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November 2013

Curvaceous Night Out

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C’est Magnifique put on one of the nicest events for plus size women to gather and embrace our curves and be stylish while doing it.

Before I go into the details, here is a little bit about CM.


A premier fashion and event planning agency. We provide styling, makeup, hair, events, production and fashion needs.

The agency’s mission is to provide ethical representation of models for the fashion and commercial advertising industries.

Company Overview
The fashion industry needs to be more responsible about the image it projects by replacing too-thin models with wholesome and realistic looks, particularly after certain governments have placed bans on skeletal models.
We are here to promote and bring awareness to the fashion industry that the world would like to see more realistic models representing what the real population looks like. We are here to fill that need.Meet our Staff – Team C’est Magnifique:
Shen Bennett – CEO/Founder/Production Manager/Lead Stylist
Sophia Adolphe – Model Coordinator/Runway Coach
Stephanie Geohagan -Assistant to the CEO/ Lead Hair Stylist
Sparklle Thames – Lead MUA
Amiyah Quicks – Promotional Manager

This was CEO Shen Bennett’s first attempt at having an event that was strictly for the curvy ladies in Boston. Embracing all shapes and sizes, Shen brought different designers and vendors together to showcase their talents and goods.
L TO R: Shen Bennett (CEO) Esparancia Paul Stephanie Geohgen

Shen Bennett (CEO)
Esparancia Paul
Stephanie Geohgen

Shen was also so gracious to invite Curvy Boston to be one of the featured vendors for the night! Thanks again Shen for letting us be a part of history.

Now let’s get into the juice of some of the vendors and designers that were featured at Curvaceous Night Out. The vendors arrayed from jewelry to HIV/AIDS testing resources.
374517_612700712120614_880224712_n 1426595_612702738787078_46627744_n 1450271_612701435453875_662053386_n 1454791_612701498787202_751985334_n  1471230_612703418787010_149623952_n
Now my favorite part of the night!!! The designers. Here a few of my favorite pieces from the night as well as their respective designers.
1483054_612704172120268_601143806_n  1455162_612703992120286_556976998_n 1484135_612704438786908_68016914_n
Fly Girl Couture:
1450931_612705582120127_1472536464_n 1455186_612705288786823_407597345_n 1458532_612705705453448_453742261_n 1467213_612705378786814_1307520886_n 1472761_612705768786775_760898946_n


and some styling for Ms. Hicks herself!

1425717_612706532120032_114510599_n 1453236_612704565453562_1056077775_n 1459281_612705868786765_113213447_n 1465233_612706345453384_449766213_n sdfwe

Over all, this was a great night and a HUGE step for Boston.

I was so amazed to see all the wonderful faces and forms of art!

Here are some crowd pics as well!

555846_612707588786593_1680289987_n 994986_612701455453873_833472180_n 1425598_612702282120457_1333641892_n  1454599_612700788787273_832410435_n 1459858_612700838787268_1591493007_n 1465292_612702545453764_1180338900_n 1466119_612700518787300_907930769_n more 2

As for what I wore, well I kept it simple as usual.

Dress: Asos Curve (sold out) Belt: Madrag Boutique Boots: Lane Bryant

Dress: Asos Curve (sold out)
Belt: Madrag Boutique
Boots: Lane Bryant


Congrats to the models for CM!!

This was a great event! Can’t wait til next year!!


Photo Creds:

Stae Tru Concepts Team

Ashley Dubra-Gales: TX’s finest!

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I had to interview this lady out of the lone star state.

She reinvents her style with every outfit she wears and is very fierce when she does.

Check out my interview with Ashley!

Full Name: Ashley Dubra-Gales

Born and ResideBorn in Austin, Texas/ Reside In Houston, Texas (since 2002)

Occupation: Associate at a municipal financial advisory firm

What would you describe your roll in the fashion industry? 

I would say I am a spectator.  I draw outfit inspiration from all sorts of things.  A few months ago I started a Facebook blog page called Bloggers Heaven -A one stop shop about bloggers and their fashion finds.


When did you first start to take an interest in fashion?

I’ve always had an interest in fashion. I’ve always loved looking at how people put clothes together and dress. It wasn’t until about 2007, that I started to really accept my body and get out of my comfort zone which sparked a HUGE interest in fashion.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? 

Solange- her ability to mix prints still amazes me.  She is so eclectic! Her style is fun. It’s vibrant! It put me in an awesome mood.


Victoria Beckham- her style reads classy, chic, and sexy all rolled in one.  She is always on point from head to toe.


Kanye West- he is not afraid to step out of the “men’s fashion” box.  He is unconcerned with what trends are popular. He just wears what he wants when he wants.  He style is bold and confident. I love him.


I have many more….too many to mention.

Where do you find inspiration?

EVERYWHERE!!! It’s crazy. I can be sitting at my desk working on a project or presentation and an outfit idea will just flash before me. I even dream about clothes. I’ve drawn inspiration from men, kids, even my grandmother.


When shopping, what are some key things you assess before you make a purchase?

Price!! I’m afraid to admit it, but I am super cheap when it comes to making a purchase. I think thrift store shopping has spoiled me because I am able to find so many one of a kind things for little of nothing.  Also, the way something fits my body is a key factor. Although being tall has its advantages, it makes shopping a little more difficult.  Nothing ever seems to be long enough!

How do you see the plus size industry booming in the fashion industry today?

Plus size fashion has come such a long way! I can still remember going into stores and them NEVER having my size.  Now pretty much every store has a plus section.  In my opinion being a “big” girl is more acceptable now than it was, say even 10 years ago.

Where are some of favorite places to shop?

I love to thrift shop! 85 % of my wardrobe comes from the thrift store (Value Village, Family thrift, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)  I also love Forever 21 (Faith 21) as well as Image, Torrid (for shoes mostly) and Target.


Do you believe in fashion do’s and dont’s for plus size women? For any size?

I feel there are fashion do’s and dont’s for ALL sizes.  There are some things that look more appealing on a thicker body frame vs. a smaller frame and vice versa.  Based off my personal experiences, as a plus size woman you are judged and critiqued harder.  EVERYTHING must be on point. You are the center of attention when you walk into any room whether you want to be or not.

Lastly, Do you have any last words you want to leave for curvy girls everywhere?

As a curvy girl, the best advice I could give is to just dress for your body type.  Whatever God has blessed you with OWN it and be comfortable in your own skin. Do not get discouraged.


the thicky chicky launch.

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Last Wednesday I was invited to an amazing online boutique launch called the thicky chicky.

One thing that really separates the thick chicky from other online boutiques is, well, EVERYTHING!

The CEO of the thicky chicky is Isabelle Lopes and she had an immense amount of passion for the thicky chicky.


She isn’t using this another avenue to make money, but she has conviction and meaning behind her boutique.

About the thicky chicky.

the thicky chicky consists of the three retail components:  specially-curated vintage clothing, clothing from select manufacturers, and lastly, a small capsule collection designed by Izzy Lopes which is expected to launch in the spring of 2014.  The tagline of the thicky chicky is “dope clothes for thick chicks” and aptly captures the élan of the thicky chicky.  the thicky chicky is a fresh and vibrant online clothing boutique which seeks to provide a unique shopping experience for curvy women size 14+.  For inquiries about the thicky chicky please contact owner Izzy Lopes at [email protected] .

What did I wear?

Oh just a little ensemble from some of my favorite plus designers!

Vest: Forever 21 Blouse: Asos Belt: Madrag Pants: Lane Bryant

Vest: Forever 21
Blouse: Asos
Belt: Madrag
Pants: Lane Bryant

Now on to the launching!


Curvy Boston was also recognized at the launch as well and were so thrilled!! Thanks Izzy for the love and support!

Here are some crowd flicks for the event!


1403629_585227778232442_161976013_o one THREE TWO


Following the small red carpet networking, Izzy released the mission behind her clothing as well as a few pieces from her collection!

Stavana is a Boston based blogger and blog is called : Hey Vana Where You Get That?

Nyviana of Curvy Boston

Nyviana of Curvy Boston

1451974_755940577755776_346523778_n 1454927_755940464422454_1303992207_n

Rebecca of Curvy Boston

Rebecca of Curvy Boston

1459876_754937427856091_498740394_n 1463114_755940274422473_34072848_n s after the mini Following the fashion show, Izzy launched her website!

I felt like I was part of history!

the thicky chicky has great prices and a lot of unique pieces as well!


Make sure you follow the thicky chicky on :

Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Shopping!


Picture Creds:

Hill Zhou

the thicky chicky

T W E N T Y F O U R 2 0

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“I am a designer that makes custom orders for ‘straight-sized’ customers. Plus for All”


Remember when I told you that Allison McGevna was launching her line called  T W E N T Y F O U R 2 0 ?

Well she released her line today and might I say, her pieces are lovely!!

Allison gives details as to what each dress is made of.


For my body type, I would invest in some great body shapers.

The fabric hugs every curve of your body, so make sure you look your best. The fabric is very forgiving so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try one of her dresses.

Here they are!

222 333 444 555 666


But my favorite piece that I have been eyeing for about an hour is:



Make sure you visit TwentyFour20 Designs!!


Monif C on BLAST!

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Monif Clarke has really done a great job with keeping us intrigued this season. Week after week, she’s been releasing a few pieces from her line and I must say, I AM IMPRESSED!!!

Check out her newest releases!

caP 2 - Copy cAP3 - Copy m1




There are a few other pieces, body shapers, and tights as well!

Head on over to Monif C to check it out!