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June 2014

Plain Jane type of Dame

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

Well with all hectic movement trying to get ready for Full Figured Fashion Week and figuring how I am going to not dirty my all white outfit for the cruise, I was able to take some time out and post my plainest outfit possible.  My inspiration comes from every person who told me white pants look horrible on me.

Most of my friends believe that white pants are reserved for this body type:

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Well, I don’t care I like the way white looks on me!

IMG_1667.JPG -

When Ashley Stewart’s had a 40% off sale, I couldn’t help but capitalize on the steal!

They have just the right amount of stretch which really helps with taking longer strides.

IMG_1744.JPG -

Also, if you’re a size 11 and have a hard time finding trendy comfortable shoes, please check out  ! I got these sandals for 23.00!

IMG_1758.JPG --

IMG_1773.JPG --

My bag is from JustFab and it was on sale for 2 for 39.00. I swear I am having the luckiest time with finding these sales.

Top: Gap Pants: Ashley Stewart Shoes: 6pm Bag: Just Fab

Top: Gap
Pants: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: 6pm
Bag: Just Fab

Well until next time!

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The Plus World is a BUZZN’

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I don’t know what’s in the water but as of late my email inbox has been FLOODED  with deals and collections! Maybe it’s the climatic leading to Full Figured Fashion Week .

Here are some of my favorite happenings that I came across:



Eloquii released their Urban Escape collection and I love it! On Eloquii’s Instagram  you can find different ways of styling their collection. ALSO THEY HAVE A PROMOTION GOING ON FOR 25% OFF! Here are some of the pieces in their collection:

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2. Pop Up Plus


I legit fell in love with the styling on the pieces added to the Pop Up Plus website! Their Summer Collection: Hello Brooklyn, was styled by ON THE Q TRAIN! The vibrant pieces in this collection are sure to brighten anyone’s day! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these items!

2 3 4

slideshow_95 6

3. Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine just released the a new LOOKBOOK that I am in love with! It’s so creative and full of vibrancy! This inspired me to start a fall lookbook, but with school on the horizon, I will have to start now lol. Make sure you check it out!

1908043_10100904172019065_1403357179524035264_n 10390942_10100904383530195_8325498173058704543_n



4. Rose & Ono


Can we talk about how excited I am that Amber Rose teamed up with Priscilla Ono to start a plus collection ? Although the collection is still in its infancy, I can predict more edgy styling in the horizon! Can’t wait to grab my piece of the pie! Check them out! Also kudos for using average size models!!

1 2 3 4 5

5. Jibri 

I fell in love with JIBRI’s new pieces! I will let the pieces speak for themselves!

2 3 4 5

So which one’s are your favorite pieces?





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I know that I am super late with this but this video really has become my anthem.


This collaboration between bloggers Gabifresh, Nadia Aboulhosn, and Tess Munster really gives the world a scope into how the plus size industry has changed. We went from a few stores and a model that averaged at a size 8 to an industry that is no longer marginalizing skinny vs big BUT  SETTING A STAGE FOR EQUALITY ACROSS THE BOARD!


I seriously love the statement these ladies are making.  Everyone has their own interpretation of this but what I was able to gather was that WE ARE ALL FLAWLESS! We have three women who range in three different sizes who and they aren’t afraid to let the world know that WE ARE WOMEN…not just an “Above average” grade on paper.

Please visit their blogs and take a look at the video (click on link below)

Huffington Post