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A Weekend of Bliss

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Happy Tuesday!

Before I continue with this post, please take a look this week’s “Outfit of the Week.” I chose a style that I will be featuring on the blog next week! Want to get a head start on the look? Click here.

So about two weekends again, I took another weekend trip to NYC for an eventful weekend. I didn’t get to blog/post everything that I wanted BUT I did get to snap a few pictures from my trip.


Plus is Equal 

I attended Lane Bryant’s launch for their Plus is Equal campaign, in Times Square. With many headliners and the movers and shakers of the plus industry in attendance, we brought attention to the public letting them know that plus size women are equal to straight size women. Also, we wanted to demand that we see more representation of plus size women in different industries!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Super Psyched to meet Amanda Bingson at the Rally

Super Psyched to meet Amanda Bingson at the Rally


Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Essence Style Block Party

This is, by far, the dopest block party I’ve been to in YEARS!

Huffington Post says, ESSENCE, a media company dedicated to celebrating African-American women, hosted its 2nd annual Essence Street Style Block Party during New York Fashion Week. Fashion, food, and fun sums up the successful event. Event partners Chevrolet, SheaMoisture, and The Home Depot complimented guests with free items and prizes. Attendees especially enjoyed SheaMoisture’s beauty lounge which provided mini massages, skin care consultation, and hair styling.

Here’s some of my favorite looks:

IMG_2697 (1) IMG_2751 (1)  IMG_2855 (1)  IMG_2861 (2) IMG_2865 (1) IMG_2866 (1)My skirt is by an amazing designer by the name of Diaspora Africa!

Check her out!

Come back soon for my first Fall outfit update!


Boots for All!

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Happy Tuesday!

Yes, we are almost there but this morning I woke up with a froggy voice and started coughing! That only means one thing, FALL IS REARING IT’S BEAUTIFUL BUTT! Now I know this season can be stressful for women who have big calves (raises hands proudly to 18 inch calves), but it shouldn’t have to be. Just know, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR….sometimes :p. Now just like last year’s post, make sure you measure your calves before ordering. You want to make sure that you aren’t bunching up at the top or stopping any blood circulation in your legs.

Lane Bryant 

Lane Bryant was one of the first places I got my cute boots. I used to watch my sister walk into whatever store she wanted while I wear reinforced stalkings. Here are some of my favorite LB picks! FYI, pay attention to the caption on the boot, I will let you know if they have extended calf sizes!






Avenue is the first place I ever bought boots from with my mom! Growing up I never liked them because what 13 year old wants to get her boots from the same place as their mom. But now, I am all about Avenue!!






That fact the Eloquii just opened up their shoe department with WIDER THAN EXPECTED calf sizes makes me think about all the days I won’t need to eat…JUST TO GET NEW BOOTS!!

21 1/4" shaft height; 22 1/2" calf circumference

21 1/4″ shaft height; 22 1/2″ calf circumference     

21 1/4" shaft height; 22 1/2" calf circumference

21 1/4″ shaft height; 22 1/2″ calf circumference



Simply Be 

Simply has a section called EEE Fit Extra Curvy Plus, this is supposed to be wider than the wide calf sizes. I haven’t tried them yet but I am pretty anxious to do so!

Based off of reviews, one customer has a size 22 calf and she said it still had extra room!!

Based off of reviews, one customer has a size 22 calf and she said it still had extra room!!




Ted & Muffy

I found about Ted & Muffy this morning on Instagram and looked it up immediately. Upon entering the boots section, I saw they also had a chart that teaches you how to measure your calves.  Remember what I said in the beginning, you get what you pay for. So make sure you check out what the boots are made of and calf sizes.




and to round off my top picks, Torrid.

I love Torrid when it comes to boots, but it’s a little hard when you aren’t someone who’s calf sizes aren’t proportional to their chart. But, take a look!


If you are a size 11-13, Torrid's boots go up to a size 21 inches on the calf.

  7 fits up to 18.31″ 8 – 18.9″ 9 – 19.49″ 10 – 20.08″ 11 – 20.67″ 12 – 21.26″ 13 – 21.85″


7 fits up to 17.37″ 8 – 17.87″ 9 – 18.37″ 10 – 18.87″ 11 – 19.37″ 12 – 19.75 13 – 20.25″

7 fits up to 16.42" 8 - 16.93" 9 - 17.44" 10 - 17.95" 11 - 18.46" 12 - 18.98" 13 - 19.49"

7 fits up to 16.42″
8 – 16.93″
9 – 17.44″
10 – 17.95″
11 – 18.46″
12 – 18.98″
13 – 19.49″

Calf fit by size: 7 fits up to 15.9" 8 - 16.37" 9 - 17" 10 - 17.32" 11 - 17.79" 12 - 18.26" 13 - 18.74"

Calf fit by size:
7 fits up to 15.9″
8 – 16.37″
9 – 17″
10 – 17.32″
11 – 17.79″
12 – 18.26″
13 – 18.74″

If you have a request for a bigger size, just let me know and I can do some digging!

Also, make sure you check out this week’s Outfit of the Week to see how I styled my favorite pair of boots!!

Happy Shopping!


Where in the World Was PSB? #PSBTravels

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Happy Thursday! (Told y’all I would be back)

For the past few months, I’ve been super MIA. I had great intentions to post at least once a week but if I told you the type of summer I had, it would take an extra season for me to explain it. But, I did want to shed light on my top 20 LOOKS from this past summer! Even if the items are sold out, please check out some of the items they have now! These items may even be on sale!! (HMMMMM SOUNDS LIKE A POSSIBLE CLOSET SALE IS COMING IN THE NEAR FUTURE)

Anyways, check out my top looks from the summer. Just a FYI, these aren’t the best quality pictures because I took them while I was on the go but STILL, hope you enjoy them!


April 2015  in Houston, Texas

Top: Forever 21 Bra: Victoria Secrets Pants: Fashion to Figure Shoes: Ross

Top: Forever 21     Bra: Victoria Secrets     Pants: Fashion to Figure    Shoes: Ross


Necklace: Fashion to Figure Dress: Fashion to Figure Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Fashion to Figure      Dress: Fashion to Figure        Sandals: Charlotte Russe








June 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada 


Dress: Fashion to Figure     Purse: Novelty Shop


Crop Top: Rebdolls     Skirt: Pink Clubwear      Accessories: Ashley Stewart       Flatforms: Rainbows Kayla’s Dress: Rebdolls



Entire Outfit : Fly Girl Couture       Sandals: Just Fab         Necklace: Rainbows




Top: Lane Bryant       Skirt: Dia and Co     Necklace: Rainbows


Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant        Headpiece: Ready to Stare

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture, Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant, and Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture      Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant                 Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Boston Curvy Fashion Week, Boston MA July 

Top: Chubby Cartwheels, Skirt: Lane Bryant,

Top: Chubby Cartwheels           Skirt: Ashley Stewart 

Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Rainbows, and fringe purse: Just Fab

Dress: Forever 21        Belt: Rainbows           Purse: Just Fab

Top: Heathen Kouture, Jeans: Fashion to Figure, and Plaid: Fashion to Figure

Top: Heathen Kouture       Jeans: Fashion to Figure          Plaid: Fashion to Figure

August 2015 Los Angeles, California

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more, Purse: Just Fab

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more            Purse: Just Fab

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C, Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant, and Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C        Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant            Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa


Kimono: Charlotte Russe          Jeans: Fashion to Figure             and Bralette: Rebdolls

Hope you liked them and visit all these stores!


Fringe Forward

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Happy Weddy Wednesdays!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I am here to redeem myself! Fall is where my energy and my fashion is all centrally located (it’s probably because my birthday is in November). Today I wanted to introduce a trend that’s been around for a while and is truly making its début Fall 2015: Fringe! I didn’t like the trend, at first, but grew to love it when they was mixed with Fall colors or even retro pieces.

The Fringe

Fall 2015 has a lot a focus around the 70’s vibe (which I like because it reminds me of the days where rent was probably 400.00 for a 3 bedroom apartment). Here are my top 10 fringe forward stores:


Forever 21

f2 f3f3


Ashley Stewart

A1 A2  a4



E1 E2 E3

Plus Size Fix

P1 P2 P3


A1 A2 a3


Lane Bryant

L1 L2 L3



C1 C2 C3



P1 P2 P3



T1 T2 t3

Simply Be

S1 S2 S3


Come back tomorrow! I promise I will be back!

Til then, TOODLES!