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Ending my Summer 2016 with G’wan by Charon

Posted in Personal Style
on September 23, 2016
G'wan By Charon Ladi Kafi Bathing Suit on Plus Size Blogger

Summer 2016 had to be one the best summers yet. I got into grad school, worked on three great campaigns, I managed to keep my hair done throughout the entire summer, and most importantly; I wore bathing suits almost every day. This is so new to me. Last time I wore a bathing suit online, I was posted on a website that shamed me every day for doing so. The fatphobia was so real that I binged on diet pills to try to look great in a bathing. Summer 2011 was a piece of shit summer.

Summer 2016 also brought me some of the best partnerships that I’ve had in my career as a blogger. One of my most treasured partnerships was with Charon Richardson of G’wan by Charon. I originally reached out to G’wan by Charon in May 2016 for the Golden Confidence Pool Party Tour. Wearing bathing suits in large crowds was never my thing. Sometimes I like a little bit of hold in my bathing suits and in the past I’ve worn bathing suits that made me feel naked. Boobs weren’t secure. Fupa leaking out on the sides. G’wan by Charon’s bathing suits are like the Ritz’s of plus size bathing suits. Not only are they beautiful, but they made me feel secure.

So to end an amazing summer and the last feature of a bathing suit on my blog for the year, I had to bring a bathing suit that I felt in love with the most: Lady Kafi Ruffle One Piece. This bathing suit provided so much coverage and support. My boobs weren’t leaking out and the power mesh allowed for more defined curves. After gaining 80lbs, I realized my shape has gone from a pear to a pineapple. Working with my new shape has been hard because I’m not too sure where my assets are (btw, you can never go wrong with a smile). I used to think my waist and hips were, but now I am learning to appreciate my body as whole. Nonetheless, the Lady Kafi Ruffle One Piece is one of those bathing suits that works with your shape and defines it. I paired it with the Chardline Cover Up and never looked back.

G'wan By Charon Ladi Kafi Bathing Suit on Plus Size Blogger
G'wan By Charon Ladi Kafi Bathing Suit on Plus Size Blogger

G'wan By Charon Ladi Kafi Bathing Suit on Plus Size Blogger

G'wan By Charon Ladi Kafi Bathing Suit on Plus Size Blogger
G'wan by Charon Lady Kafi Bathing Suit Plus Size Blogger
So what do you think? This partnership with G’wan by Charon has definitely been one for the books. I had the opportunity to showcase a two piece bathing suit, a halter bathing suit, and now a bathing suit that can also act as a body suit! Summer 2016 was not only a fashionable one, but a clear testament of how I pushed the envelope for myself. A huge thank you to Charon Richardson for making sure I felt and looked great. She always asked me “Well how does it make you feel?” It doesn’t get better than that! A bathing suit that makes you feel amazing will always make you look amazing!

Until next summer,

Ugly Girls Finish First

Posted in Personal Style
on September 21, 2016
Plus Size Blogger Wearing Rachel Pally

When you call a girl ugly, it does something to her perception. You see, at a young age, I was called ugly. Not just by the school kids on the bus or guys in high school, but by the people who I loved the most. “Want to lose weight so I can bring you to prom?” Or my favorite, “You would be so pretty if you lost weight.” The insults came in every way, shape and form but they all spelled out the same thing: YOU ARE UGLY.

2012 was my senior year of college. I took time to reflect on my 5 years of college and all the good times in between. I co-produced a fashion show with one of my good friends Tabitha, I was asked back to stay on the Mayor’s team full time, I finally received a passing grade in Statistics, I lost 45 lbs, and I was feeling good. That was until I went to my friend’s house and her mom said in Spanish, “Your friend is fat and ugly, don’t be bringing her around (shout-out to Mount Saint Joseph Academy for making me write essays in Spanish, apparently it worked). Plus Size Blogger Wearing Rachel Pally

Immediately, a rush of everything that didn’t work out for me came to mind. Although I lost 45lbs, my ex-boyfriend still didn’t want me back. That graduation dress I really wanted didn’t come in my size. Every time I went out to the club with my friends, I was the ugly duckling that guys didn’t care for—instead, they would say “So what’s up with your friend?” Thoughts upon thoughts started to flourish the day. I felt weak. I felt vulnerable. But then something happened that changed the game for me. No, my ex didn’t come back (he turned out to be a fuck boy, so guess who’s winning).
Plus Size Blogger wearing Rachel Pally

I realized that I wasn’t ugly. What made me ugly to others was that I didn’t fit the mold of what everyone wanted me to be. I was looking for the whole world to embrace me as a beautiful girl, when in fact—only I could do that for myself. When they world wanted me to be a size 6 with long straight weave, and snatched waist, I turned out to be a size 22 with kinky natural hair and big ole waist. I had to learn there was beauty in that. I had to learn that even though the “IT GIRL” was Kim Kardashian, I had something that Kim Kardashian could never have: ME. There’s no one that can make me feel as beautiful as I do, there’s no one that can make me as happy as I do, and there’s one that can make her man feel as happy as he is—at least not the Chardline way.

So you know what happens when you call a girl ugly? She finds her way and she lives. She finds her beauty and she shines. She rocks her naps, twerks a little bit, but finishes first because she comes second to none! So next time you decide to call a girl ugly, just know that her come back is going to be amazing!

Plus Size Blogger wearing Rachel Pally
Plus Size Blogger wearing Rachel Pally

Shout out to Rachel Pally for the amazing dress. As soon as I tried it on, it reminded me of that pivotal point in my life where I stopped crying and apologizing who I was. This dress reminds me to continue celebrating my beauty—the only way a desert flower would know how. Whenever you need to remind yourself that you are beautiful, wear a dress…it helps! To purchase, click the widget below!


Fall Fashion with Fashion to Figure

Posted in Personal Style
on September 16, 2016
Chardline Plus Size Blogger wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Denim Jeans for Fall Fashion

Happy Friday Family!

With the weather shifting, it’s time for me to start celebrating the best season of the year: Sumall! Yup, I definitely just combined Summer and Fall. There’s no better weather than that in between time. You can get away with wearing boots but still have on a very light jacket or plaid shirt on. And since Fall fashion has already started rearing it’s beautiful face, those no time like present to start wearing some of the latest looks in Fall 2016 fashion.

I know you guys already understand my infatuation with Fashion to Figure . It’s such a struggle to find on-trend fashion without breaking bank. And when you do find them, it’s made of the cheapest quality known to man-kind. During my visit to Fashion to Figures headquarters in NYC, I saw how their design team comes up with concepts for plus size women. Their mood boards reflect that of which you see on runways, the hottest celebs, and style icons–of all sizes. FTF is also intentional about the clothing they offer to their customers. They know their consumers and continue to provide clothing that reflect what they want.

Today, I wanted to try one of their denim jeans from their latest denim campaign. About a month ago, they launched their new and improved denim collection that not only featured shades of denim blues washes, but they included 4 Fall inspired colors as well. Immediately, I fell in love with the olive green jeans that I saw my blogger boo Francis  of You Me and Fashion wearing.

Francis Dive of You Me and Fashion wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Jeans

There are about 5 ways I could style these jeans. Today, I am going to show you 1 or 4–that’s right, you’ll see these jeans a few more times! The first way I styled my jeans was probably my favorite! I paired them with FTF’s Striped Tunic and some leopard print heels for kicks! Sometimes the most random outfits are the ones that look thee best! So what do you think of this Friday slay with Fashion to Figure? How would you style your jeans?

Chardline Plus Size Blogger wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Denim Jeans for Fall Fashion Chardline Plus Size Blogger wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Denim Jeans for Fall Fashion Chardline Plus Size Blogger wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Denim Jeans for Fall Fashion Chardline Plus Size Blogger wearing Fashion to Figure Olive Green Denim Jeans for Fall Fashion 2016_08_28_chardline27copy


Please tag me in any of your photos wearing your denim jeans from Fashion to Figure! I absolutely swear by them and I promise they won’t disappoint!

Until next time,


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