notice how darker colors flatter me better than brighter colors. I stray away from the whites and yellows because they highlight my chichas and rolls. Maybe the new commitment for 29 is going to be for me to stop thinking with such a negative mindset. Who knows! But I thought that today I would ease into bright colors by featuring my latest find from Simply Be! Simply Be’s Joanna Hope Longline Pleat Detail Jacket is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your outfits!

Plus Size Longline Jacket

In this look, I wanted to find a way to make my Canadian Tuxedo POP!! By sizing up, I was able to wear the Joanna Hope Longline Pleat Detail Jacket has a laying essential for the fall. If Denim on Denim isn’t your thing, then wearing it with a bodycon might be! And if you are anti-bodycon, then there are many other ways you can get good uses out of Longline jackets!! You can pair it with a crop top and jeans, leggings boots and collared shirts, laying with a long maxi, high waist shorts w/ tights and a top…. you can honestly try whatever floats your boat!!

Plus Size Longline Jacket Plus Size Longline Jacket Plus Size Longline Jacket Plus Size Longline Jacket

Outfit details

Joanna Hope Longline Pleat Detail Jacket: Simply Be

Top: Amazon Fashion 

Jeans: Amazon Fashion

Shoes: Target (btw, I wore these babies for 4 hours straight and I didn’t cry! They have them in 4 colors!)

Until next time,