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February 2013

Peplum, Pinks, and Pastels!

Posted in Plus Size Fashion
on February 25, 2013

This weekend was so relaxing! I got to spend it in the company of people I love and with family! Nothing better than that .

I got around to picking up a few items to play around with the Spring trends of 2013 (despite the snow in the back ha!)



One of my favorite things about the floral trend is the timeless manner that it presents it self in. No matter what the year, Floral Patterns always look “in” or “happening.”

You can pair most floral patterns with EVERYTHING! 

This was the look I was going for

Simple enough to go a family Baptism 🙂 .

Nude shoes are almost always my go to shoes because they go with everything.

Typically, I don’t like to pair Nude and Black, but everything else goes with me.

Also, the slim fit of floral pants always gives room to play around with a loose fitting top.


Well until next time, I will do a few more posts on Spring Trends 2013 before I start posting about the CURVY GIRL WORLD!


Outfit Details:

Top: Macys

Pants: Macys

Heels: Nordstrom


Allison McGevna: Curvy isn’t Even the WORD!

Posted in Interviews
on February 22, 2013


After having  a chit chat with Allie, I gotta tell you, SHE IS AMAZING!

Seems to be a trend with curvy ladies everywhere, SO KUDOS TO US!!!

Allie has done it all! She is a host, writer, model, fashion enthusiast, New Yorker, and just …well ALL AROUND AMAZING 🙂 .

Without leaking too much details, here’s the full report on Allison.


Full Name

Allison McGevna

Born and Reside 

New York


Plus size model, fashion blogger, and freelance writer.

What is your heritage?

My mother is West Indian, from the island of Grenada and my father is Irish.




What would you describe your roll in the fashion industry?

I’m a fashion model and I write a fashion blog as well where I discuss the industry, post outfit ideas and inspiration as well as talk about self-love and wellness.

When did you first start to take an interest in fashion?

I’ve always been interested in fashion. My mom is one of the most fashionable women I know and she always encouraged her daughters to take pride in expressing themselves through their clothing.


Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

I would definitely have to say my mother. I also admire the fashion sense of Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Obama and Rihanna. I think the stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood really knew how to show off their femininity as well, like Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth.


Where do you find inspiration? 

I take a lot of inspiration from my friends and street style and I read a lot of other fashion blogs. Right now I’m obsessed with Soraya de Carvalho of “Style Is My Thing,” as I think she is an absolute genius. But, inspiration can come anywhere for me, from a film to a swatch of fabric.

When shopping, what are some key things you assess before you make a purchase?

I tend to look for things that are versatile and will last over time.  I take a very long time to shop because I walk around with things in my hand for a long time. If I lose interest halfway through, I put it back.


How do you see the plus size industry booming in the fashion industry today? 

I think there have always been fashionable plus size women, but they are communicating with each other now via blogs and events. There is strength in numbers and women are coming together to call out designers and say they’re not doing enough or they are being lazy. I think plus size women are tired of being told they are fashionable in spite of their size or feeling like they have to make apologies for not wanting to hide themselves in ugly, ill-fitting pieces. That wasn’t the case for the majority of plus size women 20 years ago.


Where do you do you see plus size fashion in 30 years from now? 

I think it will be more diverse, of course, but fashion ebbs and flows. Right now it’s very “in” to be super slim, so much so that fashion models who were a size 6 twenty years ago would be told they are fat now. But that could all change tomorrow. So you can never really predict. One thing I do know, however, is that this generation of young, plus size women will be trailblazers in terms of carving out a place for themselves in the mainstream.


Where are some of favorite places to shop?

I would say I do half of my shopping at thrift , consignment and vintage stores, but I also love Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Torrid and Simply Be. But I shop anywhere and everywhere.

Life of a Curvy Model 

How long have you been modeling for?

I started professionally modeling in 2007, but I went full time last year.


Where are some places you have modeled for?

Ashley Stewart, Monif C, Fashion to Figure and Baby Phat.


Do you have any projects that you are anticipating?

I have a few very exciting things in the works, yes, but I like to keep them under wraps until the time is right. I am excited for Full Figured Fashion Week in a few months.


Do you have any tips for women who may want to model?

Do your research, approach it like a business, never feel entitled to anything or for anyone to make something happen for you and, of course, get into it for the right reasons. If you are seeking validation, this business will chew you up and spit you out in a heartbeat.


Lastly, Do you have any last words you want to leave for curvy girls everywhere?

I think every woman should give herself permission to feel beautiful, even if she isn’t exactly the picture of how she thinks she should look. But never act like a victim because you will be treated like one if you do. If you aren’t happy with something, change it, but in the meantime, love yourself through every step of the process.

Check out Allie’s Blog!!! 

Her Blog is

Her Facebook is


Also Allie is having a closet sale on Sat Feb 23rd at Ripley Grier studios in Manhattan and she’ll be moderating a panel at the Plus Model Intensive next month.


Please check out her events if you have the time 🙂




Spring Trend: Showing a little Mid Riff anyone?

Posted in Plus Size Fashion
on February 20, 2013

 (Balmain Spring 2013)

This year on the runway, there were a few outfits that features crop tops!

I know a lot of plus size women aren’t into the whole crop top idea because typically we have bigger bust areas or the arms aren’t completely encompassing, or even having a broad shoulders can really turn away a great dress up idea.

I have been experimenting with crop top for years. It took some getting used to but I always found it helpful to order one size up!


The beauty about Crop Tops are that they come in all types of shapes, sizes, and level of comfortability!

The Queen of Crop Tops, Sha-Sha Tucker from A Thick Girl’s Closet, can rock a Crop Top on any given day.

Submission from athickgirlscloset:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
this is one of my first crop tops. I;ve been plus size all my life it really wasnt until recently that I have truly enjoyed my body and have been willing to show it off. I love my legs, my thighs, my stomach (sometimes lol)

I seriously love the levels of crop tops she uses!! With her and her discretion only.

Then there’s Jennifer Jacobsson . She DIY’s a few of her looks including some crop tops!

Forever 21 Top, Walmart Shorts, Charlotte Russe Platform Heels

Allie McGevna sporting an electric Neon Crop Top!

Joie looking smashing as ever!!

Nadia Aboulhosn is also known for daring to show mid riff these days!

All shapes, colors and forms!


Here are some vendors that are making crop tops accessible to us Curvy Girls for the Spring/Summer season:

Nakimuli is one of the leaders in eccentric crop tops for this season! Also a lot of things are on sale! So make sure you check it out!


Essie is also rocking a loosely fitting crop top from Out of the Corner Online Boutique


Essie is also rocking a loosely fitting crop top from Out of the Corner Online Boutique


Now with Rue 107, it get’s a little tricky. For New Years I wore a Large. It was very very very fitting! I am typically a 14/16 at the top. Rue 107’s highest size for their tops is XL, BUT they have a WHOLE LOTTA STRETCH!

Posh Shoppe has to be one of my favorite because the prices are low and they run big!


(I def need to add this to my collection…yea, like now)

(This is the one I have)

(As well as this one)


Asos has one similar to the one I wore from Forever 21

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Fringed T-Shirt With Rock Print

Curvaceous Boutique has the amazing cropped styled top that Anita Marshall wore to Barbados


they also carry four different colors in solid crop tops.



Now the key to wearing any crop top is to take away from the waist and accentuate. One thing I like about wearing crop tops is that it slims out the waist and least desirable features don’t look too bad.

Here are some ways I would wear a crop top.


Until Next Time 🙂