… e vissero felici insieme per sempre! (…and they lived happily together forever).

Today, I was given the challenge to style a wedding using dresses from Lover.ly (the wedding planning binder in the cloud). Marriage was never a topic I liked to talk about because as I’m getting older, I realized everyone was getting married. Nevertheless I knew I couldn’t back away from the challenge.

I was toiling with what dress I would pick, so the great people down Lover.ly gave me some destinations that could aid me in the process. The image I went with was Italy. Not only did I take Italian for 13 yrs in “Little Italy” aka North End of Boston, but I was inspired by this picture because it made me think of the late Joanne Borgella.  Joanne recently lost her battle with cancer and had such an amazing soul!


On an episode of Curvy Girls, I specifically remember when Alex Ramirez proposed to Joanne in a beautiful park and everyday after that, this specific scene made me tear up. I remember there being an over pass and Joanne was looking over a bridge as her prince charming came to save the day (I love this mushy stuff).


L TO R : Lornalitz, Rosie, Joanne, Ivory, and Denise.

I seriously love this image from Curvy Girls because is broadcasts beauty in different shapes, sizes, and colors! Once I channeled my inner and outer Curvy Girl, this challenge became a little easier. Here is the product:


Dress: Lover.ly Shoe:  Brian Atwood Veil: Lover.ly

Dress: Lover.ly
Shoe: Brian Atwood
Veil: Lover.ly 

I’m in love with the sweetheart cut and the bodice of this dress. It screams Italy (at least to me). I know that Joanne isn’t with us anymore, but here’s to your wedding in the cloud Jojo!

How do you think I did?

Lastly, I would like to close out with a heartfelt condolence to all Joanne’s family. I know you are all strengthened in God and I pray that you get through this.


Rest in Peace Jojo


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