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Rue 107 +

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This is AMAZING!!!

Marie Jean-Baptiste of Rue 107 has come out with her Plus Size selection for Rue 107!

I have so much respect for Marie because not only did she expand her collection to plus size women, but she didn’t up the prices as many designers tend to do!

She’s keeping the playing field very fair and I love it!!

Here are a few of her pieces!

934004_590631280968879_423981997_n 644744_591861050845902_1133900772_n 540681_591379194227421_51995859_n 540670_588787754486565_460606897_n 431835_591761944189146_2111062966_n 13242_590478587650815_171154080_n

Please check out their collection here!


Alissa Wilson: The Lady with Killer Curves!

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This lady needs no introduction, but here’s a little bit about this fashionista.

Alissa Wilson is editor and chief of Stylish Curves!  Stylish Curves is a fashion and lifestyle blog that bridges the gap between straight and plus sizes by showing plus size curvy women that they can dress just a fabulous as straight size women do. The blog aims to give the curvy plus size woman a different perspective on fashion by showing them how to shop within and outside the plus size realm to get celebrity looks and to create their own personal style. We live in a world that wants plus size women to be unhappy with their bodies and Stylish Curves believes that every woman should learn to appreciate and love their bodies no matter their size

Editor & Chief: Alissa Wilson
Alissa Wilson head shot
Alissa Wilson is a native of Brooklyn, NY. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications with a minor in Journalism from Nyack College.  Alissa always dreamed of a career as a fashion writer and after a rough start breaking into the fashion industry, she decided to take the route of becoming a fashion blogger. As a plus size woman, Alissa knows how hard it is for women over a size 14 to find stylish fashionable clothing. She started Stylish Curves to serve as a shopping resource for plus size women to find out where to get the latest trends and celebrity styles in their size.  Alissa brings eight years of retail experience and seven years of working in finance to the blogging industry.
Here’s my interview with Alissa!

What would you describe your roll in the fashion industry?

I am a fashion blogger that focuses on plus size fashion and shopping. My blog offers the latest trends, designers, and celebrity fashion all geared towards plus size women.

When did you first start to take an interest in fashion?

I started taking interest in fashion in Jr. High School. While growing up,  it was all about name brands. People would  wear a brand just because it was popular. Instead of wearing what was popular I became interested in who designers and certain brands were. I would research them and educate myself on fabrics and style.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

I wouldn’t say that I have Icons but I have fashion era’s I love. I am obsessed with 70’s fashion. Pam Grier and Diane Carroll were some smoking hot ladies in the 70’s. I also was a fan of Bianca Jagger and they way she would look sexy and chic in menswear.


Where do you find inspiration?

I draw inspiration from magazines and everyday people that I come across. I could read something or see someone and instantly be inspired. Sometimes I take quiet time in my day just to observe my surroundings. That always leaves me inspired!

When shopping, what are some key things you assess before you make a purchase?

It’s important for me to look for quality. Regardless of your budget you should buy things that are the best quality that YOUR money can buy. I also look at how something fits me. As a plus size woman I like my clothes to fit properly and not be too tight or too big. So before I put my money down on that counter the fit has to be good and if something looks great and is too big I determine if it is worth it to take it to the tailor. Last, I try not pay full price for things. In this economy, stores have sale turnarounds within 2 weeks so if a piece has a lot of sizes left then I will wait until it goes on sale to get it.

How do you see the plus size industry booming in the fashion industry today?

I think the plus size industry has made remarkable strides in the fashion industry. I feel like people are finally paying attention to us. I want to give some of that credit to plus models, plus magazines, and most definitely plus size bloggers. There is still a long way to go but with events like Full Figured Fashion Week and magazines like Plus Model Mag pushing the envelope we will begin to see more great things happen in the industry.


What are your favorite fashion trends?

My favorite trends right now is the black and white trend, mint, and floral prints. I am completely obsessed with everything that is black and white and mint is such a great color for my complexion. I think for the spring and summer that is all I am going to wear.

67931_10151169658536463_1667884796_n  d6283395_10150242834656463_3092449_n

Have been featured in other publications?

Yes, it was an honor to be featured in the New York Times style section and to be asked to appear on Good Morning America to talk about plus size fashion and why we are ignored.

Where do you do you see plus size fashion in 30 years from now?

I am hoping to see more brick & mortar stores, countless plus size designers, and to see the main stream fashion industry incorporate us in more NYFW shows. I think plus size fashion will be forever evolving.

Where are some of favorite places to shop?

I am a department store kind of girl. I love Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor to purchase my designer pieces, however, I also love me some ASOS and Simply Be for fun trendy looks at affordable prices. These are the main places I shop.


Do you have any last words you want to leave for curvy girls everywhere?

To all my curvy, plus size women out there I want you to know that you should never ever allow anyone to dictate to you how you should feel about your body. Be honest with yourself about how you feel when you look in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see, change it and if you love what you see embrace it. Always be honest and true to yourself never try to be like anyone else. Last but not least make sure you’re speaking words of encouragement to each other and not tearing each other down.

There you have it! I love her words of encouragement to us ladies!!! PLEASE CHECK HER OUT!





Paris Alexandra: Embracing Art One Outlet at a Time!

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Alexandra Paris is the definition of someone who embraces all of life’s art forms.

She a Writer, Teaching Artist, and Plus Size Model. She brings life to everything that she does and I had the honor of interviewing her on the world of being a plus size model.

Full Name  Paris Alexandra

Born and Reside Originally from Minnesota and Reside in Brooklyn, New York

Occupation Teaching Artist and Young Women Empowerment Mentor

What would you describe your roll in the fashion industry? : MODEL

When did you first start to take an interest in fashion? I’ve always been interested in how people outwardly expressed themselves in creative ways.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? In the plus industry I love Monif C., Queen Grace Collection, Cult of California, and Qristyl Frazier to name a few.

Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration from everyday people expressing their individuality and creating stylish looks from what they have. Brooklyn has some of the best dressed people and at the same time everyone is doing them!


When shopping, what are some key things you assess before you make a purchase? Style, how it fits my curves, and price.

How do you see the plus size industry booming in the fashion industry today? It’s constantly growing! I am seeing more and more plus size fashion!

Where do you do you see plus size fashion in 30 years from now? Everywhere! In high fashion, Vogue,  and all around the world. I see all women represented from size 8 and up. We need more of our images represented!

Where are some of favorite places to shop? Aside from some of the designers I listed, I like Forever 21, H & M, Fashion to Figure, Pay Half, and many more!


How long have you been modeling for? I’m fairly new at modeling and became interested last year. I’ve done a few test shoots and am looking forward to doing more! I did my first photoshoot with major plus photographer Michelle Alexandra this past December. It was such a great experience and I am looking forward to growing and learning more as a model!

Where are some places you have modeled for? So far, I have modeled for Maasari, a plus size french designer.

Do you have any projects that you are anticipating? I am starting my own company and I look forward to sharing more once things fall into place!

Do you have any tips for women who may want to model? Research, study, and shoot! Invest in your craft.


Lastly, Do you have any last words you want to leave for curvy girls everywhere? We are all beautiful in our own way. You don’t necessarily have to be a model to prove that so represent who you are, curves and all!


Please visit and like Paris’ page at



These Pumps Were Made For PUMPING!

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I am a shoe FANATIC!!! Nothing makes me happier than I really nice pair of shoes and accessories to go with it!


Here are a few of my favorite Summer 2013 trends that I hope to start rockin’ soon!


These were different heels that I saw on

The vibrancy is giving me SO SO SO much life right now! They are very diverse and affordable as well!


If I had to put three in shopping cart:



I feel that this Summer is going to be full of vibrancy and bold statements!


Next place I LOVE to buy my shoes from (since they go up to size 11) is ZARA!


I’ve already started purchasing from their Summer collection, but I feel as if I can make room for 3 more:

1508201035_1_1_2 2355201009_1_1_2 2372201202_1_1_2

I love the classic look of each piece! You can wear shoes from Zara almost ANY WHERE!


When I tell you that I am in LOVE with Macy’s, I am not kidding!

I really love their styles and how everything is so diverse!



Some of my must haves for the Summer are:

1398755_fpx 1411500_fpx 1448999_fpx



1st trend I want to explore are CREEPERS: 

A Creeper is a type of platform shoe that men and women of the alternative scenes wear. They come in a myriad of designs and colors.

Here are some that tinkle my fancy: (Available at Jeffrey Campbell and Asos)


neon-3 mEISI2poARK-zBCMeF_q6Xg bdd774e29b526b284ab4214c2a36b4b6 6339346bb8db347f1dc54c83cc9fac46

They look like a fun Summer Trend! They come in all types of shapes and sizes!

Might I add, they are COMFORTABLE says most reviewers!

That is all for now!

Please come back as I reveal a few more Summer Trends!


Swimsuits Part 2: The New Releases

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I did a post on swimsuits that were released Pre-Spring in case anyone wanted dibs on them.


Here are some MORE bathing suits that came out for the season!


First on the list: Ashley Stewart !

I love their Swim Collection this season. This summer, they’ve diversified their collection with beautiful patterns.






Next on the list is: ModCloth

I am ALWAYS so in love with ModCloth’s bathing suits! For the most part, they are vintage inspired, but have a timeless patterns!

41a9504ced96b5610165bde0c8ebda2f 60330b3410d6b19b9fe0387be6a86401 230939298065e47ea7bc6ac3014d0fed  bbd426e72cde9a35277ce85e27f44ae1 df83e662a015e8a943177fcafd50b024 e294b8c3bfbe88d61164f33965a6353a



Next: MiracleSuit  (You can find these cheaper at Macys as well)

If you are ever into solid colors or swimwear with built in shape wear, MiracleSuit is the place to go!

1077263_fpx 1391157_fpx 1412471_fpx 1391215_fpx


Next: Longitude Swimwear

I actually love their bathing suits a lot. Even in the Winter, their colors feel warm.

41tVyEDJg5L pimagemain pimagemainddd red-ruffle-suit_300 Ruffle-Surplice-One-Piece-PLUS


Next: Old Navy

Are you into bright colors? If you are, Old Navy has the lime greens, fushias, and yellows that you need for a great price!

f6e749d297a857f1f753d2e41a76929a img-thing jj Women's Plus Ruffled Swimsuits - Westminister Violet


Next: Black Cat Bikinis

I love the vintage and classical looks that Black Cat Bikinis has. The only downside is that due to high demand, it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. This means you would have to order one today!! They are made with shapewear and extremely strong under wiring!

Since they are custom made, they go up to a size 6x! So ladies, if you love them you should place your orders in today!

mg_8067finaiweb_large mg_8142finaiweb_large AUDRA236_large KEENA198_large


Next: Lane Bryant

I love the mixture of bathing suits Lane Bryant has this year.

SWIMS-1985-MAIN april_coverup april_stripedswim pr_168353_ER pr_170850_1X pr_170879_I9 pr_180610_I9 SWIMS-1474-MAIN


Next: Sorella

I love Sorella’s collection as well. They posses this crazy elegance that keeps me looking back at and wanting to buy more!

slideshow_2 slideshow_3 slideshow_4



Since my last post, some plus size designers have released more bathing suits. Let’s do a recap their collections!

Forever 21

42186691-05 42194326-03 42195854-01 42196730-01 49256930-02 49256931-02

Rue 107

3e1f7703 3e1f7763 3e1f8153 3e1f8302 554885_576304835734857_1979346107_n


Don’t forget to check out department stores!





JC Penny’s

and don’t forget to check out my introductory post!