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November 2014

Fly Girl Couture x Plus Size Beasuion P.2

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I am very excited to announce the second installment of the Fly Girl Couture and Plus Size Beausion duo featuring Miss Plus Massachusetts: Stavana Blackmon!

Happy Birthday

Down at the Fly Girl Couture headquarters, we thought it would be great to supplement the “Happy Birthday Chardline” give-a-way with some pictures with Stavana (her red head was actually one of the first faces I saw at my surprise birthday party”.

What Give-A-Way might you ask? Well here are the deets:

Give Away Part Two!

I’ve extended the Give-A-Way to December 5th as as a birthday gift to everyone! Two lucky winners will be receiving a full outfit including accessories from Fly Girl Couture!

Make sure you head over to Instagram to check it out!

So are you ready to see some of our favorite shots from the shoot?


IMG_7596.JPG -

IMG_7642.JPG --




Azalia Skirt Mixed

IMG_9029.JPG --


IMG_7945.JPG --

IMG_7929.JPG -- (1)

Make sure you check out Fly Girl Couture!!


See you soon!

IMG_7868.JPG --




Ebony Gala 2014

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Happy Wednesday All!

I know it seems like I disappeared off the face of the earth, but no worries I am back. Balancing a career, being a professional student, and attempting to keep a social life isn’t the easiest thing to do. But hey, I am 26 yrs old, I think I need to start getting used to it.

During my attempt to salvage the little bit of social life I have, I convinced my friends to come to Boston’s Ebony Gala 2014. This annual event is held by National Society of Black Engineers brings together young professionals from all backgrounds for a night a food, fun, and finesse! Looking at the pictures from last year truly inspired me to do a post on some options for us curvy ladies looking to show out for this year’s gala!

Below are my top 5 picks for this year’s EBONY GALA!!


  1. Monif C–  If you are looking to make a statement and define your curves every step of the way, then this is the spot to go! Here are my top three dresses from Monif C.

MO 1

MO 2

MO 3


  1. Zelie for She –  If you’re looking for the pieces that NO ONE will have when you walk through the door, Zelie for She is the place to look! So many different collections to choose from!





  1. Asos–  I truly couldn’t help the post more than 3 picks for Asos because their pieces range from modest to chic! If you are stuck on what to buy for the gala, Asos has got you covered!

A 1







  1. Rum and Coke –  NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT A NEW COLLECTION! Rum and Coke just launched a new collection a few days ago and it is OFF THE WALL! Typically I would look at a few collections from other designers and see my “hit or misses” but EVERY SINGLE PIECE IN RUM AND COKE’s collection is a HIT!







  1. Jibri–  Jibri is an indie designer that I’ve grown to love over my blogging years! Ms. Elder brings out happy feelings on a gloomy day with her pieces!






Want to know what I am wearing to the GALA? Tune in next time!!