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“Our Personal Disco Ball”

Posted in Personal Style
on December 31, 2014

Man oh Man!

This year has been really good to me and I couldn’t think of a more festive way to end it! I wore this jumpsuit from Monif C (can you believe I scored it for 30 bucks at a Sample Sale??!?!?)  to this year’s Ebony Gala. This outfit was a head turner but unfortunately I don’t have many clear images except this picstitch from my night:


But you know I could not NOT shoot in this outfit because it was probably one of the more flattering outfits I’ve worn to-date WITHOUT SHAPEWEAR! Here I am in the Pauletta Jumpsuit :

IMG_0038.JPG  4

Isn’t it a head-turner? My friends dubbed me “Our personal disco ball for the night”, and that I was!

IMG_0012.JPG 2

What made this even more exciting to wear is this was my goal outfit!! I bought this from Monif C and tried it on and the zipper didn’t budge. At the time I was a full 20. This is the size 1x (14-16). When I tried it on before ordering a new dress for the Ebony Gala, I realized that it ZIPPED ALL THE WAY UP AND I COULD BREATHE!!! That pretty much stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t wait to wear it!

IMG_9884.JPG  2


Now I know this jumpsuit is no longer available but Kamishade has a few variations of sequins that you may like! If you like sequins but you want a dress, check out Eloquii too! I hope everyone has an amazing year and that moving into 2015, you fill it with love and lots of fun!!!

IMG_0029.JPG  6

Also, shout out to my amazing friend and photographer: Wesley JeanBaptiste.

If you have any inquires please don’t hesitate to contact him!

Until next year,


IMG_0006.JPG  1


Riders by Lee

Posted in Personal Style
on December 30, 2014

If there’s anything that you probably haven’t seen me post enough of, it’s more than likely jeans. I never really liked jeans all that much because they are tough to put on and tough to take off…UNTIL -cues angelic music- Riders by Lee.



I was invited to a private media event at the W in Boston. It was seriously a night of jeans, cocktails and some sweet, heavenly treats! I was happy to see bloggers and fashionistas of all different body types who go through the same struggles as I do…well as far the “jean dance” we have to do every time we try them on.


Here I am trying them on for the first time and I didn’t even have to break them in!

Me and the ladies had a great time! 444

If you are looking for  jeans that are instantly slimming, gives a little lift to all of your curves, VERY SOFT, and won’t have to do the JEANS DANCE, then Riders by Lee is where it’s at!

Now I know you are probably thinking “girl, I don’t think I can afford this”,  but at 60 dollars, you can get yourself 3 pairs of jeans!!! You know I am all about getting the bang for your buck so make sure you check out their collection at Walmart.

I think I’ve worn the jeans about 15 times since the media event and they still feel like leggings, so I decided to go wear them out last week with my photographer to show you the fit in a better light!


Aren’t they beautiful? They hug all my curves and reduces the appearance of cellulite that I typically get from form-fitting clothing. I am not wearing and shape wear under these jeans either. They are true to size if you like a form-fitting (non suffocating) fit. If you like them a little looser, you can always size up!

I would be remiss not to talk about my other fashion finds like my vest from Ashley Stewart that actually kept me warm after being in 30 degree weather.

Yea, I know you see the cold in my face lol

Yea, I know you see the cold in my face lol

And my bodysuit from Hannah Mone’t really helped to bring out the denim!



All in all if you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans, look no further!

Vest: Ashley Stewart BodySuit: C/OHannah Mone't Jeans: C/O Riders by Lee

Vest: Ashley Stewart
BodySuit: C/O Hannah Mone’t
Jeans: C/O Riders by Lee

So make sure you head over to your local Walmart and try them on for yourself!

Riders by Lee

Thank you to all the great people down out Riders by Lee for the invite and the chance to finally find the perfect pair of jeans!





Christmas in the City

Posted in Personal Style
on December 24, 2014

I am really excited about this outfit post! Ok, maybe I say this all the time but this outfit truly got my sexy back in order!

When Hannah Mone’t reached out to me about their store, I was really excited because I loved their items. BUT, WHEN I ACTUALLY PUT THE CLOTHING ON, IT WAS A WHOLE OTHER STORY!!

Before I reveal them to you, let me tell you a little bit about Hannah Mone’t!


Hannah Mone’t is a Maryland based fashion retailer established in October 2013. Owned by best friends Hannah Sullivan and Kiara Monet Langley, Hannah Monet caters to women of all shapes and sizes but lends a particular focus to the plus size community.< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />


Hannah and Kiara are both born and raised in MD, although their professional background which includes business management and physical therapy is far cry from fashion, it is their very passion for fashion which sparked the flame which ultimately led to the birth of Hannah Mone’t.


Hannah Monet scopes out indie designers and private vendors to provide the best quality apparel. Styles offered are classic silhouettes with a modern twist. Hannah Monet also offers styling services for photo shoots, those that require a cohesive look and/or wardrobe overhaul or outfitting for a particular event


We encourage clients to set the trend and wear what they love. And both Hannah and Kiara embrace one to not be afraid of fashion and to instead be daring, be edgy, be classic, be chic but ALWAYS be a lady.”


Without futher adieu, I would like to present my outfit!


IMG_0759.JPG  7

Didn’t I tell you??!!? The first part (top) is actually a bodysuit! It’s probably one of the sturdiest and versatile bodysuits that I’ve worn in a while. It’s also seamless around the back so there’s no bulding or lines on my skirt.

IMG_0674.JPG  3

Ok, and didn’t I tell you it mademe feel sexy? Lol. The skirt is made of a forgiving fabric and a sipper that goes right down the back.

IMG_0706.JPG 4

These earrings were also a gift from EarJeans! I am in love with her work! When it comes to jewelery, so many store charge crazy prices for poor quality earrings but these Shredded Leather Earrings are the real deal. You will more than likely see them in my next few posts lol! That’s how much I love them.

IMG_0755.JPG  6 (1)

Top: Hannah Mone’t

Skirt: Hannah Mone’t

Earrings: Ear Jeans

Accessories: Fashion to Figure

I hope you enjoyed my post and please head out to Hannah Mone’t to see what they have!

Happy Holidays,