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December 2015

Shapewear Express

In Plus Size Fashion

Happy Hump Day!

As of late, I’ve been exploring with different forms of shape wear. Growing up, I was so anti shape wear. Today, I realize that the proper shape wear can make or break a look that you’re going for.

When Diva Curves reached out tome about reviewing their latest line of shape wear, I was  a little hesitant. But after researching about them and Plus Model Mag; a magazine that has never steered me wrong, I WAS ALL IN!  

Different people have different opinions about what the function of shape wear should be. I can go over all of them BUT, my definition is plain and simple: sucks in the gut and smooths out the lumps in my butt. I’ve tried other shape wear in the past but Diva Curves takes the cake for me!

The product I am specifically reviewing is Long Black Compression Garment.

Disclaimer: This is for hardcore shaping. If you are interested in something lighter for all day wear, this isn’t for you. It will make you look smooth and firm in all the right places in your tight cocktail dress, though!

Here’s a before picture wearing a dress from Qristyl Frazier. The dress was slightly loose on me.

IMG_2705.jpg w-o sw

When I tried on the shapwear, it must have taken me in about 2 sizes and I was still able to breathe comfortably.



Can you see the difference? It does exactly what I would like shape wear to do: Suck in and Smooth Out!

Here’s what the dress looked like after:

IMG_2605.jpg w-sw

It actually became so big that I had to pin it in the back. Even with the dress being pinned in, there’s still a flawless look. You can’t even see the under garment.

The first two times you wear it, you have to get used to it. But after you’ve worn it a couple of times, it’s a lot easier to wear.

Make sure you check out Diva Curves if you’re looking for extra hold!

Happy Shaping!






Ebony Gala 2.0- GOWNS

In Plus Size Fashion

Happy Hump Day!

As I’ve been tossing back and forth with deciding whether I would be attending the Ebony Gala this year, I thought about how much fun I had last year!

Playing dress up with the girls, 3 rooms of music, and all best and brightest of Boston under roof—> I GUESS THAT’S A WIN WIN!

If you can recall last year’s outfit, I really went against the status quo! I wore my MONIF C Sequin Jumpsuit! It was an eye turner and definitely unique!


Today, I wanted to highlight some places I will be checking out. GIVE AWAY TIME!!! The first person to guess which dress I am getting, will win one item from that specific brand!  


So let’s start with where I went last year, MONIF C. Here are three dresses that I’ve mulled over for the past month. I think it’s about that time to stop mulling and start shopping!

M3 m2 m1

Eloquii– Believe it or not, Eloquii legit has an outfit for EVERY occasion!! Whether you’re looking to go to a GALA or stay at home for some R&R, they’ve got you covered.

1220948_001_1 1240935_023_1 1321991_050_1.d

Z by Zevarra– With such regal pieces, Z by Zevarra is definitely on my list of MUST HAVES for the holiday season!

3  222  111

ASOS– It’s been a while since I’ve been on ASOS, but I have to say they are truly a one stop for plus size fashion. From the latest tights to elegant gowns, you can always find what you need. (BRACE YOURSELVES, I COULDN’T PICK ONE)

2 4 5 6 8 9 11 33 444

Youtheary Khmer– In the beginning, I kept saying to myself,  ” I don’t want to wear a conventional gown. I want to stick out like last year.”  So the first thing that came to my was YK!

IMG_2350.1_grande IMG_2679.1_grande IMG_2759.1_grande

Navabi– Navabi is a luxury brand that I’ve recently became acquainted with and I wish I knew about them sooner! (Caution, another overload)

333 2222 9998 42342 111111 1111112321 jkjyk

So which dress do you think is the one I will choose? You get to pick up to three choices!

Send an email to [email protected] with you selections!