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Fashion Find Tuesdays

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It’s about that time again! It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: #FashionFindTuesdays is here!

Here are some of my finds for this week:

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a lot of ads for Dressbarn. One day, me and my mom got on the train and she said “Wow, Dressbarn has a new look! Remember when I used to take you there after our Fashion Bug trips?” I never laughed so hard because I forgot how much of clothes came from Dressbarn. Found March 1st, 1962 Dressbarn is 800+ throughout the US and caters to women size 4-24. What sets them about is from other specialty retailers is their “focus on you, our customers, by providing current styles, personalized service, great value, convenient locations and commitment to our national charitable causes.”

Just the other day, I saw Gabifresh wearing one of their beautiful pieces here: Gabi X Dressbarn



Check out my favorite pieces from their store!


Another store that I’ve realized has got a lot of attention is Catherines. With many mainstream bloggers posting their latest denim collection, I quickly checked to see what they had to offer. Today, with more than 400 locations along with, Catherines continues to fulfill its promise as the fashion and fit authority for sizes 16W–34W and 0X–5X.

Check out stunning Darlene from Suits, Heels, and Curves looks in her Catherines outfit!


Check out my favorite pieces from their store:

1 2 3 4 5 6

If you are like me and you would like some “pop” in your life, especially during this cold winter months, then you would LOVE to take a look at RUE 107. I’ve featured RUE 107 on here a few times, but if you didn’t remember Rue107’s mission is to create the means to share it with the world, with the hope of inspiring others along the way. Confidence is their motto!

Check out Shay of A Thick Girls Closet rocking one their pieces:


Check out my favorite pieces from their store:

1 2 3 4 11219379_1064931333538869_8873953050473976559_n 12115603_1067809583251044_6569628327092000966_n

If you are looking for something that is a little less harsh on the wallet but provides AMAZING style, check out Simply Be! At Simply Be, you’ll find the latest plus size fashion clothing available in sizes 8-28. From plus size jeans and dresses to trendy tops, Simply Be’s women’s clothing features fashionable outfits for every occasion.

Check out how Cece the Plus Size Princess slayed her look from Simply Be!


Check out my favorite pieces from their store:

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So make sure you check out these four AMAZING places!


Monday’s Military Green

In Personal Style

Happy Monday Everyone!

I wanted to introduce another piece from a store that I really love, Pink Clubwear. Pink Clubwear just did something that most boutiques/stores/designers never do: put their Plus Size pieces at the forefront of their website.


Now, how many times have you gone to a website, while looking for plus size clothing,  and it feels like a maze? I’m sure it’s more often than you’d like to admit lol. Now, I am not looking for preferential treatment or anything, but this is a refreshing feeling.

So if you’re looking to buy something and would like an extra 20% off, use code:  chardline20!  Now onto the look!

I haven’t really gotten around to wearing some military green looks this season yet but, as always, Pink Clubwear has me covered!

Fixed 2

I absolutely love the fit of this dress! It gives your rear an extra lift and the zipper is very strong! With that being said, I would suggest you wear shape-wear to give it a cleaner look. This dress is very form-fitting but the ruched effect gives a little wiggle room to hide your less desirable features. I didn’t like the way the dress looked without shape wear, but to each is own.

Also, I wanted to pair it with these heels from Just Fab! My roommate was like, “why don’t you wear gold or nude?” I thought about it but I really wanted to wear these lol. Ever since my weight gain, I was very hesitant to try new body con dresses. I didn’t know how to give it a clean look without everything falling out every wear. As my mom said, “I can see every hill and valley, dimple and roll.” Now I know she was always playing around, but great shape wear really helps with my clothes rolling up and my rolls tucking fabric in between each crevice. I know too detailed huh?

Fixed One

Ain’t nothing like a dress that outlines your shape! I hate wearing dresses that I have to work to fit me!

Dress: C/O Pink Clubwear Heels: Just Fab Purse: Vintage

Dress: C/O Pink Clubwear
Heels: Just Fab
Purse: Vintage

And remember, make sure you use code chardline20 for 20% off your purchase!


Toodles 🙂

Fashion Find Tuesdays

In Plus Size Fashion

Happy Fatties Love Tuesdays! I wanted to start trending topic on my blog called #FashionTuesdays.

Every Tuesday, I’m going to feature different “Fashion Finds” that I think may interest my readers.

Today, I am going to featured 5 different places that are hitting the trends of several Fall 2015 look-books. From this list, I’ll buy an item or two from each brand and showcase them the following week!

Flared Jeans

Forever 21 has always been a long time brand of mine. When you’re looking for something basic, elegant, unique or even fitness related, they have you covered. Here are some items I pulled out from there stores today! I love their flared jeans!

2Capture 5 3

Need some styling tips? Check out how Gorgeautiful lays them out for you in one post!

Plus-Size-Inspiration-with-flare-jeans (1) Plus-Size-Inspiration-with-flare-pants


Faux Leather

Eloquii has this department totally covered! And with their weekly sales, how can you not indulge?

1 2 3 4

Styling tips? Check out Chastity of Garner Style in her Eloquii Culottes!

DSC_0281 DSC_0289_edited-1


Now vests aren’t really a “trend”, Per-Se, but Avenue is bringing the heat with in offerings of their vests! I remember last year, I was struggling looking for a Faux Vest, but this year: COME ONE COME ALL TO AVENUE!

1 2 3 4

Styling Tips? Check out Inez from Style Chic 360 and her Fall/Winter Look!



Minimalist Fashion

Now I know last year, I covered some great spots for the minimalist. This year, I want to give a huge shout out to Ashley Stewart because their minimalism is so SEXY, EDGE, AND BOLD!

010-801059X-58X_0010_front 010-AS9231_0001_front 020-EU5114AS_0001_front  035-5KW369244_0121_front

Who knew Black and White (with a splash of gray) could be so amazing!!! I AM REALLY LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!

Styling tips for the aspiring minimalist? Check out Cynthia from Flight of the Fat Girl and her date night look!

img_3262-0 img_3273

Cardi/Duster/Light Trench Coat

I grouped these two styles together because they often overlap in styling uses. If you are looking for a trendy cardi,duster, or trench coat look no further because Boohoo got you!

pzz96974_ms pzz97401_black_xl pzz97442_black_default_xlpzz97693_ms

Need styling tips? Check out Chante of Everything Chic and Curvy!

IMG_02901 IMG_02911

Well there go my top 5 fashion trends for this week!

See you later,


How to Get Away with Fabulous

In Personal Style

Happy Friday Friends!

I wanted to do a post that, like most, is near and dear to my heart. I am not saying this “just because”, but like many women, we are often told “You can’t wear that!”

This dress is the perfect example of an outfit in which I was told I was too fat to wear it. One day, I showed a few friends and co-workers a dress I was interesting in wearing. I got a lot of “Girl, your thighs will be all out” or “Your Fupa will need double coverage” or my favorite, “You aren’t curvy enough for it!” Before I showed them the “plus size version of the dress, I showed them the dress on a straight sized model.


She’s gorgeous right? Well I said to myself, I can look just as fly! A few said, “Ok” and others said “Only you can do it Chardline.” So without hesitation, I spoke to the great team down at Pink Clubwear and they said, “It’ll be out the first thing in the AM.”

Once I received this dress, I was a bit nervous because I already publicly proclaimed that I would be rocking this dress. But once I put it on, those nerves washed away and I was ready to play!

Picture One

Standing at 5’8 ,  size of 20/22, and 306 lbs, I ROCKED THE ISH OUT OF MY DRESS!!! I can’t believe that people were trying to come for my sexiness! I ladies, you don’t have to be a size 4 to take pride in how beautiful you look in clothes. Ask Bustle, their number one rule to combating Body Shamers is Dress For Yourself, Not Your Body. Everyone has an opinion, but remember that your’s is the most important!

The second most important part of combating the body shamers is Deliberately Show Skin! And you don’t have to tell me twice!!

Pic 5

Another rule is “Break The Rules With No Shame” and this is my trait by day and night! Rules are made to be broken! If t I wasn’t supposed to wear this dress, than why did they make it? Lol

Picture 5

The last pillar of the Bustle’s list I want to harp on is  “Post Photos Of Your Outfits Online”. As a blogger, I am used to hearing and getting a lot of shade for my choice of clothing and after your 10th one, you stop reacting. You really have to hone in on that dope curvy lady on the inside and “do you”. I post a lot pictures and body positive messages on my personal and public social media accounts because this is who I am…THROUGH AND THROUGH. Now is this outfit work appropriate? NO lol! But that won’t stop me from verbally speaking out against side ways or hateful comments I hear in and out of the work space!

Dress: C/O Pink Clubwear Purse: H&M Duster: Ashley Stewart Shoes: Just Fab

Dress: C/O Pink Clubwear
Purse: H&M
Duster: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Just Fab

Til’ next time,  Stay FAB!

Pop Up Plus Ain’t Playing Around

In Plus Size Fashion

Happy Hump Day!

For the past few days, I’ve stared at Pop Up Plus’s latest collection. What makes these latest pieces stick out is the amazing STYLING! I have to give a huge shout out to Shaina Harrison for her amazing talent because bringing basic/core colors to life, isn’t easy! I really love the approach that Pop Up Plus took because it takes people out of their comfort zone (at least mine’s) and opens up the possibility to new styling.

Check out the latest collection:

1 2 3 4

To check out the rest of the collection, make sure you visit Pop Up Plus!


Happy Shopping,