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Curves Are In

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I haven’t done many outfit posts because I am in the midst of trying to lose my remaining 50 lbs.

BUT, I promise by August 1st, I will have some amazing updates for you :).

I wanted to introduce a T-shirt line by Lornalitz Baez , star of Nuvo TV’s Curvy Girls.


About Curves Are In

The inspiration for “Curves Are In” comes from my personal experience battling eating disorders–bulimia and addiction to diet pills– for years. I was finally able to overcome this challenge in my life and accepted myself for being a healthy curvy woman. Once I began gaining my healthy weight back, I would often joke around with my family and friends by saying “Curves Are In”. This was the beginning of something special and I wanted to share these three words, which gave me confidence and empowers me till this day.

“Curves Are In” represents the break through journey of achievement, change, hope, strength, growth, love, and acceptance of your body along with a healthier you. I am extremely passionate to have this opportunity to empower women of all ages and sizes. Let this bold expression be your first step to regaining the strength and confidence to embrace your natural curves, regardless of your size. Join me TODAY in this movement by shouting to the world: “Change has come and it begins NOW! CURVES ARE IN!”

I am so moved by her movement. I am all about positive body images and having Lornalitz introduce us to this part of her life to improve the lives of others is phenomenal.

Here are the shirts she has so far:


I really love the font and the message behind her line, so I bought one :).


This is an XL and I didn’t require shape wear. It’s a breathable cotton that shapes to your curves!


I paired the shirt with a Nefertiti necklace from Ebay.


Lastly, I had to add the jacket from Savers (A thrift store). I felt like a million bucks!

Make sure you check out Lornalitz’s line and support the cause.

Sea Sick in Stripes

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Even though the Nautical trend came out full force in Spring 2012, I a lot of plus size carriers didn’t carry too many stripes for us til later on in 2013.

Furthermore, I have heard many times that “Big girls shouldn’t wear patterns/stripes!” THAT’S THE DEVIL’S MESS lol.

Here are my top 5 vendors of the my sea stripes!

Forever 21 is carrying some amazing simple pieces!!


00020489-03 00075097-01 24877229-06 27267072-03 36219097-03 73229167-03 74705441-03 37934556-02 38239301-02 38246257-01 40495850-03


Fashion to Figure has a few pieces as well. I also noticed that they are pairing a lot of their Nautical looks with Squeem (shapewear) if you look down below the page.

ld3530_marcelle02_0441 xd8384ker_eliza04_0101__cropped_gradient_ xd8384ki_mg_6867__gradientcropped__2 xd9522dup_anita_part_214890__cropped_gradient_ jd5595_anita_part_214771 ld3378_mg_1394__cropped_gradient_



Asos has a few nice Nautical looks as well.

image1xl (1) image1xl (2) image1xl (3) image1xl (4) image1xl (5) image1xl (6) image1xl (7) image1xl


I have yet to order from ModCloth but I have to say, I LOVE THEIR NAUTICAL LOOKS! They are an untapped source when it comes to Nautical looks.

0c4647668d6390e827c22a282336b29f 5f69450ee99ef158a784506925821201 8ddc9f232d5ab4cf2d240bae49a05961 58aa831f8c4b759d6bb1ad600f01367d 367d0468a34c6c63628e557c8b81cef3 419d6e53042241aa36bbcabeae9ed73e 82463f449f77cac36331f8d0b9b80a65 d8cb77d6103420f2295298b1ad4095a8 e72c80dce38de030430c711d8eeb6058 e7803ba1ddca3c1c3fafb45323c6d05d f0ce5dbf428afc53c1c3899af5e21901 f1ea80dcd020b55d00edebb5b3ecf1a2


Lastly, if you want to dress up those stripes check out Ashley Stewart!

AS-025421_2832X_black_front AS-022974_50645X_pumice_front AS-021538_LWD788HP-8769_pinkparadise_front AS-001002_381STW_blackwhite_front AS-001002_261W-3053_limerickey_front AS-000646_25786D_blackwhite_front

Now you know I can’t just end a post without showing some of my favorite ladies in their Nautical!

2 3 Presentation1

Indie Designers

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I told y’all don’t sleep on these Indie Designers.- Essie Golden

I remember when Essie Golden (an amazing plus size model who models for many of Indie artists in the industry) made a great point.

After seeing many pictures from Full Figured Fashion Week, I  really felt compelled to shine some light on these amazing designers.

If you don’t know what Indie Designers are, they are:  independent designers, who design and make a wide array of products without being part of large, industrialized businesses.

They are supported by shoppers who are seeking handmade products as opposed to those mass-produced by corporations.

Many mainstream labels started off as Indie designers. Here are some that I loved from Full Figured Fashion Week 2013.


1010895_571488949554761_395862454_n 1013717_571489056221417_552989511_n 1043857_571490686221254_324499386_n 1045015_571492059554450_1629774278_n

Youtheary Khmer is an innovative, contemporary collection of woman’s ready to wear clothing. Youtheary Khmer wants every woman to love her curves and can feel beautiful just walking down the street. Our mission is to design custom, effortless looks by providing well-made, high quality clothing that is flattering, trendy, and most importantly doesn’t break the bank. The collections blend hand drawn designs with silhouettes that are not only reminiscent of things past, but truly point the direction to fashion’s future with crystal clarity.  Youtheary Khmer is evolutionary and is changing the face of full figured fashion as we see it today.


Here are more pieces from the collections:

07400two 09300two 1348937897416725291081 13498036839141984519003 137108811357113092914

You can see more of Youtheary Khmer here.


fffweek-1-316 fffweek-1-314 fffweek-1-282 945666_650363298325226_137118972_n 480846_652606331434256_1370612194_n

Lori Ruffin began her quest in 2009 with a clothing line for the average woman, but later realized the average woman is a size 12.  With that being said, she decided to focus on garments that accentuates a full figured woman’s best features. She currently is an online plus size clothing store.

As the founder and CEO of the Sean Anthony collection, Lori feels that ‘You don’t have to be a size 10 to stay in style”. For this reason as well as others, she wanted to design ready-to-wear clothing at a reasonable price point for full figured women of all ages.

“I strive to design garments that are equally balanced with a chic look.  My goal is to create a career daytime look or night on the town look without sacrificing style for comfort”, states the designer.  Most of Lori’s ideas are inspired from the 60’s, early 70’s and films, but equally inspiring is her mother’s love for fashion and unique sense of personal style.

Here are some of the pieces from SA!

325131_334010313293861_159344767427084_1307192_16483171_o1 414709_395456337149258_159344767427084_1485990_2127164350_o (1) 946639_638121879549368_1570107725_n 424544_395662120462013_1037457735_n

Make sure you check them out here!


Tru Diva Designs!


fffweek-1-267 fffweek-1-256 fffweek-1-251 fffweek-1-238fffweek-1-264

Accentuating a woman’s contours, and creating flattering lines is only part of the designer’s recipe, her decidedly contemporary designs are characterized by an exquisite attention to detail, impeccable construction and use of rich luxurious fabrics. From bohemian chic to glamorous evening gowns, Tru Diva has a myriad of fashion for the plus sized woman. Style, sophistication and sex appeal, make a TRU DIVA.

“My main inspiration was, going to department stores and boutiques, finding ill fitting, lack luster garments. They weren’t sexy and, the fabrics didn’t flatter the curvy form. When women wear Tru Diva, I want them to feel confident, and sophisticated.”

Empowered with an innate talent of fashion design, Veronica Lipscomb is making her dream a reality. With encouragement from friends, she began to design her own clothes and became a stylist catering to a plus-size clientele. Many women would approach her about where she purchased her clothing. Once it was discovered she was the designer, they would request the same outfit for themselves. Through TRU DIVA, Veronica offers an alternative style to a limited market of fashion conscious clothing for plus size women.

Do you want to know the Truth? Knowing the truth is only the beginning – TRU DIVA designs by Veronica L.

Check out some of their pieces from the past as they are preparing to launch their latest line!

426628_10151061790642545_2131087678_n 385988_10151061799507545_1822067582_n 558370_10151061791847545_988347809_n 561079_10151061795427545_1965445514_n

Check Tru Diva Designs here!


fffweek-1-047 fffweek-1-045 fffweek-1-037 fffweek-1-032 fffweek-1-030 fffweek-1-028

The Onoz collections provide structured and designed clothes for body types ranging from size L  to 3X.

Onoz has pieces that vary from simple to elaborate!

308699_424411777608086_1550130071_n 1045023_512674382115158_1567801073_n 577165_353628694686395_331010683_n 998271_512675548781708_1133571769_n 1043921_512676348781628_1780090632_n 1014353_512674732115123_605988905_n

Check out OnOz here.


One designer that wasn’t featured at Full Figured Fashion Week, but is one of my favorite Indie Designer is Jasmine Elder of Jibri!


JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. Email: [email protected]

Here is JIBRI!

972017_10151480730728301_2137739482_n 968917_10151480731118301_2025246716_n  549999_10151368295853301_1097215838_n 526177_10151145682453301_428032521_n 546990_10151145682633301_189088962_n 1866_10151362224013301_1209614551_n 29021_10151363711238301_1036434477_n 302468_10150980428003301_1855625070_n 375572_10151480730248301_2045670382_n 525159_10151362224198301_1603200205_n

Check Out More of Jibri HERE.



At 17, we want to give every girl the opportunity to feel sexy on a date night – beautiful on a girls night out – sassy in a club, & confident kicking around town running errands.

Although we strive to hit ‘on-trend’ styles through monthly range offerings, 17 is SO much more than just clothes. We want to grow 17 as a cultural destination, where everyone that values fashion, art, music, politics and creativity in general, can contribute to and become a part of, something positive & fresh, new & exciting.

17 is about taking self esteem and self expression back, and let’s face it – we ain’t going to be doing that in a kick-leg elastic waist jean or printed chiffon mu-mus.

From their description alone makes me LOVE THEIR CLOTHING!!

1001638_10151733275670485_1708693528_n 970407_10151777064000485_2047173338_n 665720_10151365891375485_712983691_o 644423_10151584319630485_1852035821_n 553355_10151456642455485_1813790577_n 374254_10150418486015485_790526599_n 48059_10151660190890485_474308684_n

Check out 17 Sundays here.



A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Budapest-Hungary, Eva Varro chiseled her talent working for a few leading fashion design companies in Hungary and Italy.   In 2002 , after a very successful relation with a Los Angeles based Company, Eva launched her own line that became an instant success. Currently her line is on high demand all over USA and overseas, she caters to numerous celebrities and takes an active part in beauty, fashion and charity events. – See more at:

Here are some of her pieces!

299120_462237720513951_1016576783_n sleeveless-lined-bateau-neck-top sleeveless-below-knee-dress seamless-long-vest reversible-sleeveless-sheath-below-knee-dress reversible-sleeveless-sheath-below-knee-dress (1)

Check out more of Eva Varro here.



I know I have featured Rue 114, but they are one of my favorite Indie Designers!

Here are my favorite pieces from their collection.

RuSpr13_025-Logo RuSpr13_016-Logo RuSpr13_019-Logo RuSpr13_022-Logo RuSpr13_010-Logo RuSpr13_002bc crop_jacket   cropRuSpr13_003

Check out Rue 114 here.




Charming By Jessica Dee was started by the girl behind the blog, Jessica Dee.

It grew out of a love of fashion that was clearly shown on her blog, but bored of not being able to have the statement pieces she wanted, skirts in particular, she created her own label. Not only showcasing her eye for fabulous fabrics and colour, but her talent for creating what she calls, Rich Girl Chic.

Inspired by Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung & Audrey Hepburn, she has an eclectic personal style that is a mix of high – low dressing, of mixing up the unexpected which results in a lush, luxe finish – this extends to her first collection for SS13/14!

Featuring silk maxis that have thigh high splits, for warm summer evenings to the perfect high waisted bikini. Charming by Jessica Dee is for every girl who’s looking to put the chic and unexpected back into their closets.

Be Charmed.

Here are some of her past pieces.

STOCK_17th_FEB_070_copy IMG_1294_copy IMG_1282_copy IMG_1085_copy big_cartel_1 6 4

Make sure you check them out here!




I know I featured Rue 107 all the time, but I LOVE MARIE JEAN-BAPTISTE. When she decided to launch a plus size line, she did not raise the prices like most lines do. I really admire her creativity and HER MODELS ARE JUST SO AWESOME!

1002956_621389507893056_483316681_n 1000285_617926074906066_1705727351_n 936420_622939091071431_701916452_n 922993_478414872231144_1042940296_n 601806_503337093066131_1089737223_n 430198_501706983229142_103996726_n 23947_502967456436428_354209499_n

Check out Rue 104 here!



Plagued her entire life by drab clothing choices, owner Tracy Broxterman has always worked towards contributing her energies to adding style and glamour in the plus size fashion world. She started in 2009 with her own personal style blog, Chubble Bubble, and now with this unique online plus size shop, Domino Dollhouse! While the choices for sizes 14 and up are expanding, Domino Dollhouse strives to bring exciting, charming, and fun clothing and accessories to a market thirsty for more. While others give you water, we give you fruit punch!

Domino Dollhouse has been featured on the Sundance Channel’s All On the Line Season 3 (our episode can be purchased on iTunes), as well as the October 2012 issue of Elle Magazine.  Our clothing has been worn by Beth Ditto on RuPaul’s Drag Race and featured in BUST Magazine.

I’ve always loved Domino Dollhouse! Here are some of their pieces!

sweetheartleopock.jpg135379090050b135b4429ee site1 vampdoll2 site7136994723651a7bc64012f2 site5 shsd3 fullvd6

Please check out their items here!


Here are some of my favorite Indie Looks:

730559_4538718664517_745314185_n 540393_3918293074265_1556503159_n 538581_3625659278603_624810922_n 6577_10200583328524163_493314907_n