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My Favorite Number: The Sweet 16

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Happy January 16th and Happy New Year!

I wanted to shed some amazing light on some of my favorite bloggers, photographers and models that I love in the plus size fashion industry. I think it’s very important to acknowledge some of the industry greats that really help mold the world of Plus Size Fashion. A lot of these media moguls, fashionistas, and models have either been in the game for a while or have made amazing strides in the short amount of years that they’ve been here. I chose these women and men  because are engaging; not only with me, but with their followers. They aren’t “too diva” to follow anyone and they are always looking to encourage other women. I really do salute all of you women (and men) for all you’ve done for the plus size industry to grow.  So without further adieu let’s start off with the bloggers:


Plus Size Bloggers

A Thick Girl’s Closet


Shainna was the first blogger I ever started to follow. I saw a lot of myself in her and subscribed to her daily to watch her grow. She’s one of the most engaging bloggers that I know. She is always asking for input and taking them into serious consideration. I seriously love Sha!!

Bio: Shainna is a proud Jersey girl m but not your average fist pumper. A Thick Girl’s Closet is all about showing off outfits worn by herself  and her followers!. It’s about making a statement that being fierce and fabulous has nothing to do with the number on your size tag.

We’ve only met twice but both of those times, she was a pleasure to be around. She’s full of energy, positive vibes, and she’s the queen of DIY!

L to R : Kurvy Katie, Shainna and I. Curvy Closets.

L to R : Kurvy Katie, Shainna and I.
Curvy Closets.




Chastity of GarnerStyle continuously brings the heat! Time after time she is always bringing something new to the table. Chastity makes it seem like she puts all these outfits together effortlessly as well. I would be lying if a didn’t have a few “WWCD” moments. I have seen her on Fashion Bomb Daily and I always root for her because she is unapologetic about her style. She makes it known that style isn’t reserved for a special size.


As seen in, the New York Times, and Elle Magazine in October of 2008 I started GarnerStyle. (formally The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style) I started this blog to coincide with my image consulting business just so I could offer complimentary inspiration and advice to  plus size women wanting to achieve style. I began not even knowing what blogging was or how it would impact social media. Who knew blogging could become a full time job? It did for me. I’ve chronicled my life, the clothes, my travels, my marriage, moving to a new city and many other adventures through this blog. And many more to come.
My personal style you can say is classic with a twist. From time to time I get a little crazy as I am not afraid to step outside of my own comfort zone. That is something I hope to convey to you the reader. Be fearless. You only live once, why not look fabulous while doing it. If nothing else, don’t let size dictate your style.
I predict a lot of great things for GarnerStyle this year. She was recently named 1 OF 6 Plus Size Bloggers To Know in 2014 by Ebony.
Kurvy Katie

There’s a specific reason as to why I chose pictures where Katie isn’t pictured alone. I did this to specifically highlight how much of a “people person” Katie is. She is always there to lend a helping hand, give great tips, positive reinforcement, and has one of the most amazing vibes that you’ll ever receive from a perfect stranger. I swear she’s a woman after my heart because she knows where to get all the promo codes and make a sista look like a million bucks. She’s all about personal style…she’s never the type of person to say “No, that’s ugly”…she more of the  “If the shoe fits, wear it.” I love her mentality!

Bio:Hello my name is Katie Alexis and I’m a self proclaimed frugalholic.  I’m into plus size fashion, shoes, hair, and music.  I don’t believe in paying retail price. See I’m all about looking for a promo code before I pay. So many websites/stores have good deals and they don’t tell you they  have a 20% coupon out there but I will. Let me break down my shoe addiction I can look at Prada, Brian Atwood, Giuseppe or Louboutins but I have no intentions to buy them. They are millionaires I am not. I can show you were you can get a steals from that looks like the originals. I’m not talking bootlegs because that is foolish and a waste of money I’m talking about Zara, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, or Zigi that is close to the original and a realistic price.

Thanks for the service to our country boo!


The Curvy Fashionista

Marie Leggette

I swear every time I read something that Marie Denee posts, I almost feel like it’s been touched by the hands of the fashion gawds. Marie who has been “Keeping it Curvy since 2008”, has all the inside scoops on different designers, deals, and demands of the plus size fashion industry. Her style is always edgy, daring, classical, funky, or sexy (or many times all 5 at the same time). I love her natural hair because when I was younger I was always told that a woman couldn’t look elegant with her natural hair. When I look at Marie, she consistently proves that statement wrong every time she posts a personal style picture.

Bio: Determined to show the fashion world and fellow plus size women that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles, The Curvy Fashionista delivers the goods to fashion your curves covering the latest in fashion, news, trends, interviews, tips, entertainment, and the Plus-Size community.

Created by Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista was born to share with all the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Fashionistas that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles that are made with US in mind! Over the past five years ,the site has evolved into a playful and celebratory community for all things plus- beauty, tech, accessories, and the current issues and events as they pertain to the plus size woman- INCLUDING Fashion!

Vana Black


Stavana Black is one of thee greatest personalities that you will encounter. She is very frugal, fun, and can make amazing fettuccine. She is a fashionista that decided to share her weekly journeys to different consignment shops. She can have 30.00 dollars left to her name and still have 15.00 dollars remaining to go out in her completely thrifted outfit under 15.00 dollars. She’s always willing to help people master their thrift shopping skills as well as learn new ways to do navigate the hectically overwhelming thrift store. I am sure when Macklemore wrote the song Thrift ShopVana was his muse. Check out both her Blog and Vlog.

BioLet me start off by introducing myself, My names Stavana aka Vana and I’m a 20 something year old Fun,Outgoing, Fashion Forward girl who has a passion for ANYTHING THRIFTED. I’m making this blog to give everyone a inside look into the crazy exciting world I live in called my life and how you can look good with out breaking the bank.

In a world that’s dominated by Social Media I wanted to leave my mark on it . My goal is to show everyone you don’t always have to pay top dollar to make people Holler ( that was a little joke). About 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and I always get the Question “Hey where did you get that ?” so I want to share my shopping experiences and outfits with you all and prove you can be Cheap and look oh so sleek!!!

Now I wasn’t sure whether I should add Essie to the “Model” or “Blogger” part of my post because she does it all. I most recently met Essie at a Ugly Sweater party that she had put together Out of the Corner Boutique owner Shaina Harrison and Blogger extraordinaire Chantae Burkett of Everything Curvy and Chic. Essie is not your typical blogger because not only does she dare go bold and mix prints but there’s the “social justice nature” about her. She is willing to be that one voice that says, “What you are doing is wrong” or “This isn’t enough” or my favorite “WE NEED MORE DIVERSE REPRESENTATION.” She is a natural born leader and follower of all the trends.

Bio: Born in New Jersey and raised in Orlando Florida. Essie Golden moved to NYC to pursue her dreams in the fashion world. She has modeled for many brands including Rue 107, Nakimuli, Rum and Cokes and Out of the Corner online boutique. She has been featured on many websites, blogs and was recently featured in Essence Magazine. She hopes to take over the plus size fashion world with modeling and designing.


Stylish Curves

Alissa Wil

Alissa Wilson of Stylish Curves is one of the only bloggers that mirrors my style. Alissa’s style is always evolving but simple and chic. From time to time I love I look through her outfit posts for fashionable ways to work in a “dry” environment.

Bio:Stylish Curves is a New York City based fashion and lifestyle blog that bridges the gap between straight and plus sizes by showing plus size curvy women that they can dress just a fabulous as straight size women do. The blog aims to give the curvy plus size woman a different perspective on fashion by showing them how to shop within and outside the plus size realm to get celebrity looks and to create their own personal style. We live in a world that wants plus size women to be unhappy with their bodies and Stylish Curves believes that every woman should learn to appreciate and love their bodies no matter their size. We deliver the hottest on trend fashion, curvy celebrity news, and shed light on new and upcoming plus size talent in the entertainment industry.



Stanley Desbas



I am proud to call this photographer my friend. He is very transparent and take’s his craft seriously. He has shot will a lot of the headlining models in the plus model industry and also acts as mentor for those who need some mentorship in the industry. He has worked with many brands over the years and now he’s focusing on his passion: showing the true beauty in plus size women. His work is phenomenal and so is he.

Top Left and Bottom Left: Stanley Desbas Bottom Left: Monique Robinson Middle: Marie Denee Top Right: Stacey Hiett

Top Left and Bottom Right: Stanley Desbas
Bottom Left: Monique Robinson
Middle: Marie Denee
Top Right: Stacey Hiett


Doug Swain



Where there are curvy ladies, Doug Swaim is surely there to capture them. I have met Doug at a few plus size fashion events. He’s never the type to look for the “it-girl”, he’s always asking everyone and anyone if they’d like a picture. He has also shot with a few of the industry’s beautiful plus size models as well as plus size marquee events.

Full Figured Models

Anita Marshall 



Although she’s only been in the industry a little over a year, Anita Marshall has been making a great name for herself in the Plus Size Modeling industry!

Samantha Lebbie

Samantha Lebbie


Samantha Lebbie is a double threat girl. Not only does she do print modeling for Ashley Stewart, she is a runway extraordinaire!

Liris Crosse


Liris is an all around amazing individual. She is actress, she is a runway expert, she’s a fit model, and a print model. She’s well noted in the Plus Size Fashion Industry.

Vanessa Mays-Hinds



Vanessa is a rockstar! She has such an amazing figure that many women would try to covet at any size. The few times I’ve met her, it has always been good times, laughter, and FIERCENESS!

Naimah Tierry


Naimah has one of the kindest souls that I’ve ever encountered. She has such a soft spoken voice but her picture speak volumes!


Tess Munster


I think Tess rocks!! She brings such a vivid look to plus size modeling! She’s unapologetic about everything and she truly brings out the inked lady that lives inside of me (because I’m scared of needles).


Lastly, where would be without our stylists? They really help fine tune and put the finishing pieces on the models!

Nanthale Collins


During my short time of blogging, I’ve only personally met one stylist and think she’s a BEAST at what she does!! Nanthale has an amazingly creative eye!


Well there’s goes by Sweet 16. I hope this year I get to meet more models, photographers, fashionistas, vloggers, bloggers etc so that my next post is my “Thundering 30!”

Thanks to all of you  for being a mentors to me and different women who aspire to make plus size fashion more than just a department in a store!




Golden Globe Godessess

In Fashion, Plus Size Fashion

I promised myself that I would stay away from the mainstream of what different critics would have to say in regards to what plus size women wore to the 71st Golden Globes for 2014. But of course, I had to say a few things because it would be un-Chardline of me not to do so.

First off, I have to start with Gabourey Sidibe.

Fox And FX's 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party

With a custom dress made by Daniel Musto with Michael Costello, she was named in almost every blog and magazine as one of the worst dressed actresses at the Golden Globes this year.

How does Gabby feel about it?


I couldn’t have answered it better myself.

I didn’t like the look on her for many reasons, one of them being that it made her look a lot older than she is.

She looks like she’s going into her mid 40’s, from her hair style to her dress and she’s only 30 years old. Her stylist didn’t do such a great job with her entire look this year.

In the past, Gabby has been seen in better clothing in my opinion.

Oscars 2010

Oscars 2010

Although she was at least 30 lbs heavier here, her stylist did a great job in minimizing her less attractive areas.

It wasn’t a great pick this year Gabby, but I know she’ll kill it next year.

Speaking of someone who KILLED it this year, who wore a custom gown that was a collaboration between herself, seamstress Daniela Kurrle, and stylist George Kotsiopoulos.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

I love the way that it fits her. It’s elegant, as it the theme for the Golden Globe. It fits her silhouette great because it doesn’t focus in on her trouble areas.

Melissa was said to be starting her own line a 3 years ago, I wonder what ever happened to that ? I was looking forward to it.

As I was researching for more plus sized women at the GG, it was clear that there was only 2 plus sized women.

That really broke my heart, I guess they aren’t casting for plus size actresses for major motion pictures. This is disheartening but today’s reality.

-sigh- Until then,