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July 2014

Dressed in All Black (like the Omen)

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on July 28, 2014

Over the past few months I’ve put on lots of weight! Hurray for me! Not but really, it hasn’t really bothered me…not in the slightest. But, I did set up a few goals that I have to commit to -scouts honor-. In any case, I was debating whether I would use this as my birthday dress/ goal dress in November, but I know that Pop Up Plus NY will have something for me when the time comes.

IMG_1946.JPG --

I bought this dress from Pop Up Plus NY  not too long! The designer of this dress is OneOneThree. The dress was meant to be longer but the way this weight gain is set up, I didn’t care what it would look like on me! I think this time around, it was more proving to myself that I don’t need to lose weight to look great in a dress, I just need to put it on!

IMG_1984 (1)

I have always has insecurities when it came to showing my legs.  Amongst my bruises and scratches,I have lots of varicose veins…they sorta look like black vines. Today, I want to declare that I am unbothered. They will always be there, so why try to hide them now?



These have to be one of my favorite shoes because they were thee hardest shoes for me to walk in. These are from BCBG and I received them as a Valentine’s Day gift. I thought they would be easy to walk in, but lol joke was on me!

Dress: Pop Up Plus Ny Belt: H&M Shoes: BCBG

Dress: Pop Up Plus Ny
Belt: H&M
Shoes: BCBG

Next few posts will be dedicated to me wearing looks that I’ve been habitually told “Are you sure you want to wear that out tonight?”

IMG_1902.JPG --



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on July 24, 2014

Ok, So I am not the biggest fan of Chris Brown, but I love his sense of style. He can switch up his style at the drop of a dime and I fall in love! I saw this picture of this top and I really really loved it!

Chris Brown 4 dashiki (1)

So I had to find it ASAP!!

I found mine on EBAY, but I didn’t quite like the fit of it.

The original looked like this:

African buba 4


So I decided to switch it up a bit and this was the final product!

IMG_3497.JPG -- copy

I added the belt because the top actually covered my shorts and it looked like didn’t have anything on.

IMG_3504.JPG -- copy

Secondly, lots of people have been asking me “Why do you wear a turban?”

Well I made a vow to continue to wear my turn until they brought back the 200+ girls who were captured in Nigeria by the Islam extremist group called Boko Haram.


Top: Ebay Shorts: Forever 21 Shoes: Charlotte Russe Belt: H&M

Top: Ebay
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Belt: H&M

Be back tomorrow with some more exciting news!!!



African Queen in the City

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on July 11, 2014

So, as you know, I’ve have an obsession with African Print. Although I am Haitian American, I trace my roots to West Africa! No better way to commemorate this then wearing a piece from Ghana!

IMG_3756.JPG --

This is a custom skirt from AfrikInspired that I can’t seem to let go of. I literally wear it everywhere! I decided to jazz it up with a bit of my city chic styling and added this blazer from Forever 21.


Then paired it off with my favorite new white pumps from 

IMG_3986.JPG ----

(I swear I am not ashy, there was a lots of glare on this beautiful day)IMG_4049.JPG---

I am really into details and this pattern reminded me of the first earring my mom allowed me to buy! They were huge circles with Punjabi styling around the side.

Hope you loved this post,