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December 2016

#FitnessFridays with @Chard.Gets.Fit

Posted in Body Positive, Fitness & Health
on December 28, 2016

Over the past few months, I’ve shared my experiences about my health and fitness challenges on On The Plus Side. From speaking about the priveledges of “looking fit”, to naming a few fitness and health inspirations in my life, I am starting to hone in on this part of my life more. After all, can’t flaunt what my mama gave me if it only looks pretty on the outside. Enter: Fitness Fridays!

Starting in the New Year, I want to take y’all on an interactive journey to the healthiest version of myself. Before you start huffing and puffing by saying things like, “Oh great, another blogger on a weight loss journey” or my favorite ” This post strikes me as an attempt to inject yet another call for weight loss into a movement that is founded on allowing people to accept the imperfections of their bodies”, CUT IT! That’s not my attempt at all. I am taking you on a personal journey that highlights how I am growing to love myself inside and out. I am at a point of where I want to take really take care of myself before it’s too late. This journey is very personal to me because back in 2012, I did this all wrong. In the end, it was a downward spiral that ended in lots of self-hate, spending 100’s on diet pills, and waist trainers. Since then, I’ve made sporadic attempts to get back on track but I was never intentional about it.

Fast forward to 2016, I already had a consultation with a nutritionist (can’t wait to share the details), my cystic condition is slowly getting better (again, I can’t wait to share the details), and I have energy! After my 80 + pound weight gain, I started to notice things about myself that scared me. The lack of energy, the constant staying in bed, my body odor started to change, sex life was completely different, and I developed a cystic condition. Will losing weight change everything? NO…not really, but keeping a healthy relationship with my body will.

Also, I am going to document my daily conquests on my IG page: @Chard.Gets.Fit ! Every two Fridays, I will introduce workout tips, doctor’s visits, workout clothes, natural supplements, self-care tips, and everything in between on all my social media channels and this blog! I encourage everyone to use this as a safe place. As I am learning about myself, please feel free to ask me about anything. I love being a sounding board!

Check out my latest posts on my IG now!

Fun fact, @goldencity_ kickstarted my first go round in the gym. 5 years later, we are back at it ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

Strengthening that back!

A video posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

In between time

A video posted by Chardline Chanel-Faiteau ( on

Lastly, I know many don’t feel that fashion and fitness should be considered in the same realm. In this case, I am not. I would never advocate for someone to lose weight for the sake of fashion or style. But, I won’t be unapologetic and raw with my posts. I won’t hold anything back as it pertains to myself! No comparisons or anything. Just raw reflections as they pertain to me being a better me.

In these last few IG posts, my workout clothes are from Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant was actually the first brand I worked with when it came to workout clothes. With workout clothes that up to size 28, it’s hard not shop there!

Plus Size Fitness

So until next Friday where I tell you about my assesment!



The Trending Look: The Flower Bomb Dress by Eleven 60

Posted in Personal Style
on December 25, 2016
Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60

I know you’ve seen this dress before. From Rochelle of Beauticurve to Charisma of Chronic Teachings of a Regal Fatty, the Flower Bomb Dress by Eleven 60 is this seasons’ most coveted look!

@CaterinaModa, @TessenieMowatt, @Essiegolden, and @Nakitende_Esther

@CaterinaModa, @TessenieMowatt, @Essiegolden, and @Nakitende_Esther

When Kierra Sheard reached out to me to review this dress, my first thoughts were, “I already saw other women in the dress.” But when I actually received the dress, it was a whole other feeling. I know you are probably saying, is it really worth 245.00 dollars? In short- HECK YES! Don’t believe me? Well here are five reasons why I would buy the Flowerbomb Dress!


The Fit– The Flower Bomb Dress isn’t just your everyday fit and flare dress. It is made up of multiple layers that accentuate your waist. With two layers of fabric providing coverage above the thigh, you can wear this dress just about anywhere.

Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60


The Fabric- This isn’t a poor quality dress either. It has It’s entirely made up of polyester and has zero elastane. Therefore, all my rolls are tucked in nicely, and the sheer fabric allows for breathability. The black satin trimming is just a bonus.

Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60


Works for Most Heights- I loved this dress, especially for the holidays because it doesn’t rise above my knees. I am 5’8, and it rises just above my ankles. Unless you are 6’5 +, this dress has an elegant feel without raising above the knees. So with galas and holiday parties starting to roll in, you’ll want this dress!

Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60


It’s Trending– If you are a trend analyst like myself, you may have seen some of the lace trimming/florals over lace/shirred lace look on the runways ever since Spring 2016. I saw a few weak or cheaper attempts at this trend in the plus size fashion world, but Eleven 6o has the floral lace trend down pat!



Chardline wearing Floral and Lace Flower Bomb dress by Eleven 60

Outfit Details:

Dress: Eleven 60

Shoes: Zara, sold out but I found a similar one on Amazon Fashion!

Clutch: Thirft Shop, but I found a similar one at Amazon Fashion! 

Are you convinced? If so, head to and get yours today! Using code LUVYMYMONDAY, you can score this dress for 30% off!

Until next time,

19 Slays That I’m Having A Hard Time Getting Over

Posted in Fashion
on December 22, 2016

Tis the season and people are LEGIT whipping out their best! I mean slay after slay, I can’t contain how I am feeling right now. I want to say I feel inspired to re-create, but I’m pretty broke right now, so I can admire these looks until I get my funds together. From velvet to sequin, and everything in between, there’s no way we aren’t going to call these people out!


Honestly, if it wasn’t for Kelly, I probably wouldn’t have started this list lol!


@Thortonpaul and @sauccdelux

Couple slays are may FAVORITE!

Complement. #EbonyWinterGala2016 #regal #muse #ourBlueVelvetLooksBlackbtYouGetTheIdea #4LooksLaterTho lol

A photo posted by Saucc’D (@sauccdelux) on



Slay is her first name…I don’t care what anyone else says lol!

“There’s more ppl who want it than ppl that have it” ❤ #WeekendThings feat. @beautiful_curves_boutique. Use CHARISMA FOR 10% OFF!

A photo posted by Queen Charisma, Top Shelf BBW (@charisma_monroe) on



How is my sis slaying 5 DIFFERENT WAYS?

5 ways to rock the same dress. Which one is your favorite?

A photo posted by H A Y E T R I D A (@hayet.rida) on


@amanda_allison and @jessieretro

Awww the bestie slay is real! I love it!!




My very own Christmas Outfit up on the blog!!!

A photo posted by Jeniese Hosey (@jenesaisquoithe) on


@amandamonty and @mustangsallytwo

I loved watching Lisa’s installments for the #HolidayDoubleSlay! Make sure you check out ALL HER SLAYS!



Doesn’t she make it look easy!?!?!



Slays like this shouldn’t be allowed! SO GORGEOUS!

#humblenessOvaHypept3 #Dec2nd #DHQYAYA #LoveMyDress #BlessupMAC #dhq #african #customs #real #weddingdress #vibez

A photo posted by Miciyiaah ♐ DHQYaYa (@dhqyaya) on



It’s like this dress was made for her.



It’s kinda hard to catch this man slipping! He’s always to the T!

| #TheBigFashionGuy| A simplistic Monday…then you build up momentum throughout the week lol

A photo posted by Michael-Anthony (@thebigfashionguy) on



I love Rochelle’s slays!



Somewhere in the world, Ivey is slaying!

@byashleystewart is not playing this Fall . Get this look and more at 40%off Columbus Day Sale!

A photo posted by Ivey Styles (@__iveystyles__) on



A little bit of leg action never hurt nobody!!



Again, you can’t stop a girl who’s gonna give that serious leg action!



But this slay! I need to start mixing my closet up because…..



Yes sir!




Yes Boston!

Okay, I can’t type anymore, my lunch break is about to be over…but keep on slaying y’all!

Until next time,