Essie Golden: Paying Homage

I’ve decided to switch things up a bit (I know I know I say this all the time).

During my growth as a blogger, I’ve grown to admire a few bloggers, stylists, and models. One lady (that I probably talk to the most) is this Golden Lady right here, ESSIE GOLDEN.  One thing that I love about Essie is that she is so unapologetic with her style and there’s no real way to describe it…it’s just…just.. IT’S ESSIE.


Therefore, I’ve decided to pay homage to a blogger/model/personality that by channeling in my inner GOLDEN LADY and wearing a completely inspired outfit that summed Essie on any given day!

IMG_2352.JPG --

Style means freedom. The ability to express myself however I choose. I can be as sexy, daring, comfortable or boring as I want to be. It’s art. lol

IMG_2302.JPG -- copy

My Style? I always get asked that question and in all honesty, I really don’t know. I say street sweet. I love anything that accentuates my shape but I’m also a street wear and jeans kind of girl. I dress for my mood.

IMG_2340.JPG  --

I feel you should show your personal style, be informative but also make sure your blog has some sort of content geared towards helping the cause. It’s great that you can show a nice outfit but how are you helping the community? I know some of us don’t want to be a role model but unfortunately we are. If you’re show casing an outfit make sure you are speaking on topics that deal with issues within our community.

IMG_2377.JPG -- (1)

I want to be so fucking dope that it offends people. I want you to feel a little disrespected when you see me.-Taz Arnold

IMG_2305.JPG --

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Rainbows
Hat: Talbot Outlet
Shoes: DSW

Essie, keep doing what you are doing. You are a trailblazer in the Plus Industry and we are lucky to have you!



Pic Creds: Wesley JeanBaptiste

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