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April 2016

Layering with Society +

Posted in Personal Style
on April 29, 2016


Dammmn Chard, back at it again with the Society +.


I don’t think there are a lot of brands that I frequent at least 3 times a month; but once again, Society + caught my attention. As I’ve said in past posts, I am trying to diversify my style preferences. I want to move away from just a plain top with a loud bottom to something that keeps me young, hip and cocky :). The summer is almost here and I really want to stir up the pot. So I thought that this look, completely made up of Society +, would be a nice introduction to the change.

While looking for a long cardigan to transition into Summer with, I found the Jessica Kane Flowy Leopard Kimono.  Instantly, I knew this was going to be Spring/Summer 2016 staple. You can pair it with anything you want. The forearm opening is about 14in in diameter, but the great part about the cardigan is it hangs so loosely that these 19in bad boys looked great in it. It’s meant to look flowy.

Denim on denim has become a favorite trend of mine. Glamour Magazine did a nice roundup of some denim on denim looks, but there weren’t any plus size bodies on there. So here’s my official submission for denim on denim :). The Softest Chambray Top is pretty snug. I wish it came in a larger sizes, but I just made the cut with his one. The Stone Washed Skinny Jeans were also a great addition to the mixed because I balanced out the light hue of the chambray with a dark denim jean! Here’s the final product :).


Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus Chardline-Wearing-Plus-Size-Denim-Top-for-Society-Plus

How did I do with my Spring layering? All the clothes can be found at Society+ and they are having HUGE sales now! So check them out!

Have a great weekend,

Chardline <3.

*Pic Creds MJonesImaging *

Goodness Gracious Groupon Coupons

Posted in Lifestyle
on April 28, 2016

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine*


Ever find yourself doing some online shopping and you say to yourself, “Ugh! Are there any coupons around? Spending 150.00 on a pair of boots is not working for me.”  Groupon Coupons makes shopping seem a little less guilt-free when you are able to save money full priced goods, services and even trips! Unlike many other promotional/savings sites, ALL THE GROUPON COUPONS ARE VERIFIED COUPONS! That means, no more having to Google phrases such as,  “Promotional Codes for XXX”.  Now you must be thinking, “What’s the catch? How much are membership fees?” There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE to use these coupons. Only thing you pay for is your end product.

Since I receive about 20 emails a day, all the websites that I subscribed to often get lost and many times I miss out on the deals. Groupon makes this process easy because most of the websites that I frequent are on the list! Some of the stores include:

  • (shoes that go up past size 10)
  • Canon (bloggers gold mine)
  • Lane Bryant (the motherland of plus size greatness)
  • GoDaddy (domain purchasing made easy)
  • Macy’s (I just got 30.00 dollars off a Miraclesuit shapewear at Macy’s)
  • Nordstrom (amazing brand name items that are usually marked down)
  • New York & Company (a brand that understands plus size thighs)
  • Travelocity (as a blogger who likes to travel, this is amazing)

…and much much more.

Aside from finding deals online, you can find deals for stores and attractions in your own backyard. Before using Groupon, I used to think I knew about all things Boston. But after using Groupon, I was proven so wrong! One simple zip code search and I found out about tours, attractions, and stores that I didn’t know existed. Now, if you aren’t sold on using Groupon Coupons because you feel that you can simply go to these stores and find out about the coupons, Groupon Coupons also carries coupons that are exclusive to Groupon account holders only!

On May 1st, I am embarking on another fitness journey because my doctor tells me that the weight on my knees is a contributing factor to the pain in my knees. Since I don’t own a scale, I thought this would be a great chance reason to look for one. I read reviews on the Vivitar Total Body Fat Health and Fitness Digital Scale and I knew this was something I wanted to buy. As I searched on Google for different prices on this specific models, most of them varied between 30.00 and 40.00 dollars. When I went to see if Groupon Coupons carried it, I found it at 20.00 dollars! This deal was exclusive to Groupon members! This deal ends in 2 days, so if you are looking for a scale, check it out! 


So if you are anything like me and you like a good deal or two, check out Groupon Coupons! If you are social media, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Til next time,


Rachel Roy

Posted in Plus Size Fashion
on April 27, 2016

Happy Thursday!

Over the past few days, the world has been buzzing about Rachel Roy. So much so that Rachel Ray is getting dragged into this. Despite the allegations that everyone is making about her, no one has yet to mention how she has an amazing clothing line for plus size women. Sometimes when celebrities start “curvy lines”, they always go into with safe designs. Rarely do you replication on both sizes. Straight size women get va va voom and plus size women get the, “don’t worry, we will make sure you are  cocooned up and only your ankles will be visible.” Rachel Roy’s plus size collection has a lot of spring staples that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I wish I knew Rachel Roy curated a plus size line earlier because I would’ve definitively dished with y’all. Any who, I wanted to show you my top picks from her straight-sized just to show you the comparison!

   Rachel Roy’s straight size pieces
Rachel- Roy Rachel-Roy


Rachel Roy’s plus size pieces:

Rachel-Roy Rachel-Roy

What do you think? See anything you like? If you, make sure you tag #PSInpsired in any posts for a chance to be feature on my Instagram!

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these pieces because that cream colored look is calling my name <3. All these pictures can be found on Rachel Roy’s website!

Til next time,

Char <3.