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Curvy Girls Rule

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Happy Friday All!

This week has been the longest, hardest, but best week of my life lol! From fittings, to fashion shows, and lots of work in between, I found just enough time to tell you guys about a line that I love, Heathen Kouture.


Just a little background about Heathen Kouture:

Heathen Kouture is the brainchild of a man named Kavah from Brooklyn, NY. He considers Heathen Kouture to be a lifestyle brand. From music, clothing, and all sorts of entertainment in between, Heathen Kouture encourages Individuality and Diversity!


Pretty neat huh? Although I couldn’t take time out of my day to embrace my curves outdoors, I had a little impromptu photo shoot to show out in my Curvy Girls Rule T-Shirt! Gotta love a “go to” shirt that you can dress up with some heels or rock out with some boots.


(yea I know, I did the head tilt from Beyond Scared Straight)

If you are interested in music, (especially music that expresses love for Curvy Women), check out some of Kavah’s music here.

Also, check out some of Heathen Kouture’s other social media outlets:

Twitter: KavahTheKing

Instagram: KavahTheKing

Facebook: Heathen Alumni

Tumblr: Who Is King Kavah?

Website: Heathen Kouture

What do you y’all think about the shirt? The fit is really nice and accent all of your curves too ladies! MAKE SURE YOU GET ONE!


Top: C/O of Heathen Kouture Jeans: Fashion to Figure Heels: Nine West Boots(not pictured here): Timberland Watch: Fashion to Figure

Til next week,


Major shout out to my photographer ToKYO Photography!!!



Kay Dupree: Where Pockets are EVERYTHING

In Plus Size Fashion

Happy Hump Day! It’s freezing over here in Boston and it doesn’t help that I am buried in over 80 inches of snow, but don’t worry y’all, I will be back will a lot of outfit updates and maybe even a give a way or two!! You know I love to share!  Speaking of sharing, I wanted to introduce to a new line that recently came out. It’s called Kay Dupree!


Although it’s in its infancy, I couldn’t help but highlight this line because the Kay uses a model that I can relate to! Kay uses Vanessa Mays-Hinds  of Bicoastal Models as the model to début her collection! As Vanessa likes to say, she is one of the “Fuller Models” …and I like to think of myself as a fuller women as well ha!

Here’s a little background about Kay Dupree new line:

Kay Dupree is an American clothing designer.A New York City native, Kay attended the Art Institute of New York City graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. While pursuing her degree, she realized that plus size women were not getting the love they deserved in the fashion industry and decided to make it her goal to change the views of plus size industry.

In 2007, she began styling and writing for online publications lending her voice to empower and educate plus size consumers.

In 2011, Kay created, which quickly became a leading fashion website pairing her audience with her brand’s view – to dress women in pieces that add chicness, sexiness and fun to their wardrobe.

Acknowledging that dressing women in beautiful clothes is only half her mission, Kay took on a new challenge, in 2012 she published “10 Simple Rules to Being Stylish,” a personal pocket guide on the road to turning consumers into educated shoppers all while curating their personal style.

Kay Dupree is currently finishing her first collection due out this winter.

Kay’s philosophy is simple, “In the fashion world we are normally rejected, pushed to the back and last to be noticed. We are beautiful and deserve to be dressed as such.”

 Here are a few shots from her new line! Make sure you check her out!

Til next time,


Fatshion Zine!!

In Body Positive

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone!!!

I wanted to tell you all about an amazing opportunity to be featured in Rachelle Abellar’s Fatshion Zine! Here’s a background on Rachelle Abellar and her project:


A little bit about me: I am a social justice/fat activist. I am the founder of PNW Fattitude, a group that hosts events for people of size in the Pacific Northwest. I am also an avid zinester, and you can see some of my work here.

About the zine: Following fat activists and fashion bloggers has played a huge role in my journey to accepting and loving my fat body. Being able to see people who look like me wearing clothes I never thought I was allowed to wear was life-changing. Though fat bodies are starting to find their way into mainstream media, they aren’t truly representative of how diverse fat people are. I want to create a zine showcasing fatties from all over the world in the hope that it will inspire others. Your photo and information will be featured on your own 6×9 color page.

I love the idea of the project!! It’s truly one of a kind–featuring plus size bodies that we typically don’t see in the plus size mainstream media!

So what does Rachelle need from you?


What I need from you:
A well-lit high-res full body photo of you in your favorite outfit, or an outfit that is representative of your style. Some notes:

  • You can pose however you’d like, as long as you are facing the camera and your entire outfit is in frame.
  • I prefer photos sans cell phones — if you can get someone to assist you or have access to a tripod and timer/remote, that would be ideal. That said, you can use your cell phone to take the photo as long as it is not in the shot.
  • Photo must be at least 4×6 in (1200×1800 px) but the bigger, the better! (Remember, your photos will be in print and the smaller the size, the lower the quality will be)
  • A detailed description of where you purchased items in your ensemble, if possible (see OOTD/Fatshion February posts for examples).
  • Your preferred display name.
  • Where you are located.
  • Photo credit.

Optional info to add to your page so people can get to know you:

  • Where people can find you (websites, social media, etc)
  • Anything you’d like to promote?
  • Preferred pronouns?
  • How would you describe your style?
  • What is your favorite place to shop?
  • Who is your style icon?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Any other info you’d like to add?

That’s it?!?! But guess what? THE DEADLINE IS NEARING!

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 8, 2015. Please email them to [email protected].

Rachelle’s goal is to have the zine designed and sent to the printer by the end of March and at that time, I will send contributors a digital download.

Here’s a sample of what you can submit to the Zine



Pretty simple right? It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this one but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rachelle [email protected] For more details check out her blog post: Fatshion Zine.

Stay Warm,


The Progression of Plus Size Beausion

In Body Positive

#Blizzard2015 has given me so much time to reflect on my blog (especially since it’s too messy out to take personal style pictures). I started my blog on Tumblr in September 2011.


I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve done this. I remember starting it because a good friend of mine told me that I should start one since I loved to fawn over so many plus size bloggers that I still subscribe to today. I remember when I first signed up for Tumblr and I was so eager to go into blogging. I never thought about competing with other bloggers or getting free clothes, I always thought this was my chance to show people my art.

I remember interviewing people from my hometown and highlighting plus size women who rocked their outfits so effortlessly. Here were my first few:





Francine Labissiere


Kania Eustache


And then I started taking pictures of myself with phone cameras:




…and then I started to look more into the plus industry, which helped and hurt. I started to deviate from just showcasing beautiful plus size women and my personal style to trying to replicate what everyone else was doing. This what the first lesson I learned:

Always go back to why you started something. If you are ever lost, go back to the starting point.

You will find your happy space. But, reading up on what other bloggers are doing helped me a lot as well. Learning that having a professional pictures taken really helped me because sometimes my pictures were so fuzzy, you couldn’t tell how beautiful the garments were.

Camera Phone

Camera Phone VS Canon IOS (as you can see, I love teal and leopard together lol).


I also learned that it’s important to keep up with the trends as well as showcase your personal style. If you are truly talented, there’s always a way you can do both. I always loved  that I was showing women an alternative way of dressing at thrift shops, but it was just as important to let women know they should patronize brands that support us fully.

tumblr_m4jyk3IWL11r2kkfxo1_1280 tumblr_m4jyk3IWL11r2kkfxo2_1280 tumblr_m4jyk3IWL11r2kkfxo3_1280

In the beginning, I was only showcasing a few brands at a time because I was so focused on trying to bring some order to my blog. But, as I got into blogging, I learned that you can have a sense of order but you don’t have to lose yourself in the process. After all, THIS IS MY BLOG!

So moving forward, I want to go back to my happy place when it came to blogging. I want to feature women who we don’t see showcased everyday and mix them with the super stars that we see everyday. I want to continue informing women about being healthy at any size and not waiting until it’s too late to take control over your health.



I want to express the unpopular opinions and feelings towards the plus industry. There are many times I sit back and watch the same industry that I’ve grown to love crush my spirits and even make myself internalize my feelings towards my body differently. I want to go to different plus size events to take pictures and have fun with women who look like me…not the events where people judge me. Like I’ve been told, “Plus Size Industry is a Catty Industry.” I went to an all female school and I know catty lol…I don’t mind catty. All you have to do is stay away from it and do what you do! Plus, one my closets friends is a trailblazer in the industry…not a catty moment in sight when we are together lol!

But she def teaches me some thangs lol

But she def teaches me some thangs lol

With that being said, allow me to reintroduce myself:

My name is Chardline Chanel-Faiteau and I am a blogger and style curator for plus-size fashion. Every single day, I am driven to be the best woman I can for myself, my community and for my readers. I have always had an interest in government, law and politics, but fashion was optional. As a bigger woman, I was routinely excluded from the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant. I was also disconnected from my own personal style because I lacked the access to fashionable clothing in my size. More restrictively, I lacked the confidence and the outlet to express my personality through clothes. Limited offerings in the plus-size sections of department stores forced me to do my best and get creative with the available options.

In recent years, the ubiquity of plus-size blogs radically changed the way I viewed the plus-sized industry, plus-sized women as a whole and more importantly, myself. I attribute the robustness of the plus-size industry to bloggers, designers, and merchants alike that serve the plus-size community in their respective capacities. My blog has experienced its own revolution from merely curating fashion trends and styles to spotlighting plus-size women, sharing tid-bits about my life, and speaking self-love, confidence, creativity and abundance with each post. I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences and resources with my plus-size sisters, especially on the topics of beauty, fashion, health and fitness. Realizing the strength and breadth of my voice, I actively work to bring awareness to the underrepresentation of plus-size women in mainstream media and will continue to advocate on their behalf.

Although I enjoy experimenting with various styles, playing with colors and pushing the occasional envelope, my heart skips for the women who are slowly discovering their flair for self-expression through fashion. Clothing choice not only represents state of mind, but also richness of personality. Fashion communicates long before speech, and my clothing always speaks my language. The journey to personal style and ultimate comfort is a pleasant rollercoaster of self-discovery, trial and error, and experiments. I proudly display mine, and encourage more women of size to begin journeys of their own and most importantly, stay the course.


Thanks to everyone who’s been following me from day one, you guys truly keep me pushing in all facets of life…not just blogging.

Lastly, I’ve put together a slide show the progression my blog has made over these past four years along with the people who’ve helped me improve along the way. Hope you enjoy it!!




Click here!


Yours Clothing

In Plus Size Fashion

Do you remember way back when I used to blog during my Tumblr Days? Well there was a specific store I used to highlight because of their trendy choices for hoisery and their Fall/Winter jackets were pretty much the only place that my arms can fit in. Well I am back to highlight them again.  Yours Clothing is one of the  fastest growing plus size fashion retailer in the UK, if not the world. Fashion doesn’t end at size 14 for them!


I was just on their website and saw lots of cool items that I wanted to share with you all. And who knows…I may end up doing a post with some of their newest clothing (hint hint). Here are a few of my picks from their Newest Items!!

Nice  Plaid

Yours Clothing ranges from day wear to evening wear (with a little in between..if you know what I mean).

2a028fe8-2e5f-4934-bf05-f996aa4c56fe flo

If you didn’t know, I love black and white. I am working on changing that though.

plaid more Cota


I am loving the trendy options for outerwear!

097cbc9d-293c-4c2d-98d4-572fb54c94d4 8776ff4a-2d58-447b-84f9-7b3a51c5b026



Make sure you follow Yours Clothing on their different social media handles!!





Lastly, they are having a HUGE sale, so don’t forget to check it out!


Lastly, anyone who is a client of Tess Munster captures my heart forever lol <3.

Happy Shopping!